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  1. Yeah, I adore that guy. He's also already been to Slovenia a couple of times and I've had the luck to have several of my de Meij CDs signed, as well as my LotR symphony study score autographed. I've quite a few of his CDs (many different performances of LotR symphony and more) and I've also already had the luck of playing his music with a symphonic winds I'm a member of. He's a fantastic composer and a very nice and friendly person. But I'd also like to point out another great composer, Jan Van der Roost. He's from Belgium and we've played (with symph. winds) his Sinfonietta, suito-sketches for symphonic band (incredibly difficult, but also incredibly beautiful piece) and Spartacus, symphonic tone poem. Wonderful, wonderful music, so check him out. Maglorfin & Jan Van der Roost at a concert band competition in Krsko, Slovenia in 2006. P. S.: Saxbabe, nice pic of you & Johan!
  2. Right you are. Look Down, Lord (Reprise and Finale) is magnificent.
  3. I'm pretty much sure we all like all, but some (in not all) of us like some decades a wee bit more that the others.
  4. And now we can start the countdown to the beginning of November, when the new batch will be announced.
  5. Speaking of JW's underrated work(s), how about Rosewood or Angela's Ashes?
  6. I suppose it may sound funny, but I find the solo french horn opening of the Jurassic Park Main Theme really beautiful. Of course, there are all those other solos that many people already mentioned, but those four notes are just pure beauty. Somehow, it always reminds me of Holst's Venus, the Bringer of Peace opening. Also four notes there, both are rising phrases and in both, the flutes and the harp continue after the solo horn ... Perhaps Williams got an inspiration from there?
  7. A fantastic description, I could't have written a better one myself. It all comes from being "professionally deformed" as a musician. Of course, there's also a percentage of spatiality present, but a lion's share of my listening is definitely analitical, even with a printed score, if available.
  8. Would we really? I mean, the new VS Soundtrack Club releases are always kinda "top secret", I've never seen any leaks of information as to which titles would be released or indeed never even heard any rumours. I guess they must be working pretty hard at VS to keep it all a secret until they actually post the new batch on their page. But, of course, that's only the impression that I got and I can easily be mistaken.
  9. Ordered Waxman, North and Conti. Was also hoping for a new Williams. Eventually, gotta also order Goldsmith, as well as some other older, but still available Club titles. P. S.: True, CD prices at Colossem are much higher than at VS, but there's a "minor" advantage to the Colosseum shop: you can still buy e. g. Alfi Kabiljo's Sky Bandits from them, although it's been sold out at VS only a day or two after its release (as it usually happens with 1000 copies limited editions - Waxman and North from the latest batch are of course already sold out at VS, but are still available at Colosseum). The same goes for many other CDs. So if you really badly want that particular soundtrack, you'll probably be able to buy them for a few dollars more.
  10. What's Eating Gilbert Grape. Really lovely film, really strong performances, particularly by DiCaprio, of course.
  11. The late 70's and early 80's rule, shit or no shit. (BTW, I'm brand new here, so hello to all and greetings from Slovenia, in case anybody knows where this is. )
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