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  1. Did anyone notice in "The Resurrection Stone" when lily's theme is about to start at around 1:38 in the background the harp (i think) is very close to the rendition of "A Window to the Past" in POA's "Finale"? I think think this is the work of Conrad Pope and I think it's a very nice hint to PoA and Williams' score, a nicer hint would have been using "A Window to the Past" since this would have been the perfect place for it.
  2. Is there really a chance that John Williams may retire?? That would be awful.
  3. I don't want to seam ignorant but what is a Boom-tss??/
  4. Ok that thread turned out to bash me a little. Sinceit turned out to be about Remote Control(MV), let's see why poeple hate them so much. Well there use of electric sounds may be wierd but not always. Also the use of electric guitar isnot that bad, I liked Black Hawk Down it has some nice cues. And let's change the word hate to dislike.
  5. Well there are always threads praising composers and people stating there favorite themes by a cretain favorite composer. Now lets have some bashing. oh and state your least favorite John Williams cue if there is any.
  6. Ok we are half way through the Academy Year, the oscar is in February this year. So any scores worthy to be nominated yet?? Mr Williams hasnot given anything but still we have 6 more months. So what do you guys think are eligible nominees that have been released or yet to be released??
  7. There's alot from the road to eldorado. Hey does anyone have the oscar suite by Itzak Perlman
  8. She said she may change a bit in that last chapter. Also does anyone remeber that John Williams signed for both HP 3 & 4. do you think he left because he wanted to do Memoirs, or he was to tired after PoA, or bec he didn't get the Oscar. John Williams for HP.
  9. But the Dark phoenix Trajedy works too well in the movie don't you think.
  10. I just wanted to ask if the files you guys are working on are all from John Williams concerts???
  11. What do you mean by releasing it??
  12. I think it's just great I just regret not recording it when it was on classic fm like 2 years ago. I'd love a one with lyrics. We should work on getting one don't know how. If you explore the site you'll find a piano solo of it and alot more I Love PoA.
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