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  1. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine And nothing else comes close...
  2. Another milestone people never seem to notice, was for CGI environments: in 1991 in Star Trek VI, all the over-head shots of the Klingon courtroom were CGI.
  3. As much as I enjoyed his score for Backdraft and Gladiator.... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
  4. Christopher Lee followed by McDiarmid and Isaacs.
  5. absolutely not, one terrible, horrible score. That was the album release... The music in the movie wasn't THAT bad.
  6. Poltergeist, ET, and KHAAAAAAAAAAAN!! In that order.
  7. Tie between the Imperial March, and the Force Theme. They're both excellent but on opposite ends of the spectrum.
  8. Well I thought the rendition of the Imperial March in the credits track...the first two loud bombastic times and the last time at the end were superb. The best, only behind the one in "Battle of Hoth" and "Aboard the Executor" The Conveyor Belt, Yoda and the Younglings and even the Arena/Battle were all quite frankly..."not so bad" at all.
  9. Actually I disagree. Whoaa. I don't feel like either of what people consider as Voldemort's theme (the three note SS motif, and the He Who Must Not Be Named theme), would really fit the whole Voldemort sequence in the movie.... To be honest, I think Doyle's rendition of the events fits quite perfectly... I don't know maybe Johnny could have come up with something just as perfect with his own theme...but from what I've heard of his theme for Voldemort...I prefer Doyle's approach.
  10. I'd hardly say being referred to "as the guy who did Star Wars music, right?" means you're well known by the general public.
  11. You are still young, so you have plenty of discovering to do, As for preferring one over the other. I've never really understood this need in the filmscore community to try and decide which composer is the better one. Both have radically different styles and both use(d) a different method of film scoring. I'm glad the music of both composers has wound up in my life, deciding who of the 2 is superiour really is not a priority. Very well said... My priorities are enjoying to the output of both the giants to the fullest extent. Both have these radically different styles, and yet when you thin
  12. Best Film Composer? IMO Jerry Goldsmith Best Composer? IMO Gustav Holst
  13. I coulda sworn I wrote more after that. One of us must be imagining things.
  14. To be honest I have to agree with Clemmy on GoF. Though 5 stars "alone" is too high. Try 4. Thematically there's not a lot of Williams level strong memorable stuff, but there's some very fantastic moments that really pull you in as you listen to it...though they often don't "stick" with you. It's grown on me the more I listen to it.
  15. 1) Star Trek The Motion Picture 2) The Empire Strikes Back 3) The Undiscovered Country 4) Fellowship of the Ring 5) Return of the Jedi 6) HP And the Sorcerers Stone 7) The Wrath of Khan 8) Prisoner of Azkaban 9) Glory 10) Rudy
  16. http://www.global-sanyo.com/another/200402.html
  17. Voyager! DS9... It would be TNG, but the TV orchestra performance is bleeeeh.
  18. I usually think William's recordings have too much going on towards the high frequency end. Which explains the detail...and my poor ears when listening loudly. To me Insurrection struck a nice balance in everything, especially "wetness" of sound.
  19. This is not only one awesome action cue...but the quality of the recording is just phenomenal. Well, the acoustic quality of all of Insurrection's soundtrack is 99.9% perfect.
  20. What are some of your favorite action cues/tracks/pieces by any composer from anything? In no particular order: - "Open the Gates" Star Trek V, Jerry Goldsmith - "The Battle for Peace" Star Trek VI, Cliff Eidleman - "The Asteroid Field" Empire Strikes Back, John Williams - "The Massacre" Total Recall, Jerry Goldsmith - "Spock Walk" Star Trek I, Jerry Goldsmith - "Desert Chase" Raiders of the Lost Ark, John Williams - "The Bridge of Khazad-Dum" Fellowship of the Ring, Howard Shore - "Battle in the Mutara Nebula" Star Trek II, James Horner - "The Pit of the Carkoon/Sail Barge Assault" Return o
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