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  1. Hey fellow film music fans! I'm downsizing my composer autograph collection, which has grown considerably over the last few years….and Danny Elfman has drawn the short straw. Now, before you scoff and raise your eyebrows in suspicion - please know that I wouldn't be doing this without a good reason, as I realize signed Elfman CDs are hard to come by! In some cases I've wound up with multiples of various composers; either in person or through other means, but I've reached a point where I simply can't justify the excess. (And having previously met Danny in NYC; where I received 2 sigs from him personally, I feel content letting go of the following…) I'm selling 8 (of 11) signed items that I won in a California estate auction (titles & prices listed below). The CDs are still sealed in their original cases and signed by the Elf Man himself. They were originally part of a promotional thing, so there are double copies of each title; except for Serenada Schizophrana & Spiderman, of which I'm keeping one each… you understand 😁 hehe FOR SALE: Serenada Schizophrana -- $100 (sealed)* Spiderman -- $100 (sealed)* The Kingdom -- $100 (sealed)* The Kingdom -- $100 (sealed)* Sandard Operating Procedure -- $100 (sealed)* Standard Operating Procedure -- $100 (sealed)* Charlotte’s Web -- $90 (unsealed)* Charlotte’s Web -- $90 (unsealed)* *Please note these prices are final offer, however I may be open to a good trade. I've seen what Danny's sig goes for on the web and I've come down in price approx $20, but again, signed Elfman albums are rare! If you have ANY questions whatsoever feel free to hit me up 👍 Get ‘em while they're hot! 🎶 🎶 🎶
  2. These gems decorate various sections my writing room...when they're not busy being photographed for fan forums. JOHN WILLIAMS JAMES HORNER HANS ZIMMER ALAN SILVESTRI HOWARD SHORE ALEXANDRE DESPLAT RANDY NEWMAN PHILLIP GLASS <3
  3. Dude... That is truly a treasure you have there. Looks like we're both quite blessed. Good choice of pen color too. Tell me more about this Czech dude... I'm genuinely intrigued lol. Not that I agree with his method
  4. I feel like a great treasure hunter who can now ride off into the sunset. Seen here is the EXTREMELY rare signature of film music maestro James Horner. I'm planning to have it framed and hung in my home office along with Williams, Zimmer, Silvestri, Shore, Desplat, Glass & R. Newman. To have acquired autographs from Horner & Spielberg in the same month is a true blessing. Had to share the joy of this rare occasion with my fellow film music patrons. Anyway... back to reality - J
  5. Anyone planning on attending this event? I'm strongly considering it!
  6. I certainly hope to, Jason. After the 2012 concert I said I'd make it an annual tradition, but ended up missing last year's concert.
  7. I had the great privilege of meeting Mr. Hans Zimmer at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) last September -- twice. He was friendly and fun. It should be mentioned that I was prepared for his presence at the Rush & 12 Years A Slave premiers so I came prepared with my Gladiator & Dark Knight cd covers. The FIRST time I met him was after the "12 Years" premier. He got into his Audi pretty fast so I was unable to approach him from behind the theater (what with all the security guards directing traffic). In these kinds of situations it is best to assume that THIS is your one & only chance EVER, so......I caught Mr. Z on a roll-down. Not my proudest moment (especially as a filmmaker myself) but I can't help but laugh when I look back at it. Hans (jolly): Okay! Okay! You got me! Alright, we can do this! I think I can sign my name in the dark... And just like that I wiped out my cell phone and illuminated him while he signed my cd's on his lap. Then I politely said, "Thanks so much, Hans. You've made an admirer very happy tonight. God bless," and trundled away with an ecstatic, almost shit-eating smile. Now back on the sidewalk, I take a peek at my new treasured and discover that the marker didn't dry fast enough on the Gladiator cover & Hans had accidentally smudged it when he switched it up to sign The Dark Knight. Oddly...I wasn't bothered by this, as, in the height of a long awaited fan-boy moment, I realized the maestro had immortalized his finger prints on my cd cover. Did I mention Gladiator is my favorite Zimmer score? My only regret was that I didn't have more time to properly introduce myself & thank him for inspiring me through his hard work over the year. But then...... The SECOND time I met him was after the "Rush" premier. This time I was with friends. I'd already met Ron Howard, another influence of mine, the day before so I was pretty psyched up. The best thing about Roy Thompson Hall (in situations like these) is that you could see right inside to each floor as the stars came walking down the staircase and out into the parking lot. Boom!--Then Hans appeared with some woman I didn't recognize; probably his handler. He then proceeded to stand off to the side of the parking lot and lit up a cigarette. Boom!--I'm was in business. Security was super tight and it was obvious that NO fans were getting anywhere close to the talent that night....so....I went around to the loading dock area and, looking busy (I think my binder helped), I walked up a small stairs between the dumpsters & the wall and emerged by Hans just as he'd tossed his smoke & was walking back to the car. It was then that I politely and softly got Mr. Z's attention for the second and last time. Finally I was able to introduce myself as a filmmaker who has been greatly inspired by his music; especially while writing etc. I acknowledged his hard work and thanked him sincerely, to which he responded hilariously, "THANK YOU!!! I work my damn ass off!!!" "Oh I know. It's quite evident," I said with authority. He then went on about stressful & exhausting it can all be, while I jokingly made a "booze drinking" gesture with my hand, to which he grinned. (Hans LOVES red wine). We carried on for a minute before I asked for a photo with him, to which he responded in all his German jollity, "Oh sure! Alright, come on, we can do this! Here we go!" We took the photo, looked it over together to ensure top quality and I said in my best Don LaFontaine voice: "Nice! HAAANS ZIMMER!" It was a cute moment. I let him go with one final thought, "Maybe we'll work together one day." We went out separate ways and THAT was a night to remember. Looking back on 2013 I had quite a lot of success with film composers. Hans Zimmer, Alan Silvestri, Phillip Glass, Elliot Goldenthal. The teenager in me (who originally initiated this passionate love of film music) is very proud
  8. Hey, Hey! Feels great to be back on the forum after all these years... Silly me... Such great pics from The Williams Weekend! Felt like I was reliving it all over again. Thank you Jason for organizing such a great pre-show gathering. I'm looking forward to next year It was also an privilege to meet so many hardcore JW fans, including ET&Elliot4Ever and, fellowing Ottawa resident, FoxFan! I returned home with the exact memories I had hoped I'd gain from the trip. I'll be uploading a few pics VERY soon from the small hangout after the show. Bless you all. Chat soon
  9. Has the group photo from the meetup been posted yet? I'd love a copy of that great memory!
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