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  1. have any slates turned up for The Wind and the Lion?
  2. @Incanus @KK Your Steef theory sucks! Steef is NOT the Wind Fish
  3. Its a good score, saying the rosary is fantastic and foreshadows ROTS.
  4. A soundtrack compiles cues from a score. Thus, compilation!
  5. Wintory's Deformers preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CywRXuKrLWQ
  6. Something unsettling, But I forgot it right after I faded out of sleep ( Jerry's Ghost and the Darkness was playing) and started browsing the forum.
  7. Even down to finding reflections "interminable"?
  8. To loosely quote LeBlanc: "Wow! Well said!"
  9. Southall review: http://www.movie-wave.net/john-williams-steven-spielberg-the-ultimate-collection/
  10. I'm starting to hear another motif besides the Main Theme and the love theme in The Shadow. The Ghost and the Darkness
  11. Sounds like the Rebel Fanfare to me.
  12. Funny, I hear motific fragments all over SUN.