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  1. I prefer the Special Editions. Star Wars especially has such a slapped together low budget look in the Tatooine scenes. Mos Eisley looks terrible. The SE is how you would imagine it being, not a little ghost town with a blob covering the wheels on the car.
  2. Go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested place from which you came.
  3. I enjoyed Hans Zimmer's adaptation of The Lion King score more than JW's adaptation of SW music for TLJ score.
  4. Wait, that's actually happening? As a spin-off or as the focus of the franchise?
  5. They still make many millions of dollars and have cool jackets, gorgeous women and plenty of action. No reason to stop making them.
  6. One time I wiped my ass with Purel after taking a pretty severe dump with a messy cleanup. Big mistake.
  7. These YouTube video threads always slow my phone down. Now that I can type, Waltz to the Death from Batman.
  8. In the original movie, Scar was explaining his plan to the hyenas, which actually made sense and went against the trope where the villains explain their plan to the good guy. Although he eventually does kinda do that in a really cool way.
  9. I had to squint to see that one in between the thick black bars on my Sony Trinitron.
  10. They don't have pb&j in the Netherlands? What a barbaric place.
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