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  1. My prediction. The "Main Title" will be released on the album but we'll never hear the " suite". There's ALWAYS something that goes wrong when something JW is released
  2. yeah that was one of the worst ost decisions of all times.
  3. man it's getting hard to keep up with these new recordings. I almost missed this.
  4. i always love that moment of hearing a glorious sounding recording after being struck on a cell phone bootleg for a while
  5. II'll keep my expectations low. Penelope, the Deluxe Edition John Goldfarb complete. Cinderella Liberty, the lost recordings The Long Goodbye, Alternate takes Spacecamp OST re-re remaster (no unreleased music) Hahahahahahahahahahaaha! We now have more chances of being nuked to smithereens before any of those are released
  6. wow, thanks for posting that. I also think it's the best Mutter arrangement so far and almost equals the full orchestral version. I wish he'd kept the full ESB Finale somewhere in there though because now it sounds more like a totally new theme "inspired" by the ESB one. Marion's theme retains most of the structure of the movie version. Maybe it's another indication he never liked the original one
  7. I dunno there's nothing "new" to all these concerts this week so I don't care much if there's a c.d. release or not He still hasn't played a TROS suite in concert
  8. Why don't they get that Mark Griskey guy who scored The Force Unleashed, he had the best Williams-like SW music so far
  9. I was just being cynical, because nowadays gender, sexual orientation and race matters more in choosing someone for a television or film project than the person with the most talent. If she writes good music then great...I didn't like Mandalorian and Book of Boba Fett so anything is an improvement
  10. who cares about the music, it's the first woman composer to score a Star Wars project! That's the only important thing
  11. why did they re-record these? i don't hear anything that makes me prefer them to the OST versions
  12. I was just being cynical. Edit: To HunterTech: I certainly hope we haven't reached a point where a joke can get you a "mod warning", even if it vaguely alludes to some kind of topic were not supposed to be discussing.
  13. why is he doing concerts in a bath robe? maybe it's Williams first rejected score
  14. Wait there's an Harmonca -less flute version Sugarland Express main theme in there. Never heard that before and it's amazing. I hate the sound if the Harmonica so this is a big improvement to me
  15. You seriously think the awards go to who is actually the best nowadays? Most of the awards go to the nominees who fill out the most diversity and inclusion checkboxes. I already knew before they read the winners it was going to be Encanto, the deaf sign language actor, the woman director , Will Smith to make up for the unexpected win of Anthony Hopkins over Chadwick Bosman last year, the latin-X actress for West Side story and Jessica Chastain because her role was somewhat LGBTQ related.
  16. Honestly it's not very good but is there an MP3 version somewhere? I hope his piece for the Vienna hall is better
  17. Actually I'm hoping there's not too much piano. The Finale from BFG is a bit meh and understated IMO
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