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  1. Anakin's B-Theme- Episode 1

    Then how do you explain fragments of it showing up in Anakin is Free around 2:12-3:00-3:54 then?
  2. Escape from Naboo (Percussive Alternate Take)
  3. Anakin's B-Theme- Episode 1

    It could be referring to 1:45 of Anakin's theme and 1:42 of Enter, Lord Vader.
  4. Anakin's B-Theme- Episode 1

    Sounds more like a War of the Worlds quote to me 
  5. Anakin's B-Theme- Episode 1

    Don't forget it also plays in grand fashion in The Racer Roars to Life, I have it's appearances listed here:     Mostly because that is its only appearance on the 1 disc OST's
  6. Also its appearance in Talk of Podracing play when Qui-Gon's "cover is blown" on being a Jedi Knight, just like it plays in TFA when Finn reveals that he was a Stormtrooper.
  7. Its a discussion (like in Talk of Podracing and The Queen Confronts Nute and Rune), and its a confrontation (like in The Queen Confronts Nute and Rune)
  8. End Credits (Alternate 2) I want to take the time to thank GoodMusician for his old Symphonic Forces videos, they were very helpful in editing the final Naboo battle against the unused cues.
  9. The Great Duel Part 2 - Crash Landing (Restored) Qui-Gon's Noble End (Album Version) Battleship Destroyed (Alternate Take) Augie's Municipal Band - End Credits (Alternate 1)
  10. Well, in the case of "The Big Army" I think Jim Ware confirmed that there is still some music missing from that cue.. It's also possible I used the wrong take some cues as well.
  11. The Big Army (Restored) The Droid Battle (Restored) Up The Wire (Restored, Take 1) Up The Wire (Restored, Take 2) The Great Duel Part 1 (Restored)
  12. Take To Your Ships (Restored)   Take To Your Ships (Early Take)
  13. I don't see anything different with the iTunes covers and the 04 SE covers...
  14. I am afraid it is you who are mistaken, the music enters with Jar Jars jump into the lake/river on my DVD.