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  1. The Ten Commandments Intrada release: 1957 OST Dot Records Re-Recording United Artists Re-Recording - Elmer Bernstein
  2. The Ten Commandments - 1956 - Elmer Bernstein Source: Intrada Booklet 1ZZ Introduction 1AA Prelude - Part 1 1AA Prelude - Part 2 1CC Slaughter of the Newborn 1DD In the Bulrushes 1EE/2AA Bithia's Bathing Float 2BB Moses (Long Version) 2CC Nefretiri 2CC1 Fanfare 2DD Fanfare 2EE Return of the Conqueror 2EED Drums and Percussion 3AA1 Fanfare UNSLATED Wild Drum Overlay 2FF Ethiopians 2G Drums 3AA Fanfare 3BB1 Moses and Nefretiri 3CC New City Underway 3D The Advancing Keystone 3DD1/4AA Mercy and A Tomb of Rock 4BBX Temple Grain 4B1X Hounds and Jackals 4CC Moses the Builder - Part 1 4CCF Fanfare 5A Moses the Builder - Part 2 5AA2 Obelisk 5B The Glory of Goshen 5CCX Harp for Nefretiri 5D Memnet's Murder 7B The Brick Pits 7C/8A Death In the Brick Pits 8A1 Intro To Royal Barge 8BB The Royal Barge 8C The Die Is Cast - Part 1 9AA The Die Is Cast - Part 2 8O-1 Court Dance 10B Take 'Em Away 19A [Edit] Drums 10CC The Dungeon 10DD Dathan's Garden 11B Lilia's Harp 11BB1 Dathan Bribes Lilia 11C Egyptian Border 11DD Moses Crosses Desert 11E Song For Jethro's Daughters 12B Defending the Well 12C Mountain of God 13A Jethro's Daughters' Dance 13B Moses Chooses Sephora 13C V2 Sethi's Death Chant 13C1 Royal Falcon 14B Burning Bush XP-2/XP-1 Organ (I Am That I Am) 14C Word of God (End Act 1) 15X1A Overture - Act 2 (Part A) 15X1B Overture - Act 2 (Part B) 15A2 The Power of God - Part 1 15A2 The Power of God - Part 2 15B Well of Strangers 15C/16AX Royal Barge (Revised) 16B Joshua and Lilia 16C The Shrine of the River Gods 16D The Red River 16E God of Slaves 17A [Edit] Lilia's Song 17B1 Lilia's Song - Harp Chord 17C/18A Pestilence 18C Shadow of Death 18E The Dying Boy - Parts 1 & 2 19BY Lord of the Underworld 19A Shofar No. 1 19A1 Shofar No. 2 19A2 Shofars 19C1Z Exodus - Part 1 19D Dathan's House 19E Exodus - Part 2 19E1 Song of Joseph 19E2 Nubian Drums 20A1Z Exodus - Part 2 (Continued) 20BZ Alt 1 Fanfare (Alternate No. 1) 20BZ Alt 2 Fanfare (Alternate No. 2) 20BZ Fanfare 20CZ Exodus - Part 3 20D1 Death Gong 1 20D2 Death Gong 2 20D3 Death Gong 3 20E A Hardened Heart 20FA Fanfare 20F1 Chariot Assembly 21A1 1 Ready For Battle - Fanfare 1 21A1 2 Ready For Battle - Fanfare 2 21A1 3 Ready For Battle - Fanfare 21B Mission of Vengeance 21C Shofar 1 21C1 Shofar 2 21C2 Shofar 3 21C3 Fanfare 1 21C4 Fanfare 2 21C5 Fanfare 3 21C6 Fanfare 4 21D Pillar of Fire 21E/22A The Red Sea - Part 1 22C The Red Sea - Part 2 22D The Red Sea - Part 3 22E1 The Red Sea - Part 4 22G Mount Sinai 22H Spoils of Egypt 23G Idolators (Bacchanali) 23A Forming of Golden Idol 23BY The Finger of God - Intro 23BX The Finger of God - Part 1 23C Golden Idol 23D/23DX Finger of God - Part 2 23E Idol Sacrifice 23F/23FX Finger of God - Part 3 23G Idolators (Bacchanali) 24A Bacchanal 24A1 Bacchanal - Part 2 24A2 Shofar 24C1 The Lord's Side 24D End Title 24X Exit Music - Part 1 24X1 Exit Music - Part 2 Alternates and Unused Cues 2BB Moses (Alternate) 3BB1 Moses and Nefretiri (Alternate) 3CC New City Underway (Alternate) 4BB Temple Grain (Alternate) 5D Alt 1 Memnet's Murder (Alternate) 5DR1 Memnet's Murder (Revised) 8B Alt The Royal Barge (Alternate) 8BS The Royal Barge (Short Source Alternate) 8O Court Dance (Alternate) 910-41 Baccha's Garden No. 1 913-31 Baccha's Garden No. 2 913-41 Baccha's Garden No. 3 11E1 Song for Jethro's Daughters (Alternate) 12B1 Defending the Well (Alternate - Long) 13A1 Jethro's Daughters' Dance (Alternate) 19C1A Exodus (Early Version) 20CZ1 Exodus - Part 3 (Short Version) 21CA Shofars & Fanfares (Alternates) 22D The Red Sea - Part 3 21F/22B Song of Joseph (Film Edit) 22EA The Red Sea - Part 4 (Early Version) 23B The Finger of God - Part 1 (Early Version) 24C1B The Lord's Side (Brass) 24X1A Exit Music - Part 2 (Alternate) Wild Tiple Tiple (Wild) Wild Percussion 1 Drums No. 1 (Wild) Wild Percussion 2 Drums No. 2 (Wild) Trailer 1 Trailer No. 1 Trailer 2 Trailer No. 2
  3. My copy is right in front of me, ripping the Discs to my Hard Drive, listening to the 66 LP recording on the CD player.
  4. Spartacus fits fine one my shelf, almost right next to my Star Trek TOS LLL box
  5. I hope works out , though I am just curious if you have reached out yet.
  6. The finale cues from ET., Album versions I think, beautiful finale.
  7. And Goldsmith, with Supergirl (and maybe The Shadow)
  8. I believe it is the same Typeface as used in the film, and is based on an illuminated book look. Oh and Joe Sikoryak
  9. Perhaps a Holy Trinity then? I just find it immensely replayable, with memorable music, cool atmosphere, funny in-jokes and dialogue, a fun take on the turn based format.