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  1. Best Film Composer? IMO Jerry Goldsmith Best Composer? IMO Gustav Holst
  2. I coulda sworn I wrote more after that. One of us must be imagining things.
  3. To be honest I have to agree with Clemmy on GoF. Though 5 stars "alone" is too high. Try 4. Thematically there's not a lot of Williams level strong memorable stuff, but there's some very fantastic moments that really pull you in as you listen to it...though they often don't "stick" with you. It's grown on me the more I listen to it.
  4. 1) Star Trek The Motion Picture 2) The Empire Strikes Back 3) The Undiscovered Country 4) Fellowship of the Ring 5) Return of the Jedi 6) HP And the Sorcerers Stone 7) The Wrath of Khan 8) Prisoner of Azkaban 9) Glory 10) Rudy
  5. http://www.global-sanyo.com/another/200402.html
  6. Voyager! DS9... It would be TNG, but the TV orchestra performance is bleeeeh.
  7. I usually think William's recordings have too much going on towards the high frequency end. Which explains the detail...and my poor ears when listening loudly. To me Insurrection struck a nice balance in everything, especially "wetness" of sound.
  8. This is not only one awesome action cue...but the quality of the recording is just phenomenal. Well, the acoustic quality of all of Insurrection's soundtrack is 99.9% perfect.
  9. What are some of your favorite action cues/tracks/pieces by any composer from anything? In no particular order: - "Open the Gates" Star Trek V, Jerry Goldsmith - "The Battle for Peace" Star Trek VI, Cliff Eidleman - "The Asteroid Field" Empire Strikes Back, John Williams - "The Massacre" Total Recall, Jerry Goldsmith - "Spock Walk" Star Trek I, Jerry Goldsmith - "Desert Chase" Raiders of the Lost Ark, John Williams - "The Bridge of Khazad-Dum" Fellowship of the Ring, Howard Shore - "Battle in the Mutara Nebula" Star Trek II, James Horner - "The Pit of the Carkoon/Sail Barge Assault" Return o
  10. It's like the birds and the bees. The birds are on one end of the spectrum...the bees on the other... and well... yeah.
  11. TPM was great in that it introduced a lot of great pieces, but because there was so much new stuff, a lot of it didn't get developed or taken anywhere...whether in TPM or the next two films
  12. I put my vote in and then saw Temple of Doom...
  13. It came down to Fawkes vs. Window to the Past vs. Hedwig's Theme I went with Window to the Past, as it is the least neutral and most emotional of the three. Other notable mentions include Harry's Wonderful World, Grievous, and Double Trouble.
  14. ESB... Because the Carbon Freeze track is one of the only 3 tracks in any soundtracks that I can listen to over...and...over...and over...and over again without it ever getting old. It's a track that makes me feel in the mood for it.
  15. A Beautiful Mind....if you're doing anything that requires lots of brain usage. It just seems to...make the brain flow.
  16. Strings playing between notes very...very...very fast.
  17. Anyone know how often Johnny's had run ins with such tight deadlines, and how many times they've been successes?
  18. This man gave me one of my most exciting and agonizing summers ever.... Waiting for The Best of Both Worlds, Part II, after part I...was just...wow. Great writer, great producer, and many brilliant creative minds owe their careers to him... He will be missed. Rest in peace, Michael Piller. :cry:
  19. There's a darker side to Halloween.... But as the old proverb goes... Tradition travels best on miles of unrolled toilet paper. We'll be sure to send some over.
  20. The score is certainly growing on me...it's a fine effort. I think I'll bump it up to a 7.5/10.
  21. Playing Ave Satani at a Church Halloween party is not a wise thing to do. Ask my former self on October 31, 1997.
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