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  1. Hey guys, I've spent the past 2 hours trying to get music from Battlefront but no luck so far . Anyone else tried?
  2. That makes me very excited! How do they have the rights to the original LP's, i thought they only got the rights to the 1997 RCA ones and the OST's for prequels (not forgetting the TPM Ultimate Edition)?
  3. Does anybody know if this Blu Spec CD2 makes any difference to the quality? Because they are charging a lot on amazon for them.
  4. That ESB one is still disappointing, I imagine there will be something but not much . Disappointing ... how so? Just the quality and never got a proper release is why it disappoints me.
  5. That ESB one is still disappointing, I imagine there will be something but not much .
  6. Nope, I'm here too! We have a breeding pair! Haha!
  7. I'm such a nerd, I read your last line "Will be eyed with great interest" in Palpatine's Voice when Palpatine says to Anakin in Ep.1 - "We will watch your career with great interest"
  8. 1. iPod Classic (160GB) / iPhone 4 2. Shure 535 / Beyerdynamic DT880 3. Naim CD5i / Nait 5i / Bowers and Wilkins 685
  9. That disc four is the Musical Journey Blu Spec thing Sony Japan released already or is it the Musical Journey DVD?
  10. Lucasfilm keep everything, i'd be very surprised if they didn't have all the recordings.
  11. That means more work to do. Yes, more work but my point was that they could sell 12-disc box sets for the production cost of only three new discs worth of music and some new packaging, and this would appeal to every one who already owns Star Wars music. Put out the box set, then further down the road release the individual movie scores as 2 disc sets. A Star Wars license is a license to print money. Something that exists from the OT era that Star Wars fans do not have is a profit waiting to happen. I honestly thought we'd have expanded prequel scores by now. Home Alone 2 has more releases than the prequels. I'm also shocked we don't have anything, I mean its Star Wars, Its guaranteed to make money!
  12. I'd pay a good amount of money for it. Been dreaming about a box like this for many years.
  13. It's always the Imperial March that gets sacrificed in the concerts i've attended.
  14. I can imagine us getting a 2 disc set like the Star Wars Anthology Disc Four with the extra music on from the 3 films that were missing from the special edition OST's. I can't see them doing complete recording sets like Lord of the Rings, although that would make me very very happy if they did.
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