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  1. The problem is this. Articles starting with a big headline stating that she is Transphobic and evil as an immutable fact with no regards of what she actually said. People only read headlines right? https://kotaku.com/transphobic-creator-j-k-rowling-not-involved-in-new-ha-1845094502
  2. Well, for Nioh there was a skill that slowed down time and enemies and that was the only way I could beat some of the bosses.And I remember I really struggled with an early game boss. But you could still level up if your were too weak unlike Sekiro
  3. Souls clones (Nioh, Code Vein, The Surge...) are usually easier than actual Souls games\ But it's my favorite genre except Sekiro that was too much
  4. Speakling of Plowing, i wish Williams had incorporated that epic climax into the War Horse concert suite .Imagine the Vienna orchestra playing that!
  5. I much prefer traditional medieval fantasy settings to futuristic ones Finally Ashen on sale! https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/product/UP2470-CUSA14332_00-ASHENSIEA1111111
  6. wow didn't expect FFXVI for another 10 years. It seems they've gone back to proper FF medieval settings too. That road trip in the mid-west in FFXV was pretty lame. That HP game is intriguing, but not sure what it is .A RPG where you fight monsters? Might be cancelled by the anti-Rowlings Twitter mob though
  7. The characters in Borderlands 3 all speak like Pixar/Dreamworks animated characters
  8. Basically she's cancelled only by Twitter activists, the rest of her fans, including me, don't care about her trans comments
  9. Godfall also instant buy. Progressing in Borderlands 3 is frustrating. I do all the sidequests and try to be complete but all the loot I get is below my level and completely useless so I sell everything. Only the stuff I buy on the hub spaceship is scaled to my level
  10. I think they nailed the epicness of it in this video montage. Too bad it's so subdued in the film
  11. Anyone thinks this is the best JW compilation of all times? i listened to Ce3K back to back with the Spielberg/Williams collaboration recording and there's no comparison Even with the slight errors in some tracks I just want to listen to this over all other re-recordings of the same tracks
  12. So looking forward to this:
  13. Borderlands 3 doesn't seem very different from the past 2 games, though it's the first one I play on the PS4 and it does look good
  14. PS5 price vs Xbox is not a main consideration to me .Sony has more RPG's so I stick with them And I'm not getting a launch model for sure. I'll finish my PS4 game back up (quite considerable and at least a years worth) and then get the quieter, cooler and more stable model revision of the PS5
  15. Seriously that west Side Story thing would be a total waste of time for Williams
  16. Well it does mean you can't really make a movie like you want to if you have to meet a bunch of inclusion and diversity criterias. Then anything mildly controversial is going to be censored out if it possibly offends some people I dunno about historical dramas suddenly showing minority groups that weren't there at the time.
  17. I have a PS4 pro that was made about 2 years after it came out and I rarely hear the fan. I remember they just revised the hardware on the model I bought and the noise issue was fixed My PS4 controler lasts about 8 hours. I dimmed the front light panel to minimum in the settings
  18. I finished The Outer Worlds (42 hours playtime) .Pretty great game with interesting story and characters but like Fallout a bit too much of your time is taken by inventory management. I have Borderlands 3 next
  19. Cool !Revised Face of Pan! One of the few missing from my Revised Concert Arrangement playlist Now we need that new Leaving Home arrangement (hint)
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