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Found 6 results

  1. If you watched Battlestar Galactica or The Sarah Connor Chronicles, you might recognize this guy. I think he does a great job. Anyone else buy his albums for Battlestar Galactica? He also does an admirable theme for Sarah Connor Chronicles but that's unreleased.
  2. Live BSG album coming this week and remastered soundtracks (just download I assume) and the live album will be released on CD by Lala... Pretty extensive interview here too! https://gizmodo.com/battlestar-galacticas-bear-mccreary-knows-what-concert-1847006819
  3. I noticed something cool during last night's new Galactica. Might've just been imagining things, but it seemed to me that at least part of the battle that consumed the last two acts was heavily influenced by, if not a direct homage to, the Battle of Yavin. Mainly the control/command room, the distorted voices over the radio (this was the one that made me realize it), and even some of the cockpit shots when Vipers were shot down. I know I might be the only one here who saw this, but I thought it was worth mentioning.
  4. http://www.buysoundtrax.com/larsons_soundtrax_9-28_13.html Past Columns 2007 • 2008 • 2009 • 2010 • 2011• 2012 • 2013 Soundtrax: Episode 2013-08 August & September, 2013 By Randall D. Larson Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Bear’s Emmy, THE 25TH Reich, and a look back at Colin Towns’ FULL CIRCLE This week we feature no less than three new interviews - Bear McCreary on scoring Marvel’s AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. and Starz’s DA VINCI’S DEMONS; Ricky Edwards and the sci-fi Nazi spectacular, THE 25TH REICH, and Colin Towns on his remarkable 1977 synth score for FULL CIRCLE (aka The Haunting of Julia). Soundtrack Reviews include: COLETTE (Örvarsson), THE CONSPIRACY (Darren Baker), CONTINUUM Season 1 (Jeff Danna), GRAVITY (Steven Price), JOBS (John Debney), KICK-ASS 2 (Jackman & Margeson), LOST PLANET 3 (Jack Wall), LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED (Söderqvist), MUSIC FROM THE IRON MAN TRILOGY, SALINGER(Balfe), TEXAS, ADDIO (Abril), and THE ULTIMATE LIFE (McKenzie).
  5. Hey all, I'm running a CD giveaway on my site at Film, Music & Media! If anyone is interested please check it out all the details and how to enter! While your there be sure to check out some interviews and reviews! Cheers! http://www.filmmusicmedia.com/articles/thecapecdgiveaway
  6. Interesting pairing eh? But they remind me very much of each other. They both can write the big boomy scores that studios come to expect these days, and yet they do it in a much more sophisticated fashion than these types of scores are written with. McCreary relies more on ethnic instrumentation to deliver that big sound (with the heavy taiko drums, etc.), where John Powell implements more electronics. To me, John Powell still sounds very RCP, but McCreary has developed a sound signature all his own. John Powell I can still predict the next note on, McCreary takes familiar ideas into new directions. I'd honestly say that McCreary's music is probably the most surprising to me these days in terms of how well I can predict what direction a melody or theme will take. And that's something rare. Vote!
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