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  1. 6 minutes ago, King Mark said:

    is the source music on the sessions?


    of course.

    It has some nice tangos in there too.


    The thing is I don't understand why Williams has 2 different measures.

    In Home alone they included the source music.

    What would it hurt if they put it here too, in the end of the presentation?

    It isn't like it would ruin the listening experience.

  2. 22 minutes ago, Ludwig said:




    It's a bit like Luke's theme (the SW main theme), where the second chord of the theme sounds like a dominant chord but isn't V7. It's actually a four-note quartal chord (chord built in 4ths rather than 3rds) but has scale degree 4 in the melody against degree 5 in the bass, so masquerades as a dominant. But it wouldn't be right to give it a label of V7.



    about that:

    I've written that it's a mixolydian V, dressed as a quartal chord.

  3. 56 minutes ago, Score said:


    It does not have a specific harmonic function that can be codified according to standard namings, so I would say, indeed, that it's an added note to the Gb minor chord. Saying that it is the perfect fourth of the chord does not add information, as it does not behave in the way fourths generally behave. The particular effect is due to the fact that the B, together with A and Gb = F#, suggests a B7 chord without the third, so the ear is somehow undecided. However, I interpret the main harmonic line simply as Gb minor resolving to Db major, with the melodic resolution of Gb to F being anticipated with respect to the harmonic motion. The B is "colour" in the bass register.



    I just played the theme with a full B7 chord at that point.

    Doesn't this version pop up somewhere in the score?

    Or is this what @Nick Parkermeant?


    edit: oh yes it does, at bar 27.

  4. On 11/8/2017 at 2:57 PM, bollemanneke said:

    I don't know whether this has been discussed before, but I just listened to the Dartmoor concert version and really think there's something strange about it.


    On the OST, after the flute intro, we have three chords: D major, C major (well, the first note is an E), and F major. But in both the prom concert and on the Spielberg 3 album, that second chord becomes minor.


    First of all, I think it's a really weird decision as it completely breaks the pstoral and soothing soundscape. But second, I'm wondering whether this isn't someone's careless mistake. I swear that on both recordings, this very chord is performed very tentatively, as if someone isn't quite sure whether it all adds up. Or is that just me?


    Yes, it has been discussed elsewhere.

    In the film and album the second chord is a major.

    But in the signature suite it's written as minor so i guess they're using that one for all subsequent recordings and performances.

    Also in williams' original sketch it's written as minor.

    So, maybe it was a podium change when they were recording the music for the film.

    I like the major version myself.


    By the way, I wanted to ask, is this cd OOP?

    I see it's expensive everywhere...

    (and I haven't bought it still....) 🤐

  5. 12 hours ago, karelm said:


    Not sure I follow the question.  That is literally in most harmony books.  Might not be covered in chromatic or atonal harmony but most pre-20th century harmony books are covering mostly diatonic harmony.  If you want an intro book to harmony, Tchaikovsky is a good comprehensive intro, readable, brief, and is free

    I'm not sure how I can put it differently.

    I'm searching for general information on diatonic major and minor without any chromaticism at all..

    things like a formal definition, when it is used, what it conveys, such stuff..

    I just want to use some bibliography for a dissertation..

  6. 47 minutes ago, Richard said:

    As I've posted before; I saw DRACULA at the cinema, in 1979, in London.

    I have owned the OST, in one form, or another, since August, 1979.

    When I can afford it, I will buy the LLL.

    Ah, so you saw the colorful version, right?

    I saw the desaturated version on TV and I wasn't aware about this issue until some years back.

    Apparently the director doesn't want the colorful version out there now that's why the DVD and Bluray have the desaturated one.

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