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  1. That's not Smaug's Theme, that's the Mirkwood theme.Don't forget the main posts of this thread list all the theme appearances! Jason, I don't see the "Mirkwood Theme" or any other as being listed at that moment in your (impressive) analysis, which is why I posted. I still think it sounds more like Smaug's Theme. If you're right the question becomes, why are they so similiar? MirkwoodDOS 1-04 1:02-1:18 DOS 1-05 0:24-0:36 DOS 1-05 1:12-1:37 DOS 1-05 1:46-2:23 DOS 1-05 2:45-3:01 DOS 1-05 3:10-3:16 DOS 1-05 3:31-3:38 DOS 1-05 3:58-4:13 DOS 1-06 0:10-0:26 (First 2 notes repeated) DOS 1-07 0:11-0:15 DOS 1-07 2:07-2:20 DOS 1-06 Flies and Spiders0:10-0:26 Mirkwood (First 2 notes repeated) 1:28-1:32 Erebor 1:53-1:59 Mirkwood Spiders Theme 6:43-7:08 The History of the Ring 7:32-7:41 The Woodland Realm (Legolas Variation) 7:51-8:05 Tauriel’s Theme 8:37-8:55 Thorin's Pride
  2. There's a big statement of Smaug's Theme at 2:20-2:27 of "Flies and Spiders" that I haven't seen any discussion of. Is anyone else hearing it? I can't recall there being a thematic significance for it during that part of the movie.
  3. It's a longshot, but did you ever play the ESB video game for super nintendo? One of the levels where you fly a snowspeeder against the walkers uses that music (in midi). Your post reminded me of that, because I was also somehow familiar with those piano crashes before I bought that soundtrack.
  4. 1. Empire Strikes Back 2. Return of the Jedi 3. AI 4. Saving Private Ryan 5. A New Hope 6. Attack of the Clones 7. Superman 8. The Last Crusade 9. Nixon 10. The Patriot
  5. That George Lucas, Ben Burt, and Rick McCallum are no longer involved in it! Ok seriously, I just want some kick ass Emperor's Theme.
  6. Oh yeah, I got Goldenthal. It's true too. His music is always genius. You just have to like dissonance and polish avante garde.
  7. Sometimes opinions can change. I wasn't a big fan of the Matrix or its score when I first saw it. Same with Lord of the Rings. I watched the special edition a few days ago though and I liked it much better the second time. The score works incredibly with the visuals in Lord of the Rings. I only wish the makers of Star Wars cared enough to give the score equal treatment as the LOTR special edition. I didn't hear a single edit anywhere in the movie. So basically, what I'm trying to say is that I too was once not a fan of the movie/score but that changed.
  8. I have the Charles Dutoit version of it with the Montreal Symphony and it's fantastic. I believe this is also Marian's favorite version as well. http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00...1138838-9708865
  9. I'm waiting until the cd comes out before listenning. I just like doing it that way better. You're right though, the experience of watching AI without having heard the music before made the whole thing a thousand times more enjoyable. Then again, sometimes it's better to hear the music first because then you get so much more involved in the scene because you are familiar with the music.
  10. I love both past and present works of Williams. I thought AOTC was a great score. Some of my favorite works by him were produced in the past few years: Saving Private Ryan, the Patriot, AI, and AOTC. Then of course I love Starwars, Indiana Jones, and Superman too. Some people just have different tastes I guess.
  11. I still think that one of the infamous electric guitar solos is playing the first three or four notes of Vader's Theme. I believe it's during the instrument's second appearance. Go back and listen for yourself!
  12. Attack of the Clones followed closely by Spiderman I'm looking forward to what the fall brings: Red Dragon, Die Another Day, Harry Potter2, Star Trek Nemesis, and probably something I'm forgetting.
  13. The three note motif shows up in Taxi Driver too, my favorite Herrmann score. I believe it was originally written for Herrmann's Moby Dick cantata. Herrmann liked to reuse a lot of his ideas, which I don't fault him. At least it's usually different in some way. A lot of times, it's hard to even catch his self quoting.
  14. I chose AI. My second favorite score of the year was Final Fantasy by Elliot Goldenthal. IT should have been nominated along with most of the others.
  15. Yeah, I think it's way too vague a statement to make a conclusion from. It's terrible if it's true. I'd hope that Williams would have at least have composed something to an animatic. He's done it before on other movies.
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