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  1. Received my copy of Live Edition today. :wub: I have the Blu-ray/CD combo and last year's regular digipak CD but I still love this one since it helps me in reliving that unforgettable day - no need to turn on the TV and the blu-ray player, I just put my headphones on, be it home or on the go, and listen to this baby :lol:


    Surely this has been discussed before but I can't find where and when exactly - does anyone know if they took most of these CDs (and Blu-ray) performances from Saturday's or from Sunday's concert? (I was there on Saturday only.) Probably they also combined both where it was feasible and we all know that some endings of individual pieces were being recorded in the hall after the audience had departed but I still wonder whether there's any "official" - reliable information about that?

  2. On 1/28/2021 at 6:15 PM, chrissiddall said:

    Anyone here received theirs yet? I'm seeing that a few have arrived today. 


    Received mine yesterday after almost three months' wait - and Friday is one mighty fine day to receive such fine merchandise! :D


    For anyone interested, here's my short first impressions "review": the score arrived perfectly packaged and protected. The book itself looks wonderful; engraving and printing are first-class. Since UK has left the EU, I had to pay import costs and Slovenian VAT, all of which raised the complete price of this score to almost 100 EUR, making it one of the more expensive scores I own - BUT I daresay it has been worth every cent since I'll now be able to finally enjoy studying full score of one of my all-time favorite soundtracks for many happy years to come! :music: :lol: 


    I haven't yet had much time to spend with the score itself but in the coming days and weeks, I will definitely go through the whole thing (while listening to VS's Deluxe Edition ofc) very diligently and thoroughly and I'll report any comments I might have in this topic. So far, I've only noticed that - compared to the LSO recording - one or two slight rallentandi and fermatae could be absent from 1M1 Main Title, but that might well have been just because Horner's conducting/interpretation during recording sessions and it would be understandable that he (or McRitchie) didn't write every last little tempo change in the score and/or parts. (It also gives one the joy of being able to scribble and add his own marks and comments in the printed score itself.)


    There is one difference though, at least from my (and my ears') point of view (still speaking of 1M1): according to the recording, the 2 × 2 tam-tams and sizzle cymbal/large suspended cymbal tremolos begin on the second beat of measure 11 (together with brass playing Horner's "alien chord") and not on the third beat of measure 10 (together with field drum motif) as printed. BUT that might have also been just a decision made only at the Abbey Road at the time of recording this cue back in April 1986.


    All in all, I wish to offer both thanks and congrats to Chris for undertaking this doubtlessly difficult project and bringing out this amazing score to all Horner/Alien/film music fans and musicians around the world. I'm already very much looking forward to the next one, whichever it may be!

  3. 14 hours ago, Bespin said:

    I often judge a pianist by his rendition of the Moonlight Sonata 2nd movement.


    Too quick or too slow and that's a fail...


    I must say that I find this approach to determine whether you like a pianist or not a bit funny - you make your decision based exclusively on two minutes of music by a single composer - or did you actually mean the most famous 1st movement? In my own 25 years as a musician, I learned that broadly speaking, at the end of the day there's no such thing as "too quick" or "too slow" in the music (excluding those most obvious, notorious and greatly exaggerated deviations), there's only different interpretations - and all of them may be fascinating for one reason or another. One of the most famous examples are definitely Glenn Gould's two recordings of Goldberg Variations made almost three decades apart, one extremely fast and youthfully impatient while the other is slow, thoughtful and plodding - just as probably his own personal character and/or interpretational point of view changed over those decades. I own, love and listen to both recordings (although I do prefer the slower one) - my choice of one or the other can depend on my mood, feelings, weather ... :lol: Williams also conducts his pieces in different tempi!

  4. Been a fan of the series ever since probably around 1990 when I saw my first F13 film. Jason gave me quite a few nightmares back then and I remember repeatedly checking before going to bed whether somebody was lurking under my bed after seeing Kevin Bacon's demise in the first one :biglaugh: I'm even a proud owner of the 3D poster of the first one! :lol: My favorite movies are no. 1 and no. 6 but I love the music even more than I do the films which is why I was EXTREMELY happy back in 2012 when I managed to be fast enough with my order to obtain a copy of LLL's box. Even after all these years, I listen to the 1 and 6 soundtracks at least once every two weeks or so.

  5. On 11/17/2020 at 7:39 AM, Bayesian said:

    I'm happy I came across your post; I didn't realize he recorded a complete set! I just added it to my Amazon list as a reminder to buy it soon. 


    Have you listened to any of it? What are your thoughts??


    So far, I've only had the time to listen to a few most obvious ones (Moonlight, Appassionata, Pathétique, Waldstein), but I've been very happy with what I've heard so far. Been Say's fan for 15+ years, already heard him live many times and has not yet disappointed me.

  6. It's been a while since I last posted in this thread so here are my latest acquisitions:


    - Fazil Say - complete Beethoven piano sonatas

    - Alive (Intrada)

    - Legends of the Fall (Intrada)

    - The River (Intrada)

    - Far and Away (LLL)

    - JW & ASM - Across the Stars Deluxe Edition

    - John Williams Live In Vienna (two editions: CD + blu-ray and CD only/digipak)

    - Beethoven - Missa solemnis (Harnoncourt & Concentus Musicus Wien)

    - The Thing (Quartet)

    - War of the Worlds (LLL)

    - Friday the 13th Part VII (LLL)

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