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  1. The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    I read it more as a figure of speech, like "You don't know the half of it" But you know more than I do.
  2. The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    I feel like the half quote is getting taken too literally.
  3. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King - Howard Shore
  4. Question about transposing instruments

    Karelm, Bolle is blind, so he will not be able to see the image himself.
  5. Memoirs of a Geisha - John Williams
  6. You could try his twitter or blog if he doesn't respond here
  7. If you are referring to Filmmusic, he is talking about the Star Wars thing.
  8. The Complete Cue Lists Thread

    Keno and Raph has a bit of the tracktime still stuck on it @Trent B.
  9. Wha are these "rejected cues" usually like?
  10. ROTK and AUJ. (TTT used edited music)
  11. What to expect from Episode VIII's Score?

    I was going to after I got a better rip from the 3D re-release version of the documentary.