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  1. It would be cool if they did a cd release of it as well with the blu ray DVD when it happens. Because of Witches of Eastwick. Let's see.
  2. My copy of MINORITY REPORT also arrived today along with the other Tom Cruise release (Mission Impossible). Super Thanks to MV Gerhard for taking my order on phone and shipping it urgent 3 day shipping to my aunts house in New York. She was to catch a flight to Pakistan in that time span and miraculously the package arrived just in time. Also a bunch of other stuff came as well. So I saved some serious International shipping charges. MV Gerhard is a great guy. Recognized me immediately and even said I was one their favorite customers. Now that's real awesome too.
  3. The remastering process has certainly improved by a significant upgrade in the tools being used now and what was done in the previous decade. If they felt that they need to do a reissue then it must have been for a very good reason such as Better quality tapes or first generation masters. And any unreleased alternates or bonus cues with the OST album paired would make a tantalizing offer to both old and new fans.
  4. To me Stargate is a sort of an Deluxe Encore release. I think it should come in the November batch. But I vaguely remember that MV indicated as a December release. Also Darkman. I guess either one if not both will be in the early November batch.
  5. Over the years, I've noticed that whenever a very high profile composer and an extremely popular title is expected to come out; the labels usually go in a super silence mode even though they are in the habits of giving hints. So this could mean something awesome and unbelievable good is coming for sure!! And once its revealed, its expected that you and I would not be the same.
  6. They opted to use PayPal only for payments on the newly revised website and unfortunately my country is not on PayPal list therefore I can't place orders from their directly. MV told me the IT guy would work on restoring the old method which allows credit card to work independently but still hasn't..... I merely order from other retailers now. But MV will manually process my orders over the phone so that's not bad.
  7. The samples are very good! Obviously with Matessino it's going to sound amazing. I was very, very pleased with A.I. It sounded more fuller with depth and the solo vocals recorded at Royce Hall sounded incredible on that recording. I only got around to listen to A.I. this year even though I had bought it the same month of its release. The new presentation, arrangement has a wonderful narrative flow to it and as listening experience it was quite riveting.The sound quality on that was a massive improvement over the original cd and even the DVD-Audio edition. I'am sure with MR it would
  8. The LLL email flyer is out: MINORITY REPORT: LIMITED EDITION (2-CD SET) LLLCD 1501 Music by John Williams Limited Edition of 3500 Units RETAIL PRICE: $29.98 STARTS SHIPPING OCT 17 La-La Land Records, 20th Century Fox, Fox Music, Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks Pictures, Geffen Records, Amblin Entertainment and Universal Music Special Markets proudly present the remastered and expanded 2-CD release of renowned composer John Williams’ (CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND, SUPERMAN THE MOVIE, E.T. THE EXTRA TERRESTRIAL), original motion picture score
  9. I'm just curious is Matessino shying away from his essay /notes this time around? Jeff Bond is another great writer though....
  10. I never liked that version on the Williams Spielberg album but 'Im sure this one is a curiosity. I was curious about this only arrangement of the theme from The Lost World. I wish Williams had recorded this for their third Sony album.
  11. I mainly wanted this for The Sugarland Express cue which sounds much better to me than the version that Williams recorded.
  12. Agree wholeheartedly on this. Even though SUPERMAN 3CD release is ideal in its new configuration; we are already aware and familiar with the previous expansions and now its just the high quality definition along with the OST program added as a bonus. Its not a profound new experience as we are already way familiar with the majority of the presentation and program. Same would be with the STAR WARS classic scores albeit with high quality sound and proper remastering. Although Id welcome a proper cue by cue presentation rather than whole sections or suites that was done in the Special Edition set
  13. hearing the complete scores in expanded format and in high quality is an all new listening experience. I think this is exactly what Mike Matessino wants with each every new expansion release. Listening to CE3K, AI and THE COWBOYS as well as DRACULA in their new incarnations have been a very rewarding experience. I look forward to MINORITY as well.
  14. Anne-Sophie Mutter in her own words: https://www.violinist.com/blog/laurie/201910/27940/ In the New York Times article, Mutter described the incident as something that grew over the course of the performance. It began in the first movement of the Beethoven, when Mutter first noticed the woman filming her. Mutter was able to get her to stop by giving her a stern look. But that wasn't the end of it. Here is what Mutter said: "The first movement is over, and I’m trying to concentrate and stay calm. Then she takes out a second phone, and a power bank. I continued the second
  15. The girl said sorry! https://www.classicfm.com/artists/anne-sophie-mutter/audience-members-defend-smartphone-concertgoer/
  16. I havent seen the movies in ages but are their any significant music cues that we all wanted ?
  17. The only Spielberg Sci fi movie that didn't click with me much but I enjoyed the album. ' Andersons Great Escape' one of my favorite cues here. The score is mostly dark and brooding and the opening cues are very interesting with shades of JFK esque like percussions reminding me of 'The Conspirators' Having said that I'am really looking forward to the High resolution sound transfer on this one. Look forward to more details in the coming weeks. And really hoping that WAR OF THE WORLDS is also next on the expansion list from LLL. I love that more, the film included. But kudos to al
  18. MV mentioned about it on FSM. Basically about folks ruining the fun etc. But I think the real issue is the unpredictable delays in projects where cd production delays from the plants have been hampering their schedule. So they want to be as conservative as possible. MV was also quite vocal on FSM about his disappointment on this issue. So it's probably that. Also Intrada's Roger Feigelson has stopped doing Intrada clues and now they are just announcing their titles directly which is kinda old fashioned. I liked what Varese did with their Club release announcement. Th
  19. Yikes! I did it again! Basically my laptop is gone for repairs and I don't type well on smartphones.
  20. MV added further via Facebook : I had a blast today listening to this stuff... brought back some good memories of my childhood. This could mean something from the late 70's to mid 80's...
  21. My brother just attended a Madonna concert in Brooklyn a few weeks ago and the folks there took Mobile phones from everyone and placed them in a small pouch. Very organized and controlled.
  22. Yes it's better to get stuff rather than wait for your tax returns cheque. I missed out on WFRR? Hoping it comes around soon.
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