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  1. Probably not. Some sessions leaks actually have multiple takes like the Schindler's List sessions or Horner's Battle Beyond the Stars, some sessions leaks consist of only multiple takes of one cue, or small group of cues.
  2. I think in some session leaks they are specific takes.
  3. Be thankful they even played the full end credits, at the Star Trek 2009 concert I went to, they just played the courage theme, even though they clearly had the choir track for the whole cue set up.
  4. War of the Worlds - John Williams Its my #1.
  5. The lack of Super Metroid on this list makes me sad.
  6. The trade federation march isn't in the OT guys.
  7. Tooth's was better, this is too fuzzy.
  8. Was this posted before? https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=xZtvm3DEQzY
  9. Just curious did you cut out the rebel Fanfare or was it already like that in the score?
  10. My point is that there is more to making a symphony than slapping the the term movements on a collection of cues.
  11. @Jim Ware is the statement of the Isengard theme after the choral arrival of the Riders of Rohan actually part of that piece or is it part of the theatrical version of Ugluk's Warriors like I suspect?
  12. Oh another difference besides the Cello line, is that in the first appearance the psuedo History of the Ring theme is played by Horns (representing Men?) while in the second appearance it is played by Cor Anglais (Representing Gollum?.
  13. Batman and Robin SPARTACUS.