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  1. Well..a good part of it is done with sheet music I won't lie If not I do it completely by ear when it's not that complex( like Angela's ashes or Addam's Summation) Otherwise I transcribe ( Indy II's Slalom on Mt. Humol ) But for most of it I have scores or sketches which me make it a little bit easier I'm kind of a semi-professional in fact, orchestras call me when they need a horn. But playing, arranging, recording or experimenting at home is much more my thing I guess ! Glad my work motivated you ! If anyone's interested I've uploaded some of my other horn tributes on myspace, the crazy
  2. Took me quite some time to finish it but here it is...JW Horn Tribute - Part III ! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Y3RB7FPC
  3. Thanks ! That one wasn't easy to pull off, specially the fast violin and M. Romeo parts (weren't really thought of to be played by horns ) I don't have any plans for other SX stuff right now, but I do have a big DT medley that's been in the works for like a year now..! No idea when it'll be done really..I'll keep you informed !
  4. Not really JW related but ..here's a arrangement of Symphony X's Odyssey I had made and recorded last year. I know there's a few prog metal fans around here who must be familiar with that piece ! Same deal, 12 horns http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?9vjzxydzwyp ( Oh and Part III's in the making ! )
  5. Thanks for the kind words guys ! I'm just a mere executant there, all credits to AI ;-)
  6. Beautiful episode..( except that I got the flashback-flashforward thingy right from the beginning so no "wth" for me this time )
  7. French horn and drums ( metal influenced, mostly prog stuff ala Portnoy ) Wish I could play the piano, I'd love to be able to play some Chopin or Liszt concerto..those you need like 15 years to master..
  8. Some great suggestions here In fact I had already thought of some of those for part II, like the Cowboys opening which screams for a horn version Keep'em coming ! And yes they're really fun to make but sooo time-consuming !
  9. Complete Temple of Doom wow, that should be a fairly easy task But hey I was thinking maybe for Part III, if part III there is , maybe you guys could each choose one or two particular cues you like and I could then dig into the list to build the new medley..I'm not sure how that would turn out but hey, could be cool
  10. Indeed they are ! or is it quadruplet (I just copy pasted without thinking about it )
  11. Well..you got them all right ! I only have to add Dracula - Dracula's Death ( Man those Idols' Temple rapid-fire triplets were tough ! )
  12. Hi and thanks ! I'm 23, been playing the horn since I was 8. Part 1 hasn't been performed cause I still need to transcribe it down entirely..! Part 2 turned out to be trickier to put together. Like the first one I wanted the whole thing to feel seamless and had to work on the transitions a lot ! But it's fun to do, I like it And yes, my goal really isn't to make a medley of obvious JW themes, I prefer digging out more obscure cues.. So did you guys recognize everything ?
  13. Part II is on top of this page ( and I just edited the very first post ) The second theme is Sayuri's Theme from memoirs of a Geisha. And right before the Throne Room is Raiders' Desert Chase ! You can get the full list there
  14. Here it is, Horn Tribute part II ! I played with the stereo this time so...headphones recommanded ! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=K21DVI1U
  15. For those who couldn't get megaupload to work, a direct link's now available here thanks to Markus Hable ! (btw, a new medley has been in the works for a few weeks now:) )
  16. Great work ! Some definite JW influence in there ! It was just a bit inconsistent at times. I agree the last minute is the best part !
  17. Thanks again ! Chris.Tilton> Funny you should mention this cause I thought about doing it for a few parts, specially the very beginning ( putting the Geisha theme to the left and the Hedwig's Theme to the right for example ) Don't remember why I didn't end up doing it..but I'll keep it in mind for a next one
  18. Thanks ! Didn't know that website ! Maglorfin> nice avatar you got here SFAM or the album that changed my life 8 years ago !
  19. Thanks to you all ! Indeed it wasn't easy..It took me almost 2 months, working on it everytime I could ( when my neighbour wouldn't give me a call saying the "saxophone" was too loud.... :cool:) Bowie> I in fact used all kinds of sheet musics and scores I could find..or nothing ! Sometimes I just had a vague piano transcription which would just give me the melody and the bass. I recorded that first and then filled the other parts but just by ear, kind of improvising in fact ( this could explain some harmonic inaccuracies I guess For some of them ( Jurassic Park, E.T., Battle of the her
  20. I had it uploaded there as well http://www.mediafire.com/?diov0x2crb4 Hope it'll work !
  21. Thanks guys ! Glad you enjoyed it ! joey225> I'm gonna disappoint you..I don't have anything written down as I kind of created it while recording,segment by segment. Also for some parts I didn't have any sheet music to base me on and had to do it by ear, listening carefully to every instrument,memorizing and directly recording right after...Sorry ! red_rabbit> here's the full list Jurassic Park (+ Geisha, Potter, E.T. ) The Terminal - Viktor's Tale Empire of the sun E.T. ( French horn solo from The Departure ) Amistad SWII Across the Stars Images little snippet from In Search of Uni
  22. The French Horn Tribute to John Williams is a project I've been working on over the last 3 years. As of now it is composed of 5 parts and covers 1 hour of JW material. It contains themes and cues from 37 different JW scores, some very famous as well as some very obscure ones. I've arranged it for 12 horns which I recorded myself, multi-tracking and then mixing the whole thing. Part I and V are available as video, Part II, III and IV as audio only To hear/watch it and see complete tracklists => http://www.marcpapeg...om/johnwilliams I've also created several other tributes. Am
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