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  1. I despise tapatalk but still use it for my forums. It's not easy though.
  2. Well other than Elmo I don't get to see many movies. The last one I got to was the notebook an other than the few parts that were predictable and cliche, I sobbed and sobbed afterwards. Lol
  3. I'm super excited to attend! This time with no pumps in tow!!!!! Lol
  4. Only if there's a side room for taking care of naughties. Like Mr. Lee
  5. HEAR HEAR At least have some eye candy for the men up there in the ranks.
  6. Lol. Maybe I'll have to press the button. I hate getting bogged down and missing innuendo
  7. I'm here. I read. There are just a lot of threads to wade through.
  8. It looks great Stefan. I like your lines better than Mine.
  9. I can't wait to contribute to this discussion. But I refuse to do it ok my mobile.
  10. Ren


    I was wondering the same
  11. i despise them using the sustained strings for the breaking of the fellowship in this hobbit movie. BAH
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