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  1. I haven't even seen the Charlie's Angels movies... thank goodness.
  2. My Winamp came up saying "error converting to mpeg sync". What's going on?
  3. As soon as I saw it on the JWfan.net news page, I immediately went for it without thinking. I pondered about waiting for the CD not long ago if AOL did this "Listening Party" thing, but I thought "Eh, what the hell". And I don't regret it either. In fact, I have a tape deck and stereo connected to my computer, so I had the streaming audio running and recorded it on cassette. Couldn't help myself.
  4. I listened to it twice and I am almost speechless. Can't... think... of... words... to describe... Yes, got it now. By far the best Harry Potter score. So good, in fact, that it doesn't even sound like a typical Potter score. Like one other poster above, I too couldn't help being reminded of Williams' previous scores like Raiders of the Lost Ark, Superman, Jaws and The Lost World: Jurassic Park in some sections. I mean... WOWZA! Many cues in this soundtrack sound very much like a relaxing Celtic CD that you pick up from those New Age stores. However, my only concern is the absence of previously established themes from the first two films - there is no trace of anything from Harry's Wondrous World anywhere here (sections of it were practically littered through the first two films and I assume that it contained the main theme for Harry and the trio, but I still can't pick out which is which). Also curiously missing is the theme for Harry's parents. Did he create a new theme for them with A Window to the Past? Whatever it is, it's bloody breathtaking. It's almost as though Williams went back and re-evaluated his entire style for this franchise. Perhaps he and the director thought those old themes wouldn't suit the tone of this film. It doesn't sound like anything I've heard Williams do before. Did he really say that he's never been so inspired by a sequel since The Empire Strikes Back? Even if he didn't, I'm going to pretend he said it anyway. I eagarly wait to see what Christian Clemmenson thinks of this score. He gave the first two scores four stars, which was well earned, but this one definately deserves a solid five.
  5. I realize that this has probably done to death, but I couldn't find anything recent like this on this message board, so here it goes... Fiddler on the Roof Jaws: Collector's Edition Star Wars: A New Hope - Special Edition Close Encounters of the Third Kind: Collector's Edition Superman: The Movie (on order from amazon) The Empire Strikes Back: Special Edition E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial - 20th Anniversary Edition Return of the Jedi: Special Edition Hook Far And Away Jurassic Park Sleepers The Lost World - Jurassic Park Saving Private Ryan Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace Angela's Ashes The Patriot Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace: The Ultimate Edition Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone A.I. Artificial Intelligence Treesong Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones Minority Report Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  6. I couldn't pick one. All of the above mentioned scores serve their purpose in their respective films really well - plus most of them sound great on CD. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone will probably be his most successful "classic" in this period of his career. Unlike most other people, I enjoy The Patriot very much. I'm always emotionally provoked by A.I. - Artificial Intelligence, as with Minority Report. I don't have Catch Me If You Can, but I plan to get it eventually. However, I can never listen to Angela's Ashes. It worked well with the film, but I cannot help being snoozed to ashes when making an attempt to listen to it on its own. Maybe it'll grow on me, but not any time soon. Definately not his most recent "great" score to me. TPM, AOTC and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets are all good, but again, being sequel (or prequel) scores as they are, I couldn't bear to pick which one would have been his most recent "great". I enjoy them all too much. It's all subjective I suppose.
  7. Independence Day - one of my all-time favourite scores. I prefer the version of this particular scene that appears on the Original RCA release and it appears pretty much exactly as it is on the Alternate Ending on Disc 2 of the DVD. I wish they'd release a Complete Score Soundtrack to this. There's so much great material missing from the original release.
  8. I was hoping that Drew Struzan's posters were going to be used for the whole Harry Potter series. I'm a total sucker for his Star Wars Trilogy: Special Edition posters and the ones he did for TPM and AOTC. I love what he did for the Back to the Future trilogy as well. When I look at posters for film series', I enjoy continuity. Unfortunately, it won't be so for Harry Potter.
  9. I wouldn't go so far to criticize the performances of the trio. They were pretty good in both films so far. I'm really looking forward to John Williams' score to POA by the way. I'm probably one of the few readers who is actually very conscious of what the music will sound like in the movie version while I'm reading one of the books. When I get to certain parts, I'm always thinking "I wonder what John Williams will do for this scene?" He never disappoints me. 8O
  10. I couldn't imagine Williams, Goldsmith, or anyone else doing a concert in Australia any time soon (or even at all). We deserve this, since we get pretty much nothing.
  11. Yeah baby! I'm there already! LOL :spiny: :cool: beerchug
  12. Indiana Jones would be my favourite, followed very closely by Star Wars and Harry Potter. Superman and Jaws, being great films on their own, don't even count as sagas to me because of their abysmal sequels.
  13. I absolutely love Williams' scores to these films, but if I had a gun held to my head, I probably either say Danny Elfman or Jerry Goldsmith (although he's getting on in years). They'd be my preferred choices, but I highly doubt they'd want to live in Williams' shadow (especially Goldsmith). Alan Silvestri or John Debney wouldn't be too bad either... hypothetically.
  14. I have a feeling that Something Wicked this Way Comes might be the prologue track on the album, just like how the music from the teaser trailer for PS/SS was titled "Prologue" on the soundtrack (but was never actually used in the film).
  15. Danny Elfman is my top favourite composer along with John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith. I can't seem to pick a favourite between these three guys. I have sixteen of Elfman's soundtracks, and my absolute favourite and the one I listen to the most is Batman Returns. It's got everything an Elfman fan could ask for in terms of style and thematic integrity - it's so much more developed than the original Batman score. It's the score that I seem to expect him to live up to whenever I hear a new score that he's done. However, Sommersby and Black Beauty aren't too far behind on my list of favourite Elfman scores though. A few other honourable mentions would be Edward Scissorhands, Dick Tracy, Men In Black, Planet of the Apes, Spider-Man, Red Dragon and Hulk. Better stop there, or I'll end up listing his entire resumé.
  16. Jeez, why do people pick on that part? I didn't think it was embarrassing or cringe-inducing at all. By the way, I think these movies, like the books, get better with each progressing installment. PS/SS was good enough that it inspired me to read the books (however, I probably wouldn't have been interested in the films in the first place if John Williams wasn't doing the music - maybe only Jerry Goldsmith or Danny Elfman would have had the same impact on me). CoS was a film that I thought was better than the book, and PoA looks like it's shaping up to be owning the first two films. Hopefully, GoF will continue that trend. Unless HPFAN 2 has a problem with that? 8O
  17. I have the extended version of Richard Donner's 1978 Superman, which my Dad taped in probably about 1985 or '86. This so-called Salkind Internation Cut is 49 minutes longer than the original theatrical release and has a huge amount of music by John Williams that hasn't been released on CD before as far as I know. There is even music in different scenes that didn't even appear on the 2001 DVD release. For example, when the two cops are sneaking after Otis at Grand Central Station, more of the scene is scored and material that appeared on the DVD is in different places in the scene. That's just one example I can think of right now. Which version of the film did Williams score first, the theatrical or the extended cut? I don't have the 2000 Rhino release of the score, but as far as I know, the cues that appear in the extended cut of the film don't appear in the 2-CD set. A re-release with absolutely everything would be nice sometime in the future.
  18. Wrong. Elfman's music for Big Fish was just right. I love Shore's music for The Return of the King and all, but he all ready won for The Fellowship of the Ring. Elfman deserves to win this time (he's deserved it many times anyway).
  19. Big Fish. Danny Elfman has been snubbed way too many times. If he doesn't get it this time, he probably never will.
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