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  1. and in 2019 we have the 15th anniversary of Harry Potter 3 too. šŸ˜‰
  2. http://www.filmscoremonthly.com/board/posts.cfm?threadID=131597&forumID=1&archive=0 I hope it was not the Williams one!
  3. Yeah, it's always those 2 in that order for me too!
  4. Hello everyone. I'm posting here the main titles for CORNERED! (2009), a horror film with Steve Guttenberg and James Duval. Nothing fancy, just a sound-design-y, atonal score. (my first attempt at that). The sequence is dialogue driven since we were listening to various newscasters announcing the news about a serial killer. (and that's why the music is simple and - I believe - serviceable)
  5. I am not sure if this deserves a new thread, but Wow, i loved it! I would definitely watch a movie of this although I'm generally against remakes.
  6. I love it too! It's among my top 3 opening title sequences of a movie ever,
  7. has anyone seen Mandy yet? what is the jwfan members' opinion about it? It's funny that it was just released at cinemas in USA, but you can find it ahem... in the usual places at the same time...
  8. Quite interesting electronic soundscapes - although I prefer orchestral ones.. (and this is a film i want to see)
  9. just posted in their facebook: I hope this is something John Williams related!
  10. @Disco Stu are you Hans Zimmer? You have birthday on the same day! Anyway, happy birthday, whoever you are!
  11. I don't have a TV but I recently bought a 4K 43'' monitor for my pc: www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgAqHHNQAtk Unfortunately my graphics card isn't 4K so I'm in 1080p resolution right now and it's a bit crappy for tackling with fonts and word/excel and such stuff, but for my blurays it's great.
  12. If it is The Thin Red Line, since it's perhaps my favourite Zimmer, this is great news!!
  13. Perhaps the sexiest male actor for me.
  14. Found this site that has many impressive soundtrack covers (including for Williams' scores): https://hqcovers.net/tag/john-williams/ (press "older" when you finish the page) samples:
  15. Maybe someone who knows Japanese could find it buried somewhere in Japanese pages.. edit:...and he could contact the channel, in case it has it in its archives: https://www.nhk.or.jp/
  16. although it doesn't necessarily mean complete score in chronological order. it could be 1 cd for ost, and 1 cd for bonus tracks. it'll be a long wait to see how the presentation will be...
  17. where the production studio also had a saying. I'm not sure about expansions though..
  18. How are you sure that the sound will be better? It doesn't say remastered or anything anywhere yet.
  19. It would be nice if they included that Edith Piaf song (was there other source music too?), but I'm almost sure Williams wouldn't allow it..
  20. well, we do know The Rare Breed and Story of a Woman aren't being released on Williams' request or something, so the next best thing for me would be The Secret Ways.
  21. Yes, exactly! thanks! šŸ˜‰ So, was it confirmed by someone that the master tapes have been lost?
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