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  1. AFAIK he hasn't scores Knights of the Old Republic but he has worked on Star Wars: The Old Republic from a few years ago, which is a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) but he was not the sole composer on that (along with Mark Griskey, Lennie Moore, and others). There was a bit of reworking of classic SW themes, and some original compositions, combined with Williams style action music. It's a well-rounded effort that clearly takes its inspiration from the prequels. I believe an album was produced (I'm not sure if it's available commercially). The problem with that album is that it doesn't include some of the best music written for the game. You have to find the gamerip which is all the music ripped from the audio files. I send you a PM btw.
  2. Yes didn't you know??? Bob Z had Tom play 100 lookalikes, and 97 of them were cut, along with around 60 minutes of modern takes on christmas carols. I read Tom was plenty pissed about that, after the many long days of shooting and doing the voice overs. Plus singing a couple of carols himself, and losing his voice in the process.
  3. Good movie, though it's far too long. Indeed, stay away from 3 hour 20 minute director's cut... it has way too many carols, not enough Silvestri. Not to mention all the Tom Hanks lookalikes which became ridiculous. My favourite Christmas Carol rendition is the 1984 TV movie with George C. scott. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0087056/reference Funny... also directed by a Donner.
  4. Battlefront the game does not feature a Han Solo and Leia love scene, or a Luke using the force for good moment, or Artoo being the comedic sidekick, or a dramatic duel between Vader and his son. Actually I might be wrong about that last one, but you get the picture.
  5. Haha ! I didn't mean to post the cheap sounding MIDI version of "Into the Legend", my bad. I've edited my post.
  6. I second this, Mr. Sugiyama has written some stunning music for the DQ series, or rather adapted for orchestra from the base material which was MIDI. Really glorious stuff !!!
  7. These two tracks are splendid. Best AC score I've heard so far, but it's way too much music, so I had to make a custom edit.
  8. A Christmas Carol is okay and has some fine Zemeckis moments, but it lacks the heart that the story demands. Scrooged succeeded in that area.
  9. Wow! That's incredibly cool news !!! Another concept album? I'll be there day one... nightscape94 : To think I would have fans, in this life, on this planet, is preposterous. I simply exist, and one day I won't anymore. There mate, I fixed it for ya. It's my pleasure.
  10. It's incredible how vastly different MJ's hit song is reworked. When I first heard it, I didn't recognize it immediately.
  11. Back to the Future part II on vinyl, Aliens on compact disc.
  12. From my POV his voice was at its most fantastic during the making of that album (1999). Since then his vocal range has suffered en he lost his raw edge (which made him popular with Soundgarden). It was evident on King Animal (2012) that the constant high-pitched 'screaming' during his younger years had taken its toll. But I'll be damned if I won't buy their next album. Also dig his solo follow-up 'Carry On'.
  13. This guy has the most amazing voice. Love Cornell ! Guess which album I'm listening to, again...
  14. That's a videogame character from the recent Metal Gear Solid V. Nothing gruesome about it, it's all digital ones and zeroes.
  15. This ! I will never program out that cue whenever I listen to my complete Hook.
  16. I've trimmed the Halo 5 release down to 50 minutes. Fave cues are: Light Is Green, Skeleton Crew, Covenant Prayers, Walk Softly, The Trials and Blue Team. These are the cues that are awesome. Just not Halo awesome. I still don't think it's better than what the Bungie brothers or Davidge came up with. To me it simply doesn't have that special something. Fine game music, but musically it has the staying power of a one hit wonder. Halo Canticles 4.13Light Is Green 3.28Rock and Ice 1.28Scavengers 3.43In Absentia 1.33Meridian Crossing 4.08Skeleton Crew 1.02Warrior World 4.44Covenant Prayers 3.43Worldquake 2.50Walk Softly 3.38The Trials 4.13End Game 2.08Jameson Locke 4.26Blue Team 4.37
  17. Up until now I did not know a Princess Leia facepalm exists. What a wonderful realization.
  18. In the first Taken, Liam looked like he could take on all these bad guys without much effort and looking good in the process. In the second Taken, Liam was disinterested, and by the time he had ended his revenge mission looked more than a little tired. Don't think I'll watch the second sequel.
  19. Despite reduced power in the recording due to smaller orchestra, I'm a huge fan of Thorne's Superman II... not as huge of Supes III, but it has its moments. And Ottman did alright in my book, the only one of his scores I really enjoy (and own).
  20. Of the 00's I would say that only The Mummy Returns and The Polar Express are among his best... but those are already over 10 years old. Throughout the 80's and 90's he was wrote his best material. But that's also true for Horner, JNH, and even Williams (70s included).
  21. A ridiculous statement, his musical voice was as profound as the other major players, and he has written some stunners back in the day. He's lost it somewhat now, but that holds true for the other big composers too.
  22. TTT and ROTK messy? Unfinished? Now I've never read the books, but to me at least the films are just as polished and fantastic and compelling as the first one is, I don't think I've ever heard someone state that these films are anything less than full on masterpieces. Again, this comes from someone with celluloid in mind, not paper. Now the thing about The Hobbit, well that's not suprising. It just doesn't have the same attention to detail as TLOTR had.
  23. Ok that's cool, we all have our preferences. I remember something similar going on between Halo 3 ODST and Reach. Also, what did you think of Destiny: The Taken King? I couldn't get into it, the mystical, magical element (Marty's contribution) was sorely lacking. All that was left was repetitive action music, and an occasional good choral cue.
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