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  1. JW never recorded with the SSO again after the Star Wars Trilogy, did he? (I guess no orchestra in the world comes even close to the London Symphony Orchestra.)
  2. Really? Do you know for which scores Silvestri used the SSO???
  3. I regularly watch movies, but I have never, never, NEVER (I repeat: N E V E R) seen a film in my life. Thats the way it is . . . LOL
  4. Does anyone know whatever happened to the Skywalker Symphony Orchestra? In 1990 (I think) John Williams recorded the Star Wars Trilogy with this orchestra, which was assembled by George Lucas so they didn't have to fly to London for the scoring sessions. I haven't heard of the orchestra since . . .
  5. Rachel Portman - Only You. Jerry Goldsmith - Basic Instinct. Hans Zimmer - The Lion King. John Williams - Schindler's List. John Barry - Out of Africa. Ennio Morricone - I only know a few scores by him, but for me Lolita.
  6. Don't really get what this has to do with John Williams, but whatever. My favorites are: The Wonder Years, The King Of Queens, Friends, ER, and CSI.
  7. What does CDEC mean??? LOL
  8. Where can you get a Star Wars CD three weeks before release date???
  9. I was thinking one of the best works by JNH in recent years is the Theme from ER. I really love that. It's so dramatic, fitting, and kinda intelligent.
  10. Elsa Schneider is arguably the most attractive. Marion Ravenwood is the best Indy-girl, though. I voted for the former . . .
  11. What is the best chase music or music accompanying a quasi-chase scene composed by JW? For me, every Star Wars action cue, Chase through Coruscant (AotC), Incident at Isla Nubar (JP), Everybody Runs (MR), The Hunt (TLW). Anything else?
  12. Tom Cruise once said in an interview (I think this was shortly after FAR AND AWAY came out) that he was really impressed with JW. I don't know whether he ever attended a scoring session -- although it wouldn't surprise me -- but just knowing how he felt about JW made me like him. Indeed, the opening scene of Born on the Fourth of July and the Land Race from Far and Away are two of the best-scored scenes in movie history.
  13. Oh, any word yet? Is John Williams gonna score this picture or not? This may well decide whether the movie's gonna be a success or a flop.
  14. Yeah, it's true. I've read it in one of the countless books about the Making of Titanic.
  15. Does anyone know why Williams wasn't nominated in 1993 for Schindler's List AND Jurassic Park? In 1989 he was nominated for BOTH Indy3 and Born on the Fourth of July. In 2001 he was nominated for AI and HP. I think if there's any one JW-score worthy of a nomination that WASN't nominated, then it's Jurassic Park. (And you can't tell me it's because of the movie's overwhelming success when he won for E.T., Jaws, and Star Wars.)
  16. Well, JW is nominated almost EVERY year. I think he will be next year, too, but whether he wins or not is a different question altogether.
  17. Let's make a prediction. I may be naive, but I still hope he'll get one for HP3. Let's keep this going until February . . . maybe we can even make a difference with our collective praying.
  18. Well, after the monster hits of Jaws, E.T., CE3K, the Indiana Jones-Trilogy, Jurassic Park, The Lost World, and Saving Private Ryan, Minority Report WAS only a mediocre success -- at least by Spielberg's standards. (For any other director except for a few, it would have been a hit, but IMO Spielberg is very much playing in a league of his own.) I believe that WotW WILL be a big hit, actually, if only because a movie like that by Spielberg (as opposed to The Terminal) is going to have a HUGE ad campaign. That's part of the reason why Jurassic Park was such a monster hit (no pun intended), after all. Who knows, maybe it'll even create a mass panic at the theaters among the earthlings and surpass Titanic at the box office. Josh, who sincerely hopes that JW will be a part of this project.
  19. I haven't seen the trailer yet and I don't know WHAT I think, but in Spielberg's case all bets are off. But considering the budget (200 mill.?) I think it would have to be a success of Jurassic Park-like proportions in order to even break even, let alone make some money. While Minority Report was a decent enough movie, it wasn't the all-out success everyone was shooting for. I certainly hope that people are gonna want to watch alien invasions in the summer 2005. What do you think?
  20. I think this WAS intentional, particuarly because JW seemed especially miffed at losing at the Oscars in 1998 (his score to Amistad lost to Titanic). Part of the reason for that may be because he WAS offered to score Titanic by James Cameron (he had to refuse because he was busy working on The Lost World), but mostly because his score to Amistad WAS better than the Titanic score (popular success notwithstanding). But I have to admit I have never noticed that before, now I'll have to go back watching the tape again. Go Williams!!!
  21. There's also a (very) brief snippet of JW conducting the orchestra on the Seven Years In Tibet DVD. He seems to be slightly irritated with the way the "violins" played and you can see Yo-Yo Ma with his Cello. JW also talks briefly about how "he can musically understand the sensitivity of Jean-Jacques" (or something like that). Very brief, but I was really pleasantly surprised to find it. This might be only on the International DVD, though.
  22. My family doesn't care, some friends support me (not all of them, though). Some think me weird, but that's a given. P.S. I love Across the Stars (Love Theme from Attack of the Clones).
  23. All of the themes mentioned above are great, but what about the Theme from Sabrina? The movie wasn't all that great, but I think the theme deserves mention here. I think it's John Williams in an unabashedly romantic mood. For me, the best is also Across the Stars, followed by the Love Theme from Superman and Marion's Theme.
  24. Well, that makes me feel a bit silly. Well, then, I have no clue about the music. It'll be good, that's all I know... or hope. ~Conor I wouldn't feel too silly since the production has curiously cast Chinese women in the lead roles of Japanese women. I really wonder how this film will play in Asia, since most Asians clearly know the difference between Chinese and Japanese persons, unlike we Americans. Then again, if a person's good for a role, they ought to play it, but I couldn't help but be miffed if I were a talented Japanese actress who lost the role to a Chinese woman who will portray a Japanese. So? Liam Neeson, who is, I think, originally Irish, played a German in Schindler's List, didn't he? Same thing here. A Chinese actress portrays a Japanese. That's why they're called ACTORS, I guess. :roll:
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