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  1. C'mon, ask a tuffy-- whatever happened to Sibby's Eighth Symphony? Oh, 1902. As to the Glis. -- I use Finale, so I'm just guessing, but I think your going to have to write out the glis. Check Sibelius' website, there should be a forum there for technical questions-- there is on Finale's; that's how I figured out how to do some things that I was having trouble with. Good luck, Jim.
  2. "He's puts one of your guys in the hospital, you put one of his in the morgue-- that's the Chicago way." "Never bring a knife to a gun fight." "You're mucking with the wrong G."
  3. I'm okay with KM being a dentist-- as long as he doesn't ask his patients, "Is it safe?"
  4. Thank you for pointing that out, Joey. It was the first thing that came to mind when I reviewed the list. My top three: A.I. Azkaban Sith (Still can't believe that Lucas didn't have an on-line campaign with the tag "Sith Happens" followed by the release date.)
  5. I'd like to see the Prequels redone-- from scratch. No Lucas writing the screenplays (story credit will do), no Lucas directing, and no Ben Burtt editing.
  6. I first heard Carlin when I was about 12 and I've been quoting him ever since. Most of the time when somebody asks me how I'm doing, I reply "Moderately neato." And, on more than one occasion, when I have been at the airport, I have corrected people by telling them that I would be getting in the plane, not on it. I've always loved the way he played with language. He's the only comic I have seen twice. The first time ("Back in Town" routine) I laughed so hard, it hurt for a couple of days. The second time was back in February. I was glad that he had eschewed the nihilistic tone of his previous routine and had spent most of the time discussing "goofy stuff". George, I hope Joe Pesci has a special place set aside for you.
  7. It will, the last Monday in September. (Per NBC.com.)
  8. On the commentary track for the episode that had Saul's wife found among the fleet, he said that there are only so many times that he could go to the well and that she was the only family member or spouse that was going to found among the fleet. I hope that he would have the same apprehension about resurrecting another character (and even that one hasn't been explained). And color me pessimistic-- this time last year, the official word was that the fourth season was going to start in January of '08. When did it finally get started? And with the rumor mill going about the possibility of multiple "stand alone" BSG movies to be produced this year, I'm definitely not holding my breath.
  9. Ronald Moore said that all five were known. So, if we take D'Anna at her word, that leaves . I think it's more likely that she wanted the fleet to stop looking so she could find the fifth on her own. Of course, we gotta wait about a year to find out -- I have seen a couple of articles quoting Moore as saying that the last Cylon won't be revealed until the final episode.
  10. Yes, it is Earth. And the fifth will be . Well, it's my guess, at least.
  11. Maybe Varese will release a remastered/expanded score to Clue! I love that score! Was there ever a release in the first place? If you have any version I would love to trade for it. I really gotta learn how to use those darn smilies. As far as I know, there wasn't a soundtrack released. After a quick search, there doesn't seem to be a boot on the 'net and, according to IMDB.com, the movie was released in mono, so a DVD rip won't result in much. Any other way I can rain on your parade? (Insert the shrugging smilie here.)
  12. I believe the Mythbusters had a bullet go through four pigs-- their "human analogues." I wouldn't call it probable with the sternums and ribs that would have to be navigated around.
  13. He's a solid composer and was a nice guy when I got a chance to talk to him (and shake hands with him lefty-to-lefty). Try The Magnificent Seven, The Great Escape, To Kill a Mockingbird, and The Age of Innocence. If you look in the correct spots on the 'net, I'm sure you can find samples (or the whole albums). In the early 80's he seemed relegated to comedies-- Stripes, Trading Places, and Ghostbusters, among others.
  14. C'mon, I said, "please". Thanks, now I don't have a reason to see the movie. Would "pretty please" have worked better?
  15. Maybe Varese will release a remastered/expanded score to Clue!
  16. The real question for the Lincoln movie: What does Mrs. Lincoln think of the play? Please don't spoil it for me.
  17. "Due to upcoming summer travels, the CD Club will break with tradition and will be launching our next, (and biggest ever!), batch of new CD Club releases on Wednesday, June 11 – at midnight of course." Could be quantity, not quality. And here's hoping that they are titles I recognize (and, perhaps, have even seen).
  18. That must be the funniest thing ever to come out of the board's word censor script! I find it even funnier that Miss Padme apparently thought she mistyped!!! Be nice-- I'd rather not mention how many times I edited "bunisted" in a post before I figured out that it had to be an over-eager filter. (I changed the word to "aided".) As a bit of advice, thanks to the estrogen-rich atmosphere I grew up in (the only male in a house with four older sisters, a mother, and a grandmother): 1 - Put the seat down. 2 - Treat a lady like a lady, even if she isn't acting like one. 3 - No matter what, I'm wrong. 4 - When I'm out with a woman, I'm buying. If she insists on paying, see rule 3.
  19. For me, the Indy 4 craze was more than “ohmygoohmygodohmygod it’s a new Indy film.” While I was intrigued about what the new movie would be like and the score, too, it was more of a stroll through Nostalgiaville. It really was half a lifetime ago—Crusade came out nineteen years ago, when I was nineteen. In January 1989, I aided a friend of mine in video taping his Shakespeare class presenting an in-class staging of Pericles. When we got done editing it (looping in music and a couple shots of lightning strikes from Ben-Hur), he had the idea of taking the teaser trailer for Crusade and looping in shots of the Pericles production. We even shot some footage of us in a verdant park; he “played” Spielberg, while I got to “play” Lucas and Ford (at least I had the beard for Lucas). When the class reunited at my friend’s place to see the finished product, everybody laughed at the “trailer” we had produced. So, as far as Indy 4 is concerned, I have been Janus for the last few months, looking forward (with trepidation) to Crystal Skull and looking back fondly at who I was when Crusade came out. So, you young folk out there, I ain’t gonna tell you that these are the best years of your life, but I’ll suggest that these are likely to be your most carefree days. Enjoy them. Get all excited about movies. Go to midnight screenings. Have fun. Your biggest concern should be figuring out how to get that cutie to give you the time of day. The mortgage payments and such will come soon enough, to quote Indy, “Trust me.”
  20. Yeah, the same could probably be said for Goldsmith's Supergirl score, which (albeit to my knowledge at only one point) quotes the Superman theme. And that quote was in the scene when Supergirl eyes a poster of Superman. There are two instances that I know of that have resulted in "guilty" verdicts: Queen and David Bowie's "Under Pressure" being used by Vanilla Ice in "Ice Ice Baby" and Huey Lewis' "I Want a New Drug" being sped up for Ray Parker's "Ghostbusters". One of the things that helped Lewis' argument was that he was offered the job of writing the theme song for Ghostbusters.
  21. Folks, re-read The Great Eye's first post-- it's not about political correctness (or lack thereof), it's about how reliant filmmakers have become on CGI. Take Superman, when Reeve takes off in the Fortress of Solitude, that's him, on the set, giving the illusion that a man can fly. Yes, he was in some sort of harness (and yes, as a child I examined it more closely than Stone did the Zapruder film, looking for hints of the cable in the shot), but it was a Wow moment when seen on the big screen. Now, with CGI, everything in a shot (including the actors) can be faked. Bye-bye Wow factor. Sorry, if I come across as not respecting the work that CGI artist do, but I prefer my film making staying in the physical world as much as possible.
  22. C'mon, Sonny getting whacked with walkie-talkie totting thugs is just what The Godfather needs!
  23. Yeah, but there's hardly a difference with CD. Not enough to change the impression of the score. Sorry, but I have yet to hear MP3's being played on computer speakers that come anywhere close to measuring up to listening to a CD on a stereo with speakers (and power) to fill the room with enough sound that the neighbors across the street can hear.
  24. I gotta toss in Peter Gunn and Bonanza. Barney Miller and Night Court also have a nice groove to them. And, one most of you have never heard of: the theme from the "new Route 66" (from the 90's) which was titled "If You Don't Leave Me, I'll Find Somebody Who Will" by Warren Zevon (and this relates to the show how?).
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