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John Williams in the BBC Music Magazine

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6 minutes ago, Bayesian said:

That's how mine came (likely a big part of the reason why my copy was so damaged). Without even a cardboard or cardstock insert to help stiffen the magazine against the rigors of transit.


I emailed for a replacement without the CD, in hopes that at least the spine won't tear apart again, but the CD area was the one part of the magazine cover that didn't have creases all over it, so I have meager hopes that my replacement copy will come in any better shape. I would have paid more for better protection, if it were possible to do so.


No B&N near me stocks BBC Music, so I can only hope I have better luck with my replacement mailing. Or wait until it shows up on eBay at an inflated price.


Bummer. Mine arrived damaged as well. I received a reply from their customer service today, after waiting for more than a week for a reply. They said they will send a replacement copy, but didn't comment on my request for sturdier packaging...

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2 hours ago, Jurassic Shark said:

Was the packaging from Newsstand any good? Buysubscriptions shipped in a thin plastic bag that offered little protection.


I don't remember the packaging, so it must have been unremarkable and good enough. I think it was some kind of padded envelope. The tip of one corner of the magazine is slightly wrinkled, and the CD case has left an impression, but aside from that everything was in perfect condition. Probably better than you'd get at a shop.

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