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Hey all - I've added Hooten Plays Williams to the Trumpet Concerto section of concert works of the wikipedia. The album drops on Friday, and as I just finished the edit of our podcast interview with M

I'm just trying to educate, Bespin.   The fact is the ROTJ OST has MORE concert arrangements than the ET OST does, yet you classify ET as a rerecording and not ROTJ.  It doesn't make sense.

Apples and oranges.   For ET, all 8 tracks are different than their disc 1 counterparts. "Abandoned And Pursued", "E.T. And Me", "E.T.'s Halloween", "Flying",  and "Over The Moon" are

1 hour ago, Jay said:


Sabrina, Angela's Ashes, Tintin and now Black Sunday are all digitally available already, though obviously the first 3 of those could still be expanded. The only other Paramount title on the list linked above is The Reivers.

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New re-recording, worth of mention or not?

Time Travel, television series score: Titanic Trot - Time Tunnel Pilot (Rendezvous with Yesterday) by John T. Williams
Conductor:  Dan Redfeld
Period: Contemporary 
Written: 1966 

Length: 3 Minutes 45 Secs. 




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Don't know this singer very well, but his collaboration with "Johnny" Williams is now fully documented with pics in the disco:

With Vic Damone




Young and Lively (1962, Columbia, CL-1912)

Music conducted by Johnny Williams.




(Released in 1962, Columbia, CS-8712, Stereo)


(Reissued in 2012 for digital download, Hot Record Society)




On The Street Where You Live: Vic Damone's Best (1986, Harmony, HS 11128, Compilation)

Music conducted by Johnny Williams: Maria; The Second Time Around; The Pleasure Of Her Company.




(Reissued in 1986 as "On The Street Where You Live: The Best Of Vic Damone", CBS Records, AHS 11128, Compilation)




That Towering Feeling!/Young and Lively (1996, Columbia, 4810142, Compilation)

Some tracks conducted by Johnny Williams.

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Damone and Williams first worked together in NY in the mid 50's. Damone credited his big hit "On the street where you live" to Williams sugestion of the then almost unknown song. Besides the album, Williams recorded 4 more songs with Damone for Columbia, released as singles. In the 60's they did together one more single for RCA.

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I have to make research for the singles, I only have this one so far in the disco.


It's the kind of information very hard to collect, unless I have the visuals of the 45RPM and actually see the credits!


With Vic Damone
1961 Adrift On A Star / The Pleasure Of Her Company Columbia 4-42006
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Little correction... they did six songs for Columbia as part of a single's session...

Anyway, here are the release details. I'll provide you cover scans later on:


"Theme from "By Love Possessed""/"If It Is The Last Thing That I Do" - Columbia Co-42041 (April 1961)


"Adrift on a Star"/"The Pleasure of Her Company" - Columbia Co-42006 (April 1961)


"The Second Time Around" and "Maria" remained unreleased until the LP compilation "On the Street Were You Live" (Columbia/Harmony HS-11128) came out in 1965.


Williams recorded one more song with Damone in 1968, his own arrangement of Previn's "Come Live with Me" from "Valley of the Dolls", for which film Williams was actually the music director. This was released on the single RCA 47-9399 (coupled with an unrelated track, not conducted by Williams).


Most of this material surfaced on CD on different compilations and on digital medium as well.


Besides the LP "Young and Lively", and their early work in clubs like the famous Copacabana in NY in the mid 50's, Damone did record Williams' "Make me Rainbows" on his album "The Damone Type of Thing" (RCA LSP-3916, released 1967), arranged and conducted by Perry Botokin Jr.

In 1999 Williams invited Damone to sing with the Boston Pops, and the concert was televised as part of the "Evening at Pops" series.

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Thanks for sharing. No need of the scans, I will update the website tonight.


I wonder about Missouri Break, I saw some french and italian singles... I suspect none of them contains tracks comming from the soundtrack and so, directed by Williams himself. Am I wrong?

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Little update on the "Come Live with Me" single... the reverse side comes with "The Glory of Love/Theme from Guess Who's Coming to Dinner", arranged and conducted by J. Hill.


As for "The Missouri Breaks", I know of a few releases not taken from the soundtrack album. There is one I've been sent performed by Marcel Dadi (didn't we talk about that one before?)... I know of at least another that was available on iTunes performed by Hagood Hardy.

More recently both the Prague Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra and the City of Prage Philharmonic Orchestra recorded the love theme.

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Here it goes with the Shelly Manne collaborations:


With Shelly Manne




My Fair Lady with the Un-original Cast (1964, Capitol Records, T-2173)

Arrangements & musical direction by Johnny Williams.




(Released in 1964, Capitol Records, ST-2173, Stereo)


(Reissued in 2005, Toshiba EMI/Japan, TOCJ-9660)




Manne–That's Gershwin! (1965, Capitol Records, T-2313)

Musical Direction by Johnny Williams.




(Released in 1965, Capitol Records, ST-2313, Stereo)




(Reissued in 1984, Discovery Records, DS-909, Stereo)


In 2002, Steve Houghton has re-recorded the Gershwin arrangements John Williams prepared for Shelly Manne's 1965 LP Manne—That's Gershwin!


The Manne We Love: Gershwin Revisited 
Steve Houghton Quintet
UNT Two O'Clock Lab Band



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The arrangements on My Fair Lady, as performed live at Tanglewood in the early 2000's, are available as digital download from the BSO on-line shop. Highly recommended, by the way.

The original recording with Manne, was also released in UK under another label, EMI records, though using the same catalogue number.

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"When was that superb Marion's Theme Concert Suite recorded in Concert?"


Here is a list trying to enumerate the known recordings of John Williams' concerts (and some special tributes) that exists and can be confirmed. You will note that majority of them are for now unreleased on CD and DVD. Feel free to help me complete this section which is all but definitive!


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There was a problem with the 2013 released of "The Missouri Breaks" in the Wiki disco.


I've finally moved it to the Album section, as it contains the previously unreleased score. In 1999, the Rykodisc release contained 3 tracks from the movie, but as a BONUS. The real "complete" score was issued in 2013 for the first time, so I think it deserve to count as a proper album.... as the 1976 release was a re-recording.


Well, it changes the actual count of the Solo Albums to 136.


So The BGF will be the 140th.

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Steef, Bespin is treating John Williams like a pop/rock artist and not a film score composer on a discography website he's putting together, categorizing things different than anyone else would attempt to categorize film music.  

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Well if anything, it's unique. 


Imagine if Bespin had this much zeal for, say, Neil Diamond. A normal fan might list all normal albums he sang on, his standard discography. Bespin would hunt down albums by other artists he produced or contained songs he wrote or co-sang on. 

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I love all those numbers!


136 + 89 = 225.


You are a completist of John Williams, that's the number of original albums you have to add to your collection.


On 2016-06-21 at 10:02 AM, Jay said:

Steef, Bespin is treating John Williams like a pop/rock artist and not a film score composer (...)


At the risk of repeating myself, John Williams is a little bit more than just a film score composer...

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4 hours ago, Miguel Andrade said:

Done that...


Miguel, I'm sure you have all these 225... and many more!



The career of John Williams can't be resumed with a list of movies, it's far more complex than that and I'm deeply sorry for those who don't understand that.

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22 hours ago, WojinPA said:

Well if anything, it's unique. 


Imagine if Bespin had this much zeal for, say, Neil Diamond. A normal fan might list all normal albums he sang on, his standard discography. Bespin would hunt down albums by other artists he produced or contained songs he wrote or co-sang on. 


I've done that for Charles Aznavour too, his disco is pretty impressive!


Charles Aznavour discography
Studio albums 51
Live albums 20
Compilation albums 121
Video albums 21
EPs 58
Singles 167
Collaborations 51
International Studio Albums 39
International EPs 14
International Singles 53
International Compilation Albums 68
Other albums 4


On Tuesday, June 21, 2016 at 1:36 AM, Stefancos said:

Whats a Solo Album?


Just a little bit more about some "Wikipedia" discography sections (that finally just alows to categorize albums and count them).


- Collaborations contains original albums (no compilations), when there are two or more featured main artists (ex. "Cinema Serenade"... is it an album of John Williams or an album of Itzhak Perlman... it's an album by the two, their both names appears in big on the album... think also of a record store... that kind of album would have been putted in the "John Williams" section as much as the  "Itzhak Perlman" one.  That album should appears in the discography of the two artists, so it's a collaborative album.)


- Compilations contains compilations of the featured artist. In the case of John Williams, because he's a film score composer, there is a big particularity that Pop & Rock artists don't have in their disco: the expanded reissues.  I've decided to put the expanded reissues in the "Compilations" section, because they can't be really counted as "original album", unless they features a previously unreleased score. By example, the OST of "Empire Strikes Back" count as 1 studio album, all the reissues containing "bonus" tracks are considered to be Compilations / Expanded reissue albums)


- Studio Albums is for original albums (no compilations), when there is only one main artist featured : John Williams.


- Other albums is for compilations where John Williams tracks are mixed with other artists tracks.



Website methodology


In an other hand, note that on my website, Studio albums, Compilations and Expanded reissues are showed in the same list, chronologically.


The Collaborative albums appears as sub-sections ("With Mahalia Jackson", or "With Yo-Yo Ma", by example) at the end of the list.


All the albums appears on one single page.


Like the Wiki discography, it's an original discography. Because John Williams is American, it shows is original USA discography only. Some very particular albums or reissues issued in other countries may appears if they are the only source available. These albums appears in sub-sections called "Only in Europe" or "Only in Japan", etc.


Note that because Williams is a composer, website and Wiki Disco both contains a complementary section especially for his discography "As a Composer". Making the contrary would simply have been a nightmare. 



The goal of the Wikipedia Discography and my website


I did all this work because when I started to collect John Williams albums more seriously, there was no single website where I can find all his discography in one single place.  The original LPs, the CDs, but also the Singles, the EPs... His disco as a pianist, as a conductor (of the Boston Pops, by example) and also as a composer of classical works and TV & film scores...  John Williams websites that I found at the time where mainly filmographies or "fan" sites (where fans showed the CD they actually have in their collection). Each websites has it own "organization" (some even shows contradictory or erroneous information), but no one showed a complete and organized discography of John Williams.


So I did one.


It helped me to discover the complexity of John Williams career and discography, and still helps me to hunt down some albums that I did not have in my collection. Now that the two websites are more enriched, I hope it has became a ressource for any one that want to dig more deeper in John Williams impressive discography, and perhaps make some new discoveries...


Complete Discography: John Williams - Somewhere In My Memory

Wiki Discography: John Williams Discography

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Woops, just added "Lost In Space" (1998) in the section "Discography as a composer / Soundtracks using John Williams's Themes".


If sou see some others things that is missing from this section, just tell me, thanks!




Lost In Space (1998, TVT Soundtrax, TVT 8180-2)

Original Lost In Space Theme by John Williams, arranged by Apollo 440.


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32 minutes ago, Thor said:

If you're now counting (popular music) remixes of Williams themes like Apollo 440's version of the LIS theme, the playing field has expanded considerably.


I can assure yourself, if one day Lady Ga-Ga record a John Williams songs, it will never appears in any of my discos... unless it's on a soundtrack. :-)


I've created the (very specialized) sub-section Soundtracks using John Williams's Themes to mainly put together some sequels... derivated products... things like that. I think, these albums deserve to appear on a single and specific page. I love that section, it really contributes to the reality of John Williams as a film score composer.

Go visit the page, there's very few entries in this section, and it's perfect like this.




A completist may go for these albums...  I personaly own only Star Wars: Shadows Of The Empire  and Superman Returns.


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16 hours ago, Bespin said:


A completist may go for these albums...  I personaly own only Star Wars: Shadows Of The Empire  and Superman Returns.



That's not "popular music remixes", though.


I was thinking more stuff like the Meco STAR WARSes etc.

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59 minutes ago, Thor said:

I was thinking more stuff like the Meco STAR WARSes etc.


Meco is relevant in history, we can't ignore his Star Wars album... so it's mentionned in an other section, "Discography as a composer/Other works".




This section is selective... Trying to focus on relevant releases... I don't think it's important to list every CD where an amateur violonist play Schindler's List...


Kunzel is here, Gerhardt is here, Previn, Mehta... etc.


Miguel and you are perhaps the well designed persons to help me adding relevant albums or singles in that section... ;-)




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Oh wow, that completely fall off of my radar.


Released last year in 2015, and with 3 marvelous BONUS: two very rare singles!!!


Rhythm in Motion + So Nice (2 LPs on 1 CD)

Johnny Williams
Rhythm in Motion + So Nice (2 LPs on 1 CD)
Blue Moon 800 Series



01. Fascinatin' Rhythm (G. & I. Gershwin) 2:45
02. The Varsity Drag (DeSylva-Brown-Henderson) 2:42
03. Surrey with the Fringe on Top (Rodgers-Hammerstein II) 3:06
04. Let's Do It (Porter) 2:45
05. Put On a Happy Face (Adams-Strouse) 2:10
06. Whatever Lola Wants (Lola Gets) (Adler-Ross) 3:39
07. Johnny One Note (Rodgers-Hart) 2:12
08. An Occasional Man (Martin-Blane) 3:20
09. My Heart Belongs to Daddy (Porter) 3:12
10. Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries (Brown-Henderson) 2:51
11. Sunny Disposish (Charig-Gershwin) 2:22
12. Buckle Down Winsocki (Martin-Blane) 2:55
13. All of You (Porter) 2:18
14. The Last Time I Saw Paris (Kern-Hammerstein II) 2:13
15. I Can't Get Started (Duke-Gershwin) 2:50
16. I Got Plenty o' Nuttin' (G. & I. Gershwin) 2:41
17. It's the Talk of the Town (Levinson-Symes-Neiburg) 2:37
18. You'd Be So Nice to Come Home (Porter) 2:17
19. It Ain't Necessarily So (G. & I. Gershwin) 2:19
20. Tenderly (Gross-Lawrence) 2:37
21. This Can't Be Love (Rodgers-Hart) 2:06
22. Old Devil Moon (Lane-Harburg) 1:58
23. My Happy Time (Desmond) 2:20
24. There's a Small Hotel (Rodgers-Hart) 2:13
25. Tuesday's Theme (Williams) 2:19
26. The Black Knight (Williams) 2:07
27. Augie's Great Piano (Williams) 1:50

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Experts, I need you advice... In my disco I've putted the two George Roberts albums.... surely because when I added the reissue I didn't know on which album(s) JW really plays... but according to Fresh Sound Records website, JW plays only on "Bottoms Up".


Anyone to confirm that?







Meet Mr. Roberts (1959, Columbia, CL 1384)

Featuring John T. Williams (p).





(Released in 1959, Columbia, CS 8179, Stereo)




Bottoms Up (1960, Columbia, CL 1520)

Conducted and Arranged by John T. Williams; Featuring John T. Williams (p).




(Released in 1960, Columbia, CS 8320, Stereo)





Meet Mr. Roberts + Bottoms Up (2011, Fresh Sound Records, FSRCD 642, Compilation)

Some tracks Conducted and Arranged by John T. Williams; Featuring John T. Williams (p).

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Rhythm compared to the previous release is in my sense better.  The stereo on the previous release was too wide and really unatural, containing too much reverb.


The difference on Checkmate is more subtile, but then again maybe a little less reverb than the previous release. The sound is less "in your face" and it generally sounds more natural to me.


In both case I've replaced the versions on my comptuer with these two new reissues.

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41 minutes ago, Miguel Andrade said:

If memory serves, they are mentioned on the notes of some older LPs, but I've never found hard evidence of any album Williams worked on by any of those two artists. Might have just played for them on live performances, has he did with Vic Damone in New York in the 50's.


Yes, there are several "live acts" he did that was never recorded, or artists he worked with that he never did an album with. Like Jerry Colonna or the Eugene Loring Ballet Group.

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