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  1. And you can tell, TV western almost sounds similar to Spare Canister Caper and Rescue of the Princess from Star Wars and AOTC.
  2. Where is this featurette you guys keep referencing?
  3. Quick add drum-loops to every good score!
  4. The TFA FYC had old material too though. R1 only had stuff written by Williams cut out IIRC.
  5. Yeah @Loert, the intensity is due to 2 things: 1: SKB has just destroyed the Republic, and is going to do the same to Leia's base 2: The original music from the scene can still be heard in the center channel, so the music has to cover it. I don't entirely disagree though.
  6. @karelm @Loert Yeah more movement would definitely be good, though I kinda try to work around that since I am not too good at writing fast passages. I have to confess that this is all done by ear and instinct, and very little training, hence any weird progressions or clashes. Dumb question: by suspend do you mean hold it out longer?
  7. Here is music I composed for a TFA fan edit that shifts the destruction of the Republic to the finale so the film has a more bittersweet ending with the resistance failing to destroy Statkiller base in time, the editors were having a hard time finding fitting music for the scene of Snoke they were intending to interject into the sequence, so I offered to attempt to put something together, I almost used the motif from the deleted Parade Grounds music, but it kept coming out sounding too happy. There are some issues (the Timpani rhythm is a little unsteady etc.), but I am relatively happy with how it came out and that it actually syncs with moments onscreen, best of all the editors working on the project liked it: First Cut: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1AW_Vkt2ZwmF_1eKxUZm49gB7SY0U_KLr First Cut with Choir: https://drive.google.com/open?id=19tN9mcvOG4r_hef5dNpS_NZXXty3313t Final Cut: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vOGC8i3mEIskB8w3OGbfNNrQrL_i1Rc-/view?usp=sharing Having a Timpani rhythm in the cue was the first thing I decided on, This was a first for me in that I timed out the Snoke portion of the scene and tried to have the cue last that length. I started work by replicating the last note of the Kylo Ren theme statement that covers the shots right before the Snoke scene, so that I could make sure the music would grow out of that place, then I worked out some tremelo violin chords and played with adding in existing First Order/Snoke material in the Brass, first I tried the aforementioned potential SKB/FO motif, then when that didn't work, I settled on using the ominous organ like low brass motif from the latter half of the Snoke track (the one reminiscent of a similar motif from ROTS). I then extended out, playing with chords and the motif in a higher octave, ended with a Tam Tam or Gong, and added the Timp, playing it with my computer's keyboard, I then added the Timp Roll, and exported and laid it over the scene and saw that it was too short, plus noticed sync points I wanted to hit. I then added a little space between the brass note after the cut to Snoke scene, increased the distance between the two statements of the Snoke music, and added a higher brass note to sync with Snoke's clenching of his fist, then I rendered and lined it up to the footage again, then realized I needed to cover the footage of Rey and Finn that had the bombastic tracked music from "Kill Them All". For that portion, I had originally tried to write an emotional version of the Dies Irae in the strings, but couldn't get it to sound right, so I basically just made a Dies Irae version of the "Kill Them All" music. Then of course after editing the cue to conform to picture (basically trimming and extending notes to get the desired sync) and had even released the footage for review, I realized I had forgotten to include any of Snoke's signature sound - I had totally forgotten the choir! So I added that in and was "finished".