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  1. Technically all they did with ROTS was dub the dialogue from the old boot.
  2. With Nevefeast insert bonus track.... ,
  3. John Carter The Ten Commandments The Empire Strikes Back The Accidental Tourist
  4. Top 10 scores of 2016 (I pretty much only listened to ten 2016 scores, so its more just a ranking from best to worst) 1 Rogue One 2 Star Trek Beyond 3 The BFG 4 Kung Fu Panda 3 5 Finding Dory 6 The Jungle Book 7 Captain America: Civil War 8 Doctor Strange 9 Gods of Egypt 10 Batman Vs. Superman Tracks of the 2016 Yorktown Theme Rogue One Scrambling the Fleet Krennic's Aspirations The Master Switch Hope Guardians of the Whills Suite Imperial Suite Lagos Wolves - Law of the Jungle Catalog releases of 2016 1 The Ten Commandments 2 The Lost World: Jurassic Park 3 Star Trek Beyond Specific Highlights of 2016 Discovering: Jane Eyre The Accidental Tourist Seven Years In Tibet Knights of the Round Table For the first time.
  5. Are you sure its not just their Disc on Demand service?
  6. If it was, it was taken down in seconds, none of the 15 tines I searched for it did something come up.
  7. One of the JWfan members is Kobe.
  8. Onl similarity between Fluffy and Angela is the Harp is used.
  9. Sometimes it makes me smile, like how the main theme of Rozsa's All The Brothers Were Valiant was reused in minor key as Messala's theme from Ben Hur
  10. Knights of the Round Table - Miklos Rozsa
  11. I definitely think that little bit is potentially an alt Ways of the Force