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  1. I'm glad to finally be able to hear this entire score. I'm wondering, though, why the instrumental version of "If We Hold on Together" was not included? There was definitely enough room on the disc. It was released on a single (strangely) in Japan. (Photos by me.)
  2. I am having difficulty identifying the sources of several jingles from three computer games by New World Computing (Macintosh versions only). I uploaded them all here: https://www.watzatsong.com/en/profile/xeenmusic I normally would not post a video game request here, but most (if not all) of the music was NOT composed for this game but tracked from official albums, usually classical but also soundtrack (such as from Willow). Though it is possible that some were composed directly for it (as is the case with the Introduction Theme for MM1 and MM2 (not included here). These game
  3. I don't think any of them are OST titles. The cue titles usually are stored together in a single sequence. If something is an OST title, usually the OST track names are uploaded to the database at completely different times and therefore the cue listings would be located different. But how strange things are incorporated there, you never know. Also, I am surprised how many cues there are: 9M85INS means there is likely at least 85 cues. But, if you remove the untitled alternate cues, there are about 90 cue names left. So I do not see any reason why those titles woul
  4. One note -- that list is not complete. There were about 5 titles (accidentally?) missing from the GEMA site. Admiral Holdo After the Big Explosion Ahch-To Island Big Fights The Cave Scene Codebreaker... Thief Come Closer, Child The Connection Crashing the Party The Emperor's Theme Encounter Before the Dream End Credit Pt. 2 End Credit Pt. 3 Rev End Credit Pt. 4 Fathiers Fathiers Charge! The Fathiers Fighter Down Fighting Together Finale Finale Pt. 1 Finn Fights Phasma Finn, Rose and Hux Finn's Attempted Sacrifice Follow Him Fun wi
  5. What is the bagpipe source track? That cue which was present when they were firing arrows at the Battle of Stirling? Andy
  6. They probably just had one long source music track and used fragments from it in various portions. But since the so-called Ultimate Edition only had the film stems, then they would have used the portions of that source track which appeared in the scenes in the film. To my ears, it sounded the same but with the extra woodwinds.
  7. Regarding employees -- I would suggest something. Find a Star Wars game with unreleased prequel music... Then track down the individual responsible for the music on facebook, another homepage, etc. and ask them if they had any. If you think this is futile, it is not. I wanted to track down as much information a series of videogames for my website at one time so that it could contain as much information about the world as possible. I went through EVERY single person in the credits to each game and tracked down each one individually (if possible) and asked them if they had anything left over fro
  8. Cue titles gradually seem to appear at BMI website. (Many more are there for all prequel movies than before.) BMI states that 4M1 is called "Start Your Engine" It is right about all the other cues, so I would assume it is right about this one. #4942472 The Race Begins #4942473 Start Your Engine #4942474 Anakin Defeats Sebulba Also, for later cue listings... (? means that the entry is currently missing from BMI) 4942486 The Gungans 4942487 Promoting Jar Jar 4942488 ? 4942489 ? 4942490 Take to Your Ships 4942491 ? 4942492 ?
  9. Thanks for the note on 5M7. For some reason I had accidentally removed it from my cue list (or never added it). I think that list for the Episode 1 is mostly correct though. But now that you mention that, I am wondering if any of the cue titles had been duplicated on the OST, if they simply extended them for that BMI list, not realizing that they were different tracks or something. As in, "The Arrival at Tatooine" was the original cue list, but when the OST came out, instead of creating a new entry, they simply tagged on "The Arrival at Tatooine and the Flag Parade". Otherwise, that list is de
  10. I checked out: http://repertoire.bmi.com/ While it only lists cue titles which are copyrighted (does not seen to list most generic titles), it does give us a better idea of what the Star Wars Episode 1 cue list looks like (at least the number of cues for most of it, and does give some confirmation to some cue titles) Also, as least for Episode II, it does give some of the official track names to some of the TRACKED music cues. Showing that these were considered to be official tracks and were, at some point, given official titles. It also gives the official cue name for Episode III 6M5 as "Duel
  11. From going through the cue lists... it seems that generic titles are not usually saved (I wonder if they are not allowed to be copyrighted???). But it seems that almost every title is either a title involving the name of a character or a line of dialogue directly from the movie.
  12. I still think the dragon in Dragonheart is one of the best one CGI creatures. I am actually really surprised that not much compares to it even today. I would have thought the CGI would have leapt much further in bounds.
  13. Don't forget the source: 2M2 La Gaviotas (The Seagulls) The Madacy Mariachi Band The Best of Mexico - 20 Great Favorites (NOTE: As both tracks appear on the same cd, the credits accidentally gave credit to "Que Milagros Chaparita" -- I believe that Goodmusician was the one who figured this out if I am not mistaken)
  14. Not sure the exact source, but there are lots of deleted elements in the 'Shooting Script'. I also recall seeing an early animatronic for that scene, which I think was included in one of the documentaries.
  15. Personally, I hope they include tracked music into the scores, but ONLY in the includes where it was pre-planned to be tracked. With the 'On the Conveyor Belt' cue -- was the music composed for that scene before or after the ridiculously stupid C3PO head nonsense made it clear that this movie had absolutely no redeemability? Andy
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