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  1. Dan Romer & Benh Zeitlin - Beasts of the Southern Wild Searching for scores with celesta, so I listened to this too. I have seen the movie but don't remember anything of it. Nice score, optimistic one, with good textures (mostly from strings) and an ethnic - at times - flavor.
  2. Since this is a Williams scored film, I feel I have to ask: Did you like it?
  3. David Newman - Paradise Delightful score, great textures, maybe reminiscent of Horner at times. The thing is that, despite some recurring motifs, I always prefer themes with austere boundaries just like Williams/Goldsmith ones.
  4. Aliens comes from UK and has reasonable shipping. I didn't pay any customs either.
  5. Yeah, I see it's from this bluray: https://www.blu-ray.com/movies/The-Good-the-Bad-and-the-Ugly-Blu-ray/175359/ There's an upcoming 4K Kino bluray, in which they advertise a new color grading. We'll see how it looks.
  6. Again, there are many US blurays. I take it it's from the newest Kino bluray in which they have removed the yellow tint.
  7. They have not exaggerated it. There are many blurays. From what bluray is your screenshot? Here's a comparison between 2 different blurays: https://caps-a-holic.com/c.php?go=1&a=0&d1=10727&d2=4091&s1=104672&s2=38021&i=14&l=0
  8. The Kino Bluray has removed a lot of the yellow grading: https://caps-a-holic.com/c.php?go=1&a=0&d1=10727&d2=4091&s1=104664&s2=38012&i=5&l=0
  9. I don't have a soundcard on my laptop which I'll be using for making midi mockups. I suppose I need one? My latency is high and it confuses me when I play.
  10. Well, I have the 2cd edition and the blue box but I bought Superman (again!). Does it contain anything that the other editions don't have aside from the ost and the alternate Fortress of Solitude? Also got: The ost was the first ost I had ever heard in my life (aside from the picture, at a time when I didn't know that film music is released on LPs, cds etc.) and the reason I started collecting soundtracks.
  11. Got this UHD to see if it will play on my laptop. If it does, I'll purchase more. Also got:
  12. North and South (1985-6) I'm on Season 2 now (Book II). Also started The Time Tunnel (1966). Listening to Williams' music on the 1st episode, I don't think I'll purchase this new La-la land edition. The first edition I have is enough. I'm not sure also if I'll continue the series, but we'll see how it goes..
  13. @LSH and @Datameister I'd be interested in hearing your procedures too..
  14. Yes, of course I agree. I didn't mean that you start composing directly in your DAW. I meant that when you have written your music (either by pencil and paper or in a notaion software), if you start inputting the notes in your DAW yourself.
  15. edit: Please mods move this to the Other topics sub-forum. i made a mistake. There have been 10 years since I composed anything. I was wondering, how do you make a midi mockup? I used to do this: Write the score in Sibelius, export the midi file, import the midi in my DAW. And put the different sounds from the VSTs. Do you feel comfortable recording it from the start at your DAW? What about if it's in quick tempo with lots of small note values?
  16. I see. And they all end up on E? or on a cluster of E to G#? edit1: oh, now i saw the appendix! edit2: another question: i don't hear any synth (engine room) in 9m1.
  17. I just got in my hands my Aliens score. One question: I don't understand those clusters on page 16, bar 29, vla and celli. (and page 15, bar 28, basses) I see the instruments play upward chromatic scales. Where does the cluster fit in?
  18. Conan the Barbarian (1982) (US theatrical cut) Trully one of the greatest scores ever made! As for the film, I won't be objective since I have a soft spot for Schwarzenegger..
  19. Well, I don't earn a living from composing (although i had a couple of gigs in the past), but I would like to. Anyway, I will see into it, and probably upgrade my RAM to the possible largest for my system.
  20. Are there computers with so much RAM? I have 16!
  21. OK, I've been listening to a lot of sample libraries lately and i've come to this: cinematic studio strings, cineperc (for percussion) and berlin woodwinds. What about brass? WHat would you say is the best and most versatile library? (for example loved the versatility of the measured trills, double-triple tongued etc. in berlin woodwinds which is adjusted per your host's tempo)
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