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  1. Yeah, but nobody likes America, The Dream Goes On.
  2. The Flag Parade was part of the Episode One concert suite arranged by JW. It was recorded for a Varese album called The Phantom Menace and Other Hits.
  3. It's just as new as Matthew Broderick's Godzilla and Posh Spice and David Beckham's engagement.
  4. Seemed to be more about Harley Quinn, the most out of place character in the entire movie that doesn't even have any superhero talent.
  5. It's part of the Sony/Columbia New York Cinematic Universe.
  6. This shot from Generations is so cool because you see the lighting from "outside" in the Enterprise hallway.
  7. That is probably the most unpopular opinion of all. Only on JWFan.
  8. TLJ was a one and done for me. TFA is a good OST, but I have no interest in the complete score and I rarely revisit it. I'd rather just listen to the Keith Lockhart suite.
  9. I mainly like it for the atmosphere of rainy New York City and the score.
  10. ID4 is a definitive disaster flick. Godzilla is a flawed guilty pleasure movie that still has plenty of cool monster action, nice visuals of New York City and a fun cast. TDAT was made for like teenage millennials who hate George Bush and are afraid of climate change.
  11. It's a creepy story about an old guy who gets with a young woman he bought an ice cream for when she was a little girl. Then they bid on her virginity. This naturally attracted John Williams to score it.
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