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  1. 1 minute ago, Chen G. said:


    But he wasn't. He wasn't the director on either of the two sequels, and he had at least one more writer besides him shaping the story.


    But he was still there overseeing it all. 


    You can watch both his trilogies separately thinking "okay that was one story that made sense." But with the sequel trilogy, it is obviously invented day by day by people who have no idea where they're going, and thus end up seriously contradicting themselves. 


    1 minute ago, Chen G. said:


    It wasn't a "clear story that carries over" because Lucas was structuring each episode as he came around to making it. There was little to no forethought put into the trilogy as a whole: they are three individual films.


    Its great that Lucas was involved in the writing of all three films, but its hardly his singular vision. It could never be, with two people other than himself directing the two sequels, and at least one other writer (Lawrence Kasdan) being very prominent in shaping the story.



    I was referring to the fact that Lucas was behind it all. Overseeing the vision. Of course he didn't plan it all out, but he did end up making two trilogies that had stories that made sense over 3 films. They didn't seem utterly separate and lacking any coherence.

  3. True, ANH was a singular story. And Empire and Jedi were kind of Part 1 and 2 of a singular story. But most importantly it was one man's overall vision, with a clear story that carries over, and has great attention to character. Even the prequels were one man's vision with a clear story of Anakins fall. The sequel trilogy has no single persons vision, no consistent characters and no story that could possibly coherently carry over 3 films. 

  4. 1 minute ago, Chen G. said:

    Even if it wasn't fragmented; even if it was one filmmaker's vision through-and-through, even if they shot all three films in one go, LOTR-style; even if they were all fantastic films - none of it would change the fact that the Star Wars series ended with Return of the Jedi.


    The whole concept of a sequel trilogy (the one that we got or otherwise) is inherently flawed.




    Of course. I'm not arguing against that.


    But considering it does exist, I am arguing against their decision making and overall poor product.

  5. 7 minutes ago, Chen G. said:

    No, its an attempt to justify a trilogy that never should have been made, regardless of how it was made.


    What I said is essentially the same - 


    "Palpatine is simply a lazy attempt to salvage this dreadfully fragmented trilogy."








    I say it's a lazy attempt to salvage the trilogy (which is impossible)


    You say it's an attempt to justify the trilogy.


    Salvage and justify have the same suggestive meaning for my overall point.

  6. 16 minutes ago, Chen G. said:

    We'll have to watch the film to see if the reappearane of the old guard is meant to pander to fans or not. 


    Seriously? The entire Disney Star Wars era has been just one big "member Star Wars? I member! Member Han Solo? I member!" Etc etc.


    Let's not kid ourselves. Kathleen Kennedy and the 'story group' immediately decided to bring every single OT thing back so the fans would be fooled by nostalgia and give them money.


    No one with a shred of intelligence believes Lando or the Emperor are being brought back for 'story' reasons, and not simply because of a lack of ideas and a reliance on nostalgia dollars.

  7. Just wondering, does anyone actually believe this story was planned? Surely you don't think this trilogy had a purpose or a structure of storytelling...


    TFA was a remake of ANH to give people a reintroduction into Star Wars again and to create a basic foundation to build on.


    TLJ was one man's literal first draft ignoring all of TFA and inventing all new story ideas.


    TROS is a desperate course correction of bringing back every dead and forgotten OT character in order to make people forget how poorly written and uninteresting this Disney Star Wars era is, by simply giving us another round of "look, it's Palpatine! Look, it's Lando!"


    "Like this film please! Now eat this corporate slop and give us billions of dollars, you weirdos."

  8. 21 hours ago, karelm said:

    Report back please.  I'm also curious if the instrumentation is kept the same or if it was expanded. 


    He did a rather interesting thing, by having the orchestra set up exactly like they are in recording sessions. They even had normal clothes on, not suits and dresses, like they were on a scoring stage.


    There were 5 percussionists, ranging from drums, anvil etc. 4 trombones, 4 double bass, 6 cello, 25 violins, a piano, harp and keyboard. 


    They performed many themes. Richard's, The Others (Ben), Life and Death, Oceanic 6, LAX, Moving On, Parting and gathering theme. Travelling theme, Desmond and Penny's theme. Mr. Eko. The opening piece from the first ever scene. Plus many more.

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