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  1. Batman Vs. Superman - Hans Zimmer Edge of Darkness - Howard Shore Jaws Jaws 2 Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith Star Wars (1977) Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back - John Williams
  2. Tomorrowland Jurassic World - Michael Giacchino Supergirl - Jerry Goldsmith The Jungle Book - John Debney
  3. Actually, I Wan'na Be Like You is used as King Louie's (action) motif at 1:10 of Cold Lair Chase. (But you probably already knew that)
  4. Mute on, Mute off. Mute on, Mute off...
  5. Pet Peeves

    The use of the word "Micro-editing" for every music edit ever.
  6. John Debney's The Jungle Book (2016)

    I did keep expecting it to break out into the From Russia With Love melody at several points though
  7. John Debney's The Jungle Book (2016)

    He was talking about the stuff without words in the background I believe.
  8. That's because its a variation so brilliant, that it sounds nothing like to the other
  9. CK, did you do anything like this for the Rarities disc? I would love to read your early thoughts on that disc.
  10. Well in Raiders the Ark is in the Warehouse with all those boxes, so this post obviously means that Doug is in the archives working on the Hobbit CR's!
  11. Theatrical versions, and a few other bits in the films not on the CR's