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  1. A couple of cans of Pepsi, and some sort of popcorn or chips, is my usual for watching movies. -Jason
  2. I wish I had a teacher like Ren when I was in elementary school. I learned jack crap in my general music class. And all my teacher did was smile alot, play the piano, and acted like everything was just plain wonderful. She was just too happen, it was almost freaky. I haven't seen her in years, so I'm pretty sure she finally cracked, started talking to her dead relatives, and went to the nut house. If I had learned about film scores back then, I would have a much bigger collection now. -Jason Beethoven's Sonata Pathetique, Adagio Cantabile
  3. I just buy scores if I like them, or if I am interested by them. I don't care if they are nominated or win anything, because I would have very few scores if I bought ones that only won awards. Even despite that, I still have few scores. My collection is gradually growing. -Jason
  4. My favorite Star Trek episodes are "THe Best of Both Worlds" part 1&2. They are just classic episodes in which Captain Picard is assimilated into Locutus, and the crew has to create a rescue mission to save him. Favorite Quotes: (cue spanish guitar music) Riker: I don't need you fantasy woman. Q: Oh you're so stolid, you weren't like that before the beard. Riker: Shut Up! Picard (older and supposedly at rank of admiral): Excuse me? Riker: I said Shut up, as in shut your mouth and stop talking. Troi: I'm sensing some hostility Will... Riker: Troi, Back Off! Q: Let us pray, for understanding, and for compassion. Picard: Let us do no such Damn thing! Picard: Shut Up Wesley! -Jason who loves TNG
  5. I hear that Superman is the DVD to get. -Jason, who only has Jurassic Park and the Lost World for DVD, and thinks they are awesome
  6. Since I got the toll free number from Lukas Kendall at FSM, I now can order cds over the phone (as most of you know, I'm not allowed to order over the internet). So I'm probably going to get The Posiedon Adventure and The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing soon, before the run out of copies. For any who are interested, the toll free number to order stuff from FSM is: 1-888-345-6335. -Jason
  7. It plays on my comperter perfectly fine, and I play it all the time. I have no problems with it. I haven't tried to burn it yet, so I don't know if that'll work or not. -Jason
  8. I'm looking forward to the Minority Report score. Just seeing the trailers and what the movie is going to be like, I think the score is going to be awesome. -Jason
  9. Here is the run down: Friday: unused school district snow day Saturday/sunday: you know Monday: memorial day Tueday/Wednesday: unused snow days number 2 and 3 Our school district has an allowence of three days for school to be closed during the winter months if there is significant snowfall. Since we didn't use any of the days during the winter, they are being we get three days off and the three days they gave us off were friday, tuesday and wednesday, as sort of a memorial day vacation. -Jason
  10. I have heard very little of Horner's work. But of what I heard, I haven't been really too impressed with. His music just doesn't seem to go anywhere. But perhaps I am making an opinion without hearing enough of his stuff. -Jason
  11. :roll: , I can't believe you went there either, but it's still funny. I back, but haven't been posting as much with school and junk. I now have six days off from school, so I'll pretty much be here 24-7. -Jason
  12. I have no complaints. I liked both the movie, and the soundtrack despite its faults. -Jason
  13. I only have heard so many composers, so try to hold back your rage at my choices. 1. John Williams 2. Alan Silvestri 3. Jerry Goldsmith 4. Marc Shaiman 5. Michael Kamen 6. Phillip Glass Those are mostly the only composers I have heard. I also have heard some stuff by Zimmer and Horner, but I don't think they're anything special.
  14. I love his music overall, but I especially like his writing for brass. One of my favorite examples is in Raiders of the Lost Ark. I love the theme, which is mainly carried by the brass, and all of the double tounging stuff that the brass players do in In the Idol's Temple. That's just awesome. Sure that's a dumb reason, but whatever. Other examples include: the Superman theme, Summon the heros, and Olympic Fanfare. I love all of the brass parts in all of those songs. -Jason
  15. I have only seen the movie once, and I like it alot lot. I did notice when I saw it a few TPM cues used, and the same few bars of music, from the AOTC score, used five or six times during the course of the movie (not the love theme). But I didn't think the editing was bad at all. But I don't know how devoloped my ear for music is, so I could easily be wrong. -Jason
  16. I love the score for Home Alone, and I play it all year round, except for the few christmas song tracks that are thrown on there. I only listen to the orchestral tracks, unless it's near christmas. -Jason
  17. I don't get why some people got so annoyed with some of C3P0's jokes towards the end of the movie. I do agree that they were kind of corny, but it still didn't bother me a bit, nor did I feel it take anything away from the movie. But that's just my opinion. -Jason
  18. I could not find "Hook" at any of the music stores near where I live in New Jersey. On my band trip to virginia, I found it and bought it in a Barnes and Nobles in Baltimore on the way home. So sometimes some things are just alot easier to find out of state. -Jason
  19. My computer has been fixed, and I am back to using my computer. -Jason, back and raring to go
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