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  1. It's the Trump-era, mate! Better get with the times.
  2. Ocean Liner turned plague ship! 3500 people possible infected! Sink it! Sink it! Is that what you want, Blume? We need to be careful, right?
  3. So you're part of this conspiracy by governments and Big Pharma?
  4. Obviously it's different iterations of Wanda and Viz throughout different Multiverses.
  5. John Williams is multi Grammy winning album producer. Of course she spends time carefully crafting his albums. Why would anyone think otherwise?
  6. Corona virus case in Belgium. @Alexcremers beware!
  7. I tend to get offered tickets these days, so I dunno how the paupers and unwashed heathens acquire theirs.
  8. Was there such a thing this time? I don't know. I had my ticket a few days before the general sale.
  9. Shore conducted the Flemish Radio Orchestra when he was touring the LOTR Symphony. I guess he liked their sound.
  10. How many people smoke in Always? I seem to remember it was a smoker movie.
  11. The fact that you, a long standing Williams fan, don't actually know this is a good indication on how well regarded this score is. (Of course it isnt)
  12. How is the dynamic range for Fox News Radio?
  13. The score in ep 2 did a deliberate "TNG going into the commercial swell". Right after the syrupy Alexander Courage theme. It felt forced.
  14. Well The USA probably planted the virus in China to destabilise their economy.
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