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  1. Great, thanks very much for that! I already looked at all the pics and am now positively drooling ... Man, it looks so awesome! I also just checked out my order status at SAE and it says "shipped, February 28th", which means it'll probably arrive sometime between March 8th and 12th ...
  2. LOL I'm the next in line! What the hell is on that Streisand album anyway?!
  3. LOL I can't hold back roaring with laughter only imagining you painstaikingly doing that ... Man, do I envy all you guys who have already received your treasures ... Living in Slovenia does have some disadvantages after all ... Well, I have some futile hope that it might arrive tomorrow, Wednesday seems like such a great day for great boxsets to arrive ... Anyone wanna post some more pics for us miserable waiting people?
  4. For me personally, Hisaishi's symphonic poem Nausicäa (from the anime Nausicäa of the Valley of the Wind) is one of the greatest symphonic compositions of all time. Its magnificence and sheer beauty are far beyond words. You have to check it out!
  5. Yeah, I think that by returning to his action roots such as Predator, he'd sometimes succeed better than he does. Because Predator is one of the greatest action scores of all times (for me, that is).
  6. Exactly. And AzOutcast also expressed my own opinion by saying: I have many fond memories of that score, also immediately hearing in the cinema what a great score it is back in 1996, and listen to it to this day on regular basis.
  7. That makes two of us, if there's any consolation in that.
  8. Cliffhanger. Planning Jurassic Park for this evening and Sweeney Todd for this week.
  9. What a coincidence, I'm listening to L'apprenti sorcier at this very moment. I remember back in 2001 when I heard HWW for the first time (before I saw the movie) it immediately sprang to my mind that Williams hadn't done anything that good since the 1970s ... Man, I really hope he does The Deathly Hallows, I'm so curious what he would do with , , and everything else ...
  10. Hm, surely it was Schoenberg whose music practically defined atonality, though quite some more composers wrote in that direction, amongst them Prokofiev and Scriabin. Concerning soundtracks, I guess e. g. CE3K (most of it, at least) would pretty much qualify.
  11. Do you mean HA2 or CoS? 'Cause I don't remember William Ross ever being mentioned as JW's collaborator on HA2 ...
  12. I've got the Ryko (1999) Deluxe Edition, and it has a track named The Young Siegfrieds (track 21, the 2nd track of Walton's score on the CD), which, as I can see, is the same on 2004 Varese Sarabande edition.
  13. Received that couple of days ago, now waiting for SAE and VS Club stuff.
  14. Yes, quite possible, though he obviously had some work with the new orchestrations etc.
  15. And Bernstein is down to fewer than 250.
  16. Sure, thanks. I'm a huge DT (and Symphony X) fan. However, I'm not a member of DT forums, I'd probably have to quit my job to be able to take part in discussions there on a frequent basis ... Back on topic, hasn't Williams also done some great takes on traditional Christmas carols in Home Alone?
  17. But of course, don't know why I didn't think of that before.
  18. It can't be denied that Silvestri has done some great stuff in the past, my favourites being (in no particular order) Predator, Forrest Gump, BttF, The Abyss and Who Framed Roger Rabbit?. I also have some expectations from him in the future, although it also seems to me that his work has somewhat diminished in these last years.
  19. Me too, mine also shipped yesterday (Saturday), yaaay! I expect to receive it in 10-14 days, if all goes well.
  20. Yessiree. It's great, sometimes I wish he'd do that more often ...
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