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  1. Well, at least we know why David Lynch wasn't approached. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJQ4vCu-S0U
  2. Now THIS is really crazy! It makes me appreciate it a lot more now. Apparently episodes 17 and 18 can be watched in sync and play off each other in interesting ways... https://medium.com/@onantiad/episodes-17-18-of-twin-peaks-the-return-are-meant-to-be-watched-in-sync-81352ce38e8
  3. There are 20 tracks: THE 1982 SOUNDTRACK ALBUM 1 Three Million Light Years From Home 3:01 2 Abandoned and Pursued 3:02 3 E.T. and Me 4:54 4 E.T.’s Halloween 4:11 5 Flying 3:25 6 E.T. Phone Home 4:21 7 Over the Moon 2:12 8 Adventure on Earth 15:10 ADDITIONAL MUSIC 9 The E.T. Adventure * 4:12 10 Far From Home / E.T. Alone (alternate) ** 7:00 11 The Encounter * 1:49 12 Meeting E.T. (alternate) * 2:20 13 E.T.’s New Home (alternate) 1:27 14 The Kiss * :49 15 Levitation * :41 16 Searching for E.T. (alternate) 4:19 17 Invading Elliott’s House (alternate) ** 2:24 18 E.T. Is Dying 2:24 19 The Departure (alternate) 7:06 20 End Credits (alternate) 3:55
  4. Or maybe the recording/footwarmer we have heard of it is not played at correct speed? And it's 4:12, not 4:21.
  5. Yes!!! But yeah, I just wanna know how long the "Ride" track is. Hopefully the full Botanicus track is on there, but I wonder which other bits and pieces?
  6. By Grabthar's Hammer, Botanicus shall be avenged! Seriously, love Galaxy Quest. Anyone else get that score from LLL?
  7. I think this is how we all feel now...
  8. I still feel the same way as I posted earlier, despite listening to what some people interpreted from the ending. IF this is really just a season finale, and we really are getting more; I don't like where it went, but I'll go with it and would love to see more. But if this remains as the series finale to it all... not good for me.
  9. Yeah, this left me really hollow honestly. Not only am I confused (and not in a good or fun way), but it all just felt robbed of all the momentum. The first 2/3 of episode 17 were dynamite and just what likely everyone wanted and expected. But of course, in true Lynch fashion, he then took it into another direction. And this time, in the CONTEXT of this series, I think he went too far. It's crazy that a single episode and a 1/3 of the one before can essentially ruin a series for me, but I feel like this one did. Unless they REALLY do plan to continue the story, this was a horrible way to end it all in my opinion. Perhaps it is better just to accept the cliffhanger of season 2 as the true ending...
  10. As long as he doesn't pull a Roman Polanski...
  11. I've never actually owned any edition, honestly. I've owned the film itself on DVD and Blu, but never the soundtrack. I have however had a fan edit downloaded on my HD for years, which was my go-to when wanting to listen to the score (had both complete score using various sources and the album). Clearly this will have more, and in better quality of course, which is enough reason to finally own it. That and the gorgeous cover artwork, which I have never seen before. I remember the first time I ever heard some of its music apart from the film, "Flying Theme" and "Adventure On Earth". My (now estranged) Aunt and Uncle were into film music; my parents and sister never were, so I think it is because of them that I am. They knew even as a little kid I was into movies like Jurassic Park, and they made me a cassette tape featuring their own mix of film scores they compiled I assume from recording CD tracks onto it with their tape/CD deck. Those were the days. I think I still have it somewhere: from what I remember it features music from Backdraft, Apollo 13, Edward Scissorhands, Star Wars, E.T., and Jurassic Park. Hearing all of this music apart from films I had seen and never seen for the first time finally made me realize at that young age why I connected so well with those movies on a level I didn't understand. While Jurassic Park will always be associated with the film, oddly enough when I hear E.T. I think more about that cassette and how much it meant. It's too bad I never really got to know them both for making it, not long after I got it. Part of me wonders if I would have connected with them better than my own immediate family.
  12. I echo the statement of wanting the music from the ride. I know it isn't from the film, but how else would we ever get such music? It's a golden opportunity (something I wish would have been done for Back to the Future, but at least we have that old re-recording for it). I can see the hurdle of rights issues, of course.
  13. I thought Peter only wanted two films but the studio pressured him to make three?
  14. At one point some people were analyzing that show too much (mostly about the Man In Black) and some were being overly negative about it. I decided at one point to just go into the rest of the show cold and see what I would deduce and how I would naturally feel about it without any influence, since it was such an emotional and intricate show. Sometimes it's better that way, and I was happy I did that. It's probably one of the best things I have seen overall in a long time, and I really can't wait for more. This show was a little different. Given how seemingly random Lynch's style can be, I felt like I needed a little more help to "remember" certain things for it to all make sense; not just within season, but from the original series and Fire Walk With Me as well. I've only seen all of it once, and don't really have time to do a lot of re-watch, so in this case despite criticisms (hell, even I grew tired of "Dougie antics"), I wanted to see what the connections really were, if any.
  15. Never had a chance or remembered to watch GOT. I guess I had enough dark fantasy for a while after my LOTR and (latter) Potter years, despite everyone recommending it. Just wanted something truly new for myself to get into. I honestly avoid most TV shows since you have to commit so many hours, unless it is something I know for sure I will like (Westworld, due to my love of Crichton's work), or just something unique and different that I just on a whim feel like experiencing. Twin Peaks allured me some years ago when I started getting into David Lynch, so I anticipated this new series eagerly since I loved (most) of the original one. Since GOT is ending, what, next year, or is it this year? Since I waited so long already, and still don't really have the same interest, I figure I may as well wait until the whole series is done, then dive in, if I ever feel like doing so.
  16. Never seen GOT lol. I am at this point waiting until it is all over and going to watch it all one after another.
  17. OMG!!!! Episode 16 was amazing! Don't have much time to describe, but... COOP IS BACK!
  18. LLL just revealed they are having a CD signing event at Burbank on the 30th of September for a new expanded/remastered 2CD release of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow! https://www.facebook.com/events/460800934289454/ You can already pre-order a signed copy here: http://creaturefeatures.com/shop/cds/skycaptain/ I LOVE THIS SCORE! I know there has existed a complete foot-warmer for years, but so cool to have an official release of it all. Perhaps there will be alternates? I still believe "Flying Lizard" had a film alternate that we never got. Also, judging by their recent posts, Close Encounters of the Third Kind definitely seems to be on the horizon, too.
  19. Here is my (public) Facebook post with pictures from my experience with this last weekend in Costa Mesa, CA! No videos, unfortunately. https://www.facebook.com/derrick.davis.39/posts/10155354394025660 For those without Facebook, here is an abridged text of my post:
  20. Surprised no one has commented on Episode 15 yet. Such a good episode! Two emotionally stirring moments for fans of the original show, creepy convenience store goodness, and.... do we finally, FINALLY, have Dale Cooper back in the next episode after what happened? I think so! Despite knowing that the actress who played The Log Lady died before the show was even released, the way they give her a sendoff in the show was both fitting in context and handled so perfectly. Watching her final moment, with the phone no longer in her hand, speaking more directly to us than before, was really moving. Art imitating life in a way that really made me choke up. But even before that... Ed and Norma are finally able to be together! That was handled so perfectly, with Nadine finally letting him go! It was all done in a rather random but definitely Lynchian way, but was so great to see. Clearly a huge "fan service" bit, but one that was definitely deserved, especially after that prior episode of Ed sitting alone looking miserable. Given how long people have wanted to see these two get together, it's almost as emotional as The Log Lady's sendoff. I swear, Lynch better not pull some tragic death with them on us at the last moment. Come on, you gotta let some people have a happy ending! The Phillip Jefferies bit was cool in this episode, but part of me wishes it didn't really happen after how he was shown and handled in the previous episode. Wasn't really a fan of the dubbing, but they clearly had no choice. There's a lot going on in this episode I am sure you guys will talk about more, I just wanted to get the ball rolling. But also... Audrey... what the hell is going on with her?! I am getting more and more confused. LOL
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