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  1. Listening to some John Carter, and I can I can kinda see why some could think of it as his best film score, he has not really written a finale action cue as satisfying as The Prize is Barzoom since.
  2. Could be a corruption of the scene where Gandalf sings The Road Goes Ever On and On as he first arrives.
  3. He did do that for Into darkness, unfortunately it did not make the album.
  4. Ehh, lets pick a composer who would match the film please.
  5. Side? you are on nobody's side, because nobody is on your side (Andus Pricus)
  6. That choral "aaaahh, ahh ahh aah aaaah" melody from John Carter
  7. Since Star Trek is better than anything, that means Star Trek > Any other TV scores...
  8. But the tracking and editing was PJ level obvious
  9. The Matrix - Don Davis Spider-Man 3 - Christopher Young et al
  10. Only if you listen to Memoirs of a Geisha next.
  11. Took me out of the film personally. ..
  12. I never found anything to like with album I listened to on youtube. I never found anything to like with the LOST album I listened to on youtube.