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Found 18 results

  1. The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn<br> Complete Score Analysis by Jason LeBlanc<br><br> Complete Cue List<br><br> Note: All titles with slate numbers are official. All one others that I have enclosed in quotation marks are my own.<br><br> Note! This information is now out-of-date as a result of the FYC. I will update as soon as I can. <table> <tr><td>01</td><td>Tinker-Tin</td><td></td><td>Unreleased (likely never recorded)</td></tr> <tr><td>02</td>&
  2. Some news regarding the sequel: The first Tintin has been very successful around the world. Mr. Jackson is very caught up in The Hobbit for a while. Assuming that it’s a success in America, when do you envision a sequel being able to move forward? Is it being moved forward right now? Kennedy: Oh yeah it is being moved forward, in fact Steven and I were talking about it this morning. We’re working on a script right now, we’ll see a script probably February or March. If we can do some camera capture this summer, which I think we could do, then we would be on track to have the movie either Chri
  3. JW's score for The Adventures of Tintin is a stone cold masterpiece - an enormously propulsive work with over a dozen themes and motifs that power a very busy, nimble and complex score. I was disappointed to see the ambivalence people seem to have towards JW's Tintin score. That stops now. I think the score in the movie is well represented by still somewhat marred by sound effects. Here is a score only version of a riotous sea battle that Haddock recounts. Watch this to marvel at the intricacy of Williams' composition - individual punches,
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAHrqesp79M&feature=feedu Could this be our first glimpse at Johnny's score??? I surely hope so. I'm loving what I'm hearing!
  5. I find it strange that Sony doesn't order a new CD batch of this great score. If possible, I would like to buy it new, not second-hand.
  6. So a couple of years ago I was at the Hollywood Bowl and I took this video with my iPhone. I'm sure someone else has posted a similar video of it, probably better quality but if not or if any of you didn't see this, here you go. It's the last track on the Tintin Album and at the concert it was called The Duel and had a video of different sword duels throughout movie history. Anyway, enjoy xox
  7. Per request, here is where I personally hear all the themes of the Tintin score on the OST. The names of themes are guesses - no way to REALLY tell what they represent until seeing the film. I'm sure I missed some here and there or were wrong about a few themes. Let's discuss! 1. The Adventures of Tintin (3:04) 0:34-0:37 Tintin’s Heroic Theme 2:16-2:18 Tintin’s Heroic Theme 2:48-2:53 Tintin’s Heroic Theme 2. Snowy's Theme (2:10) 0:00-0:31 Snowy’s Theme 0:35-0:41 Snowy’s Theme 0:47-0:53 Snowy’s Theme 1:13-1:18 Snowy’s Theme 1:26-1:30 Snowy’s Theme 1:33-1:36 Snowy’s Theme 1:40-2:01 Snowy’s The
  8. This is a placeholder thread so people who have actually seen the movie can discuss it starting Sunday. Since a lot of people won't be able to stay away even if they haven't see it yet, especially spoiler-y bits should still be spoiler blocked for now.
  9. Best Music MICHAEL GIACCHINO Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (Paramount) MICHAEL GIACCHINO Super 8 (PARAMOUNT) HOWARD Shore Hugo (Paramount) ALAN SILVESTRI Captain America: The First Avenger (Paramount/Marvel) JOHN WILLIAMS The Adventures of Tintin (Paramount) JOHN WILLIAMS War Horse (Walt Disney/DreamWorks) http://www.saturnawards.org/nominations.html
  10. All the Oscar experts predict that both War Horse and Tintin will easily be nominated for the Academy Awards and that War Horse will win. I however happen to think that Tintin is the better score and would be more deserving of a win than War Horse. Does anybody share my view? Will it be bittersweet to see Williams win for War Horse instead of Tintin (which I think is a magnificent score)? Also it is very likely that The Artist will defeat both and walk away the Oscar. That would be too bad. Having seen The Artist, I can say that the score is functional and film-serving but not a great piece of
  11. The cd is being released by Sony Classical: http://filmmusicrepo...tin-soundtrack/
  12. Here is a simple chronological order you can do without editing tracks. 01 The Adventures of Tintin (3:04) 03 The Secret of the Scrolls (3:13) 05 Marlinspike Hall (3:59) 04 Introducing the Thompsons and Snowy's Chase (4:08) 06 Escape from the Karaboudjan (3:21) 08 Captain Haddock Takes the Oars (2:17) 11 The Flight to Bagghar (3:33) 07 Sir Francis and the Unicorn (5:05) 10 Capturing Mr. Silk (2:58) 09 Red Rackham's Curse and the Treasure (6:10) 12 The Milanese Nightingale (1:30) 13 Presenting Bianca Castafiore (3:28) 14 The Pursuit of the Falcon (5:43) 15 The Captain's Counsel (2:10) 16 The Cl
  13. The picture of Tintin along with his dog Snowy is deeply ingrained in the back of the minds of many ingabitants of Europe, in the same way as Disney characters are part of the American heritage. I've never read a single comic book about the character, but certainly knew of his existence. The fact that the computer animated adaptation was in preparation didn't excite me one bit. Not only I'm not a fan of the technology, but also the fact that it is being developed as a potential franchise by two Hollywood giants made me worried about keeping the integrity of this, very European, creation. The f
  14. The first full review of the Tintin soundtrack can be read right here.
  15. I posted this in the War Horse and Tintin subforum first but for the sake of clarity post it here separately as well. The Adventures of Tintin the Secret of the Unicorn – An analysis of the Original Soundtrack Album Here is a thematic analysis of the soundtrack album. Feel free to comment and those who have a better knowledge of the music please make correction suggestions. The following is a track-by-track review of the music which contains some spoilers concerning the plot. My first few listens of this score were
  16. Hey gang! On the main page, we now have EXCLUSIVE SAMPLES from the Tintin OST! http://www.jwfan.com/?p=446 Every single one is BRAND NEW, featuring music NOT HEARD in any of the existing samples!! Hear the Eye Of Bagghar Theme, a long version of Thomson and Thompson's Theme, and lots of new exciting action music and other stuff! Enjoy!
  17. So for those of you who don't know, different websites are showing two different track lists for the TIntin OST. 19 track version with "Picking Pockets" and the final track called "A Thirst For Adventure" http://allegro.pl/th...1848479080.html http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B005KWAWJ2/ 1. The Adventures of Tintin 3:04 2. Picking Pockets 2:30 3. Snowy's Theme 2:10 4. The Secret of the Scrolls 3:13 5. Introducing the Thompsons and Snowy's Chase 4:08 6. Marlinspike Hall 3:59 7. Escape from the Karaboudjan 3:21 8. Sir Francis and the Unicorn 5:05 9. Captain Haddock Takes the Oars 2:17 10. Red Rackham'
  18. 1. The Adventures of Tintin 2. Snowy's Theme 3. The Secret of the Scrolls 4. Introducing the Thompsons and Snowy's Chase 5. Marlinspike Hall 6. Escape from the Karaboudjan 7. Sir Francis and the Unicorn 8. Captain Haddock Takes the Oars 9. Red Rackham's Curse and the Treasure 10. Capturing Mr. Silk 11. The Flight to Bagghar 12. The Milanese Nightingale 13. Presenting Bianca Castafiore 14. The Pursuit of the Falcon 15. The Captain's Counsel 16. The Clash of the Cranes 17. The Return to Marlinspike Hall and Finale 18. The Adventure Continues Source: http://www.treffpunk...i-p-699772.html UPDATE:
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