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  1. Probably, I didn't realize linking to a post that only indirectly had a download link would still be against the rules.
  2. There's not an isolated score version of it, but we do have the complete recording sessions which is even better.
  3. They both have some great tracks in them to be sure, and I love Rey's theme and the Resistance march, but other than those I thought TFA was the most boring of all the SW scores, especially in terms of the action music (which should always be a highlight of a SW score), and TROS is just so damn disjointed (which is entirely JJ's/the Disney executive board's fault, not Williams's) and the ending doesn't feel nearly climactic enough for the culmination of three trilogies (again, more the fault of the movie itself). TLJ, to me, feels like the closest the ST scores ever got to recapturing the feeling of the OT and PT scores. I really love the Ach-To theme in particular (I know it was introduced in TFA but it gets developed more in TLJ) and the opening battle and Battle of Crait cues are the closest we ever got in the Disney era to the exciting, memorable themes for the battles of Hoth, Geonosis, or Corscuant. To be fair I don't think I've actually listened to the OST+FYC all the way through in order yet, I was so disillusioned by the movie and my favorite parts of the score being unreleased that I still haven't worked up the energy to put an edit together yet (mainly holding out in hopes of the recording sessions leaking before I get around to it). Good question, hopefully if the diegetic music is included it won't be too hard to edit it out and still have a track that sounds natural.
  4. Two of those had directors who seem to really respect the scoring process. I don't think it's a coincidence that he was able to write much better scores for TLJ and DoD than for TFA and TROS.
  5. I assume in both cases he was just writing the sort of tracks he was asked for.
  6. Yeah, I wasn't a huge fan of that track when I listened to it at first before seeing the film because it didn't sound like the typical Indy action piece I expected, but after hearing it in context that makes sense and I love it.
  7. I don't know, Voller's initial triumphant reaction after they first got through the portal and the really quick shot of the ships where I couldn't tell what they were had me thinking for a couple seconds that Indy was wrong and the really had gone back to 1939. This way we got two of those great 'oh fuck' reactions from Voller instead of just one like most Indy villains get so I'm not complaining lol.
  8. Definitely. The full opening with the reworked Belly of the Steel Beast and On the Tank sections as well as some great original action music, Pulse of the City, the full tuk tuk chase, Through the Portal and the full Battle of Syracuse (to be honest I actually liked the reuse of the warehouse track from KotCS, I always really loved that piece and this moment felt like a more appropriate use for its epic sound), and any more of Helena's theme, the Nazi theme, or the Archimedes theme that I can get my hands on because I really love the former two themes and the latter theme felt too underrepresented on the album. And aside from any specific tracks, for the sake of my OCD I just really need the album to get to at least a comparable length and level of completeness to the official expanded releases we have of the original trilogy scores, even if we don't get the complete recording sessions like we did for KotCS. ToD and TLC may not be complete but they at least have sufficient representation of all the major plot beats and action scenes in the films, and with enough quieter/filler music to give the bigger moments some breather room.
  9. I did just remember that the Wonder Woman 84 recording sessions leaked right after the movie came out, so I think that's the most recent example of it happening (or at least the most recent movie, I think FFH leaked more recently). But yeah, an official expanded release is probably our best chance now, which is pretty depressing (but there is some hope given that his Harry Potter scores got that LLLCD release recently, and while HP is definitely the bigger franchise overall I'd say IJ is more iconic in the music department).
  10. Film: solid, not as good as Raiders or Last Crusade but better than Crystal Skull. I'd say about on par with Temple of Doom. Score: really good, especially love the new themes for Helena and the Nazis and I like the Archimedes theme too. A far better score for him to (possibly) retire on than Rise of Skywalker. Album: the entire first act only has 4-5 tracks representing it and there's only one 4-minute track from the ~20-minute opening sequence. Not quite as bad as a lot of JW album releases are because at least the tracks aren't chopped up and reordered strangely, but still, so much is missing.
  11. Well... fuck. After the isolated score didn't pan out this was my last hope that I'd be able to have a DoD album that's if not complete, at least comparable to the other Indy scores in my collection in terms of runtime and how much of the story they cover. I don't need 100% completeness, but I just can't stand the entire first act of the movie only being represented by 4 or 5 tracks. I guess now there's nothing left to do but pray that the dry spell in recording session leaks finally ends soon... have there been any new leaks at all since early covid? (And yes, I'd been lurking in the DoD threads for a while and I did make an account here just to express my disappointment about the FYC.)
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