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  1. I would be also very grateful for the link when I can download it. Unfortunatelly I wasn't able to listen to it on-line because of my slow connection E-Wan e-wan@cswu.cz
  2. I envy you that you have opportunity to watch John Williams' concert on TV. Unfortunatelly in your country we have no film music concerts and no TV stations bradcasting them So I would be very very grateful for every videorecording of any John Williams' film music concert on CD-R (AVI, MPEG, DAT or MOV) or PAL VHS!! If you can help me with that please let me know. My e-mail is: e-wan@cswu.cz Thank you so much. E-Wan
  3. I'm looking for some analysis of the musical themes from Close Encounters, E.T., Jurassic Park, A.I. and Minority Report. Is something like this available? I would be also very grateful for the list of all themes from these five Spielberg's films. Thanks a lot. E-Wan
  4. I've seen this film today on TV and it is very interesting film. I like it very much. Terrorists as the main characters. Very unusual and interesting! Maybe this plot summary on IMDB can be useful for you. Black Sunday - music from the finale is great! I hope someday this score will be officially released :? E-Wan - who wants officially-licensed CD soundtracks from Images, Family Plot, Black Sunday and Monsignor so much!
  5. Minority Report is IMHO one of the best Spielberg - Williams collaborations in the last decade next to A.I.. Music is perfect in the film and I'm glad that Williams didn't use synth music. It will be not very appropriate for this film. The film is excellent futuristic film-noir and Williams's music is wonderful film-noir score. The action cues "Everybody Runs" and "Anderton's Great Escape" are also great. IMHO one of the best action pieces Williams have ever composed. Music for the first 'murder-prevision' scene is breathtaking especially in the connection with the previsions and the whole 'r
  6. Roman, I live in Czech republic too and I'm wondering if you live in the same country. Many Williams' soundtracks you have mentioned are available in every CD shop. Naturally some limited and rare CDs such as Home Alone 2 DE, The Fury DE, Temple of Doom, gold Schindler's list, etc... are not, but they are not available anywhere in Europe. But Catch Me If You Can is normally available. In Czech republic it was released in February. I haven't also any problem to buy Home Alone, Hook, both expanded releases of E.T., SW Anthology Box Set and all three SW trilogy SE 2 CD releases. E-Wan
  7. My Top 10 JW scores: 1. The Empire Strikes Back 2. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial 3. Schindler's List 4. Close Encounters of the Third Kind 5. Jaws 6. Raiders of the Lost Ark 7. Superman 8. Hook 9. Star Wars: A New Hope 10. A.I. Artificial Intelligence 11. Jurassic Park 12. Return of the Jedi . . . . etc. E-Wan
  8. Congratulations, Roald. Wish you all the best!!! E-Wan
  9. I must agree with Miguel. Catch Me If You Can is gorgeous!!! I like it much more than The Two Towers or Star Trek: Nemesis I especially love "The Float". It is wonderful piece of music full of energy, joy, happiness,... It makes me already very happy LOL E-Wan
  10. But The Fury, Home Alone 2 and Fiddler on the Roof were not composed in 2002 I think!!! IMHO 2002 is the best John Williams' year until 1993!!! He composed 4 great scores which are IMHO very different in style. And I agree that Minority Report is the best of them. It is very complex and it works perfectly in the film. I love it!!! E-Wan
  11. My friend sells this orig. CD (it looks like new) for 15 USD or EUR. If you are interested, let me know. E-Wan I'm so sorry, that guest is me! E-Wan
  12. Wow!!! It sounds great! I'm really interested in it. Do you have some another documentaries about John Williams? I'm really interested in all of them E-Wan
  13. Thank you soooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!! You are wonderful person :-) E-Wan - downloading
  14. Has anybody seen music featturete from AOTC DVD-ROM? I would like to see it, but I haven't DVD yet :cry: I've tried to use DVD-ROM on SW Episode I DVD but I doesn't work. Unfortunately AOTC DVD was not released in out yountry yet Can anybody download this featturete and sent it to me? Thank you for your help. E-Wan
  15. Definitely YES! TESB is my No 1 score!!! There is everything, ........... darkness, hope, love, danger, destiny, action, ....... everything in one score! Excellent! E-Wan
  16. Trumpetter, you are lucky man!!!! I wrote to Mr. Williams threetimes and I've obtained two signed photographs and one signed card. You can see both signed photographs (the second one contains personal dedication) on the main page of my Czech John Williams Web site (http://www.cswu.cz/johnwilliams/). The signed card was sent with the letter from Mrs. Diane Amelia Read, Assistant to John Williams. She wrote this: Thank you for your kind letter to John Williams. It's gratifying for him to hear that you think so highly of his work! It was send from Boston in January 31st, 2002, when he was record
  17. So. Shmi's Theme is the melody heard in "Anakin is Free" at 2:12 and 3:01? That's it? E-Wan
  18. I am able to identify almost all Star Wars themes but I still have problem with Shmi's Theme and War motif from The Phantom Menace. Where I can hear them on Ultimate Edition soundtrack? Thanks for help! Does Shmi's Theme appear in AOTC?
  19. I vote for "The Force Theme", the emotionally strongest theme I have ever heard! But naturally I love all Star Wars themes I have never heard about Shmi's Theme and the second droid theme in ROTJ. Can somebody tell me where can I find them on soundtracks? Thanks a lot. E-Wan
  20. Please send it to me too e-wan@cswu.cz I can send you link to my 'concert' versions of "The Force Theme" and "The Emperor's Theme" E-Wan
  21. Excellent work, John. Thank you so much for that. Your analysis is impressive!!! E-Wan
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