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  1. Angela's Ashes, Titanic and Alien are correct. Clues: 1 and 5 have the same primary Actor. 2 and 3 the same Director. 6 has no dialogue.
  2. Making demoes is not professional composing, it's fishing. IMO, your music is not very impressive.
  3. Neither. Williams is a far beyond grown-up man now, why should he dwell in adolescent immaturity forever?
  4. Not Brokeback Mountain, what an overrated pile of crap. Crash should win.
  5. One of, if not the largest orchestra was supposedly Back to the Future, according to the DVD extras, may be invalid info now.. Most complex, I would say Corigliano's Altered States
  6. Timeaftertimes' ego is getting bigger from this thread, that's for sure. But he will be forgotten tommorow and go back to the tiny speck that he is. Williams ego will continue to grow into a giant fireball of relentless brilliance.
  7. I wasn't aware that I had to divulge my name, rank and file to be taken seriously in this forum. I guess keeping to yourself is perceived as deception and lying to some people. My apologies for keeping to myself. You are seeing a whole team of psychiatrists, aren't you.... Cut the lying mate, you have already been exposed by Erik Woods, who actually has total credibility here as a Giacchino source.
  8. Well, it was more of an anti-sex scene. Really unclimactic, if you know what I mean. Very funny movie nevertheless. And Bolero is by far the most interesting piece Ravel ever penned. The rest of his stuff is drivel.
  9. Exactly. Rock n' Roll ain't noise pollution
  10. Scarface is the ultimate De Palma film. you would also do well to see Casualties of War Snake Eyes
  11. King mark is so right on the freakin money, it hurts. Williams will never win another Oscar, Let the dream die....
  12. Yeah, I'm pretty sure king mark has got this one in the bag...why even try and compete?
  13. Ditto. As for this Jan A.P. Kaczmarek jerk, he hasn't been nearly bashed enough around here, that's for sure. Finding Neverland was at best a mediocre film, but that score sounded like someone improvising the worst kind of new-age crap. Awful, truly awful. Kaczmarek, you suck. "my wife is responsible for many good notes I have written" he babbled in his Oscar speech. What a blowhard.
  14. tommyjohnson, you are the low point of this forum for me, you just don't seem to know when to shut-up. I would suspect you have A.D.D or something similar. You just go on and on, making the most idiotic comments and follow them up with something even more stupid. It's fucking irritating, to say the least.
  15. You have to bear in mind, the studio can't tolerate any monkey business. The executives will be working their thumbs to the bone, it's all about the evolution of the film, a lunch-break is probably nothing than more than wolfing down a quick banana, then back to it, before something better looms on the horizon and the competitive chimpanzee mentality takes a hold.
  16. Hopkins, there are other ways to have your music performed and recorded by an orchestra, and it won't cost you a dime. Ever heard of composition contests? They are happening all over the world, all the time. If you have to pay an orchestra to play your music, it probably isn't worth that much. Just saying.
  17. It's not bad considering he had no time to monkey around. He probably ended up aping parts of his previous scores, but sometimes you have to use guerilla tactics to get the job done.
  18. Please elaborate. Not talking about positivism? I can't elaborate without breaking rule 4.
  19. Good question...intelligent (bonus points for who can place that quote) See here
  20. david blumberg pushing his crap again?
  21. The books themselves are a severely watered-down and markedly less fantastic reality than the true reality which you exist in. Your statement is irrelevant. In addition, they are not literature, they are fluff. People who love reading, don't read Potter.
  22. Groundhog Day - funny and spiritually profound, a unique film
  23. That's really just an indirect way of saying, you buy into the preposterous post-modernist notion that everything can be explained through science. Demon possession can't be scary, because it doesn't actually exist, right? Spirits don't exist, etc etc.. In time you may discover otherwise.
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