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  1. Sorry, can't help with the technical issues.... I got out of the PC tech loop a few years ago out of frustration... I feel your pain! Thanks a lot! Your words mean a lot to me, since I admire your work so much! But to be nitpickingly honest: Technically they are not transcriptions but score reductions. Even after about 20 years of trying and practicing I am still unable to produce a good transcription by ear. But if I get my hands on the score, I am sometimes able to make a decent score reduction for two or one pianos. Looking forward achingly to the "Battle of Endor" transcription.
  2. Oh, this is totally awesome! Welcome back! To celebrate this wonderful occasion, I am sharing a few reductions I made myself. Of course theyre vastly inferior, but hey - Better try and fail than not try at all, hm? They are from 'Jurassic Park', the film score that made me notice film music and motivated me to learn the piano and composition..... Boy, was I happy when I saw the official songbook for sale in a music shop! I never knew that something like that was available!!!!! And imagine my utter disappointment when (after begging my father to buy it for me!) it I opened it .... expecting the
  3. Hello everyone! I already posted this in the piano transcriptions thread, but I though it would be more fitting here: I loved the music in the 2nd half of the first "The Hobbit" teaser. The song by Mr. Shore really resonated with the dwarf inside me..... All the transcriptions on Youtube etc. were very wrong and not to my taste because of atrocisouly bad typesetting - So I tried to create my own humble transcription. It is arranged for Piano+Voice as well for Violin, Flute, Clarinet and Trombone if you like to play any of these instruments. My skills are vastly inferior and I need many, many
  4. Hello everyone! Since we all are waiting for another masterpiece from our gracious host, I thought I'd say "thank you" to him by uploading one of my own humble transcriptions. Of course my skills are vastly inferior and I need many, many hours to come up even with somethign primitive as this.... Anyways: I loved the music in the 2nd half of the first "The Hobbit" teaser. The song by Mr. Shore really resonated with the dwarf inside me..... All the transcriptions on Youtube etc. were very wrong or not to my taste, so I tried it myself. It is arranged for Piano+Voice as well for Violin, Flute, C
  5. Yes, i think I traded for those on pianofiles some time ago. Badly scanned, incomplete, but still better than nothing. I am happy when I tryt to read them. But still: I want the whole shebang - that's how greedy I am!
  6. @WilliamsMusicLover1138: I hope you are taking all the time you need for yourself! I know exhausting life with many, many different duties can be..... Don't let your love of music being ruined by burn-out - it's not worth it, believe me I know what I am talking about.... So you have my heartfelt sympathy! Anyway, did you get my private message with the links I sent you some time ago? If needed, I will re-send it. Any since you are taking requests: How about a transcription of Mr. Poledouris' "Starship Troopers"? Since that music resonates so well with something deep inside me, that is one of m
  7. Hmmm, I think I am too dense to get this.... So when you write two forums, you actually mean there were two threads that were merged? In that case I think I finally understand. Heh, english is not my mother language either... Thank you very much for the explanation! Sorry for being so slow!
  8. Unfortunately the link does not work... This is the link from WilliamsMusicLover1138's post: http://www.jwfan.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=22041 This is what I see when I click it: Any ideas are appreciated!
  9. Thanks again for those amazing transcriptions! I have one little request, call it nitpicking if you like......: Could you please delete the instrument name in fron of every staff (e.g.: "Piano", "Pno.")? Since it obivously is for piano, that would improve the uncluttered look of the score page. Sorry to be nitpicky, but you are already producing very tidy score pages. Thanks! Hi! I typed in the whole orchestra score for that piece ("1m1 - Tinker-Tin") into Sibelius 6 but didn't get around to making a transcription yet.... If you want, I could upload my sibelius file though. In fact I typed in
  10. Hello! I found this thread while googling for the european availability of the "Tintin" piano songbook in Europe. Guess what: Of course I didn't find any useful infos (only shop spam links and shops selling the CD).... BUT I also found this thread. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THOSE ARRANGEMENTS!!!! I have been collecting Film Music piano arrangements for more than 10 years and most of them are of abominable quality... But yours are really well done and the notation is also up to par! Well done, and thank you!!
  11. OMG, I was so busy I forgot to vote... Damn, now I don't have the right anymore to complain about people ignoring the previous contests!
  12. Aaaaah, finally someone else besides me is nagging Chris to finally finish his transcriptions for all three LOTR movies! I want them! I need them! I'm addicted! The complete Harry Potter transcriptions helped only for a short time... I need my preciousssssss...
  13. That's what I am saying on a regular basis to the seemingly deaf people in our local postal office. Those guys manage to break everything: CD/DVD-Cases (absolutely normal), packages (they often look as if the damn delivery truck drove over it ... multiple times; mostly the packaging is only held together by enormous amounts of string and duct tape) and sometimes even the CD's/DVD's themselves. So I conclude that it is not only possible but also happening frequently, even in the more civilized parts of this world.
  14. Don't worry: We're just talking about how useful a new filmmusic website would be, what it must feature so that it stands out against all the other excellent websites that already exist and if all the labour will be justified by the outcome, etc... On the other hand you might send the content of this page through babelfish and see your darkest fears be comfirmed...
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