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Found 13 results

  1. On June 25th and 26th 2009, Italy will finally see its long overdue concert performance premiere of Howard Shore's Lord of the Rings Symphony. The event will take place in Rome, at the Auditorium "Parco della Musica". The Orchestra and Chorus of the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia will be conducted by Howard Shore himself. More detailed news (and possibility to buy tickets) will be available at the the Santa Cecilia website in the following days! Stay tuned!
  2. So the LOTR Symphony is coming to town and I'm freakin' excited. My question is where should I sit in the room for the best listen? Because I've heard that where you sit affects how good it sounds and everything. So does anyone have any recommendations?
  3. Two things: First, is anyone here going to this? I'm not the biggest fan of the soundtrack but the trilogy was so good, I can't miss this. Second, I was fiddling around on my synthesizer and I noticed that the main Ring theme is essentially the same as the Urukhai theme (I think that's the one, real heavy). They use the same notes, just a slightly different order, and octaves apart. Anyone else notice this?
  4. Anyone attending this here? From the NJPAC website, it states that Shore will be there an hour before the performance for a Q+A (and hopefully autograph session), but will not be conducting the orchestra! I'm about to get tickets. I can't wait!
  5. Is anybody planning on going to the LOTR Symphony concert at the Auditorium Theater in Chicago? I'm plannin on going but haven't decided on which date to go on (Oct 8 or 9)
  6. Is there a definitive full programme of Shore's LOTR Symphony, and what cues are contained within it? I'm going to the London performance of the symphony and though this thread touched on its contents, I'd like to know if anyone has a full list.
  7. Howard Shore to give autographs in Montreal on Sat. the 21th at 2 pm at the Place des Arts Archambault store. I am preparing myself for what I am going to say."Hello Mr. Shore,I am King Mark,would you mind signing my Harry Potter c.d.?" K.M.
  8. The "Lord of the Rings" Symphony will be performed by the Philadlephia Orchestra with Howard Shore conducting July 13 at the Mann Music Center. I will not be attending. Neil
  9. A thread about this topic has now dissapeared. But i wanted to know were this concert was to be held and how go get tickets. Anyone? Stefancos- :?
  10. The London Philharmonic Orchestra performs the Lord of the Rings Symphony at the Royal Festival Hall Sun 23 May 2004 at 3 pm Howard Shore conductor Please tell me if anybody have more inforrmation on that concert will there be a choir,singers as they will be in concert in antwerpen-belgium In my opinion this concert will be better as the one in antwerpen since it will be performed by original orchestra that was performing music in all the LOTR soundtracks. What do you think?
  11. For all of you living in SoCal, John Mauceri and the Hollywood Bowl orchestra will be performing Shore's arrangement for concert this coming September at the Hollywood Bowl, in Los Angeles. The Hollywood Bowl Web Site
  12. Will Australia see Howard Shore conducting an LOTR concert in Sydney, Australia? This is the question that has been doing the rounds of some members here in Australia. After a few phone calls I spoke with someone who informed me that negotiations are presently underway that would eventually see Howard Shore come to Australia to conduct the Sydney Symphony Orchestra at the Sydney Opera House sometime in June this year. I have been told to keep a watch in the papers for information. It's highly likely that this will happen and when it does this could be a sell out concert. This could be the first time a concert like this has been staged with the original composer at the helm (please correct me if I'm wrong). Guarrantteed if/when this does happen I will be there no matter what.
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