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  1. In this particular case we have to wait for the FYC to get a purer version of the score as heard in the film. Ever since Tin-Tin and War Horse, they now tend to be a vastly improved representation of John Williams' music than the official albums.
  2. The Post is such a small movie it only plays online for less than a week - as a small pop up window on the upper left or scrolling way down, if you can find it, so you can switch off the volume.
  3. Williams himself admitted the Princess theme was simply working better than anything else he threw at the scene. It doesn't always have to make sense.
  4. Yes! No reason to play Princess Leia's theme when Ben Kenobi dies... Makes no sense.
  5. I cannot say anything as I haven't seen the movie yet. But the movie seems to have so many more characters (minus Han Solo) it was probably better to create less new themes and go with established ones. The flow of the album is much much better than TFA which was constantly starting and stopping and micro-mickey-mousing every silly detail instead of going into something simpler, but more effective.
  6. To John Williams' surprise, the temp was all Williams. "Rian Johnson had prepared a temp track with all my music from Indiana Jones."
  7. The Last Jedi soundtrack is awe-inspiring. The worst thing one could say about it is that the music is too new.
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