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  1. Yes, but only the first section of that page contains my own transcriptions. The latter parts (including the youtube video you posted) are transcriptions I host for others.
  2. Just realize that whatever you major in probably won't be what you end up doing. College is much more about learning how to learn than it is about the individual things they will teach you there. I majored in IT with a minor in Business. I'm currently working as a Web Editor for http://www.answersingenesis.org/.
  3. Just so you know, that track is definately the highlight of the score. The rest is okay but nothing to get too exited about.
  4. Great piece! I listen to it while speed-solving sudoku; makes me go much faster.
  5. I'm a little behind on The Cape, but I just watched episode 8, and the score is fantastic! Bear really outdid himself on this one. I could definately hear the Shirley Walker influence here, but in a good way, not just blatant copying.
  6. That's my concern more than anything. They'll need to make The Silver Chair soon or they'll have to recast, and Will Poulter was perfect as Eustace. Either way though, I'm very glad to hear that the franchise is continuing!
  7. That would suck, but I wouldn't write off a CD release just because none is listed on Amazon yet.
  8. I didn't even notice that there was a change, because I always use the "View New Content" link.
  9. As far as a "process" goes. I just use Exact Audio Copy to rip my CDs to FLAC, then I use MediaMonkey for labeling and playback. Nice and simple.
  10. Most new vehicles don't have cassette players, no, but I tend to drive cars that are 10–15 years old. Edit: Or were you asking if they still make the adapters? You can pick one up on eBay pretty dirt cheap.
  11. Have you tried updating your Flash Player? http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/
  12. If your car has a cassette player, one of these adapters is the way to go. Much better sound quality than the FM transmitters.
  13. I'm just going to throw it out there that I really like the slow version of TMP on Out of This World.
  14. I actually just recently got a copy of The Boston Pops' "Out of This World" CD, which includes John Williams conducting the Battlestar Galactica theme. Fantastic!
  15. Happy birthday, Johnny! According to Google, it's Jules Verne's birthday too.
  16. Um, you're actually two days early. It's still the 6th (at least for the time zone in which Williams was born).
  17. Nope. Yes, but I've always heard it attributed to Mitch Miller. I guess he did a rerecording of it or something?
  18. I would definately consider Elfman to be among the "greats," though he is of a different generation.
  19. Anyone know the difference between these two sets? The second is labeled "Ultimate," but both have two discs. Both say they include the theatrical and director's cuts. Is there actually anything extra on the "ultimate" version, or is it just a different cover? http://www.amazon.com/Donnie-Darko-Directors-Cut-Blu-ray/dp/B001JNNDBA/ http://www.amazon.com/NEW-Donnie-Darko-Ultimate-Blu-ray/dp/B001CC7HNS/
  20. The problem with these anti-abuse groups is that for every one legitimate case of abuse they find there are another ten that are totally blown out of proportion. Plus, like Henry said, there are more important issues to solve first.
  21. Or get pretty much any mp3 player that isn't from Apple, and have it just work the way you expect from the start.
  22. Trackballs are the way to go. I've been using the Logitech Trackman for years now, and I'm sorely tempted to grab their latest upgrade.
  23. Yes, I've been watching The Cape too. Really enjoying the score so far, but haven't made up my mind on the show itself.
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