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  1. I’ve really been enjoying this since it arrived last week and I agree that the overall sound is even better than the 2016 release. I love the new Jim Titus packaging too, it really is stunning. The biggest surprise for me though is how much I've been enjoying the remastered OST on disc 2 which I bought on cassette in 1993 and later on CD but hadn't ever listened to since getting the 2016 release. ‘Incident at Isla Nublar’ in particular is such a great combination of three separate cues that creates one thrilling narrative; it works really well musically and I’m glad to have it in such good quality. ‘Hatching Baby Raptor’, ‘My Friend, the Brachiosaurus’, and ‘Eye to Eye’ also work really well. I understand some people’s problems with the OST sequencing but I think the actual cue combinations work brilliantly.
  2. So are Journey to the Island and Dennis Steals The Embryo on the 2016 version essentially the same as the album versions of them on this release?
  3. Does anyone know if these downloads are the new 2021 master?: https://uk.7digital.com/artist/jerry-goldsmith/release/rio-conchos-original-motion-picture-score-re-recording-remastered-16237534?f=20%2C19%2C12%2C16%2C17%2C9%2C2 and https://www.amazon.co.uk/music/player/albums/B09623JT7X?ref=sr_1_9&s=dmusic&keywords=rio+conchos+goldsmith&crid=JB01ZAH7VQ29&sprefix=rio+conchos+goldsmith%2Cdigital-music%2C53&qid=1655724653&sr=1-9 Both show the 2013 artwork but since it was released on May 4th 2021 I think it may be the most recent master? I already have the 1989 CD so just want to make sure I'm getting the most up to date master when I download it, any help appreciated!
  4. New interview with Gramophone about the piece: https://www.gramophone.co.uk/podcasts/article/john-williams-on-writing-a-new-violin-concerto-for-anne-sophie-mutter?fbclid=IwAR0vTg9iToZwUzQ_oY1uNkMdi_aHCUY7pBO39QyJ2-wBoSaXjUka5hAD364
  5. This was posted by Frank Vincent at FSM in the Custom Cover Art thread last weeks. I like this one posted there by Raferjanders a couple of years ago: Has anyone got a better scan of this alternate cover of the original Varese?:
  6. ‘Elegy for Cello and Orchestra’ is an adaption of material from the ‘Regaining a Son’ track from ‘Seven Years in Tibet’. It’s one of my very favourite JW concert pieces.
  7. What section of ‘Scarif Antenna Alignment’ do I need to add to the start of the alternate to make it the full cue?
  8. Coincidentally I also caught up on this episode yesterday, a wonderful conversation!
  9. I just listened to this again on the Dudamel Blu-ray, it's a terrific piece. I'm sure a release would be mentioned here if there was one but I just wanted to double check i hadn't missed a CD or download audio only release of the piece?
  10. Really enjoying this release. Both the Film version and Alternate version of 'The Rescue' are credited to John Frizzell and James Newton Howard while the album version is credited to John Frizzell only. I'm assuming this is an error and all three should be attributed to both Frizzell and Howard?
  11. Is there a way to do this in iTunes? I know I can just rip the section I want to get 'Dinner with Gem' from track 14 but is there any way to rip across the two tracks to get all of 'Never Quaver' in one go? Is there any indication as to where the three extra tracks recorded at the OST sessions where meant to go in the album playlist? Or where they just recorded as alternate options?
  12. Yep, mine arrived with me this morning here in the UK, very impressive!
  13. I've always loved this recording of 'Close Encounters' but my copy has a glitch at 15:33. I've always wondered if this is just my copy, a glitch on the version I have (https://www.discogs.com/John-Williams-4-Charles-Gerhardt-National-Philharmonic-Orchestra-Close-Encounters-Of-The-Third-Kind-/release/13204301) or an issue inherent to the recording. Any help most appreciated!
  14. I've tried the above out and it doesn't work as all of the alternates feature slate numbers and stage chatter. I'm really not a fan of presenting alternates this way as it robs you of the ability to listen to them on purely musical terms. I do like this kind of thing when presented separately (as in the recent 'Along Came a Spider') or when used for context (the take numbers on the 1997 RCA Victor 'Star Wars' main title archive) but I much prefer alternate music to be presented clean.
  15. Hi Yavar, I was wondering if you had a playlist for creating the score as originally intended? This just arrived in the post with 'Along Came a Spider' and I have to admit I'm going a bit crosseyed trying to figure it all out from the back cover... This is what i've come up with: -'What's Up?', replace disc 1 track 2 with disc 2 track 1 -Replace disc 1 track 6 with disc 2 tracks 4-7 -Replace disc 1 track 18 with disc 2 tracks 10-12 -"The Launch", replace disc 1 track 19 with disc 2 track 13 Any help most appreciated!
  16. I checked his behance this morning, unfortunately it isn't posted there but there is a terrific in depth page on the set: https://www.behance.net/gallery/57863925/Welcome-(Back)-to-Jurassic-Park
  17. Does Anyone have a higher res album art for 'The Lost World' art from this set? The highest I can find is 600 X 600?: HQ covers has a pretty good rebuild (below) but there are some differences and I'd love a good quality version of Jim Titus' work.
  18. They are hoping to have it back in stock in May. https://www.filmscoremonthly.com/board/posts.cfm?threadID=142714&forumID=1&archive=0
  19. There have been some great ones posted at FSM in the last few years. Two complete sets by user Steffromuk https://www.flickr.com/photos/steffromuk/albums/72157664354542528/with/42727876390/ : And some by user raferjanders https://www.flickr.com/photos/171217949@N03/ :
  20. Yes, it's credited in the end credits along with the John Murphy piece. The 'Beautiful Lie' track from 'Batman V Superman' is not credited, I'm not sure if that is because it is already owned by Warner Bros or that it is already a Zimmer composition.
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