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    John Williams Discography

    New recording of the Horn Concerto (piano reduction) https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/dafyddbevil
  2. Miguel Andrade

    Poll: Favorite JW Concerto and Concerto Movement

    Shaham mentions on an interview with WCRB at the time of the Boston performance that he had done some very minor changes, like one note here, one note there... Deneve and Shaham also played the concerto later at the Hollywood Bowl.
  3. A few years ago, FSM online posted a radio interview done in the UK in the late 70's where the host mentions two symphonies, and Williams didn't correct him. @karelm that's quite an interesting theory, that makes a whole lot of sense, knowing how Williams is an admirer of 20th Century Russian composers.
  4. Miguel Andrade

    RUMOR: John Williams plans to retire in 2019

    No mystery in there whatsoever. If memory serves, during the Jurassic Park sessions, the theme music had to be recorded for the upcoming trailer, and they asked Williams if it could be done at one of those sessions. I believe that he just conducted the orchestra for that and it was all of his involvement with The Flinstones film.
  5. Sure, feel free to use it. I have the actual work file on a back-up drive and will have to export it at hight resolution, if that's what you need.
  6. As far as I know, there is only the digipak version. I did this back inlay for a friend.
  7. Miguel Andrade

    Poll: Favorite JW Concerto and Concerto Movement

    You forgot the Cello Concerto, which happens to be my favorite one.
  8. The pieces from the first half of the concert and several pieces from the second half are already available on DSO Replay.
  9. Miguel Andrade

    John Williams Discography

    Hooten premiered the revised first movement in 2016, on an arrangement for band by Paul Lavender, with the The President's Own Marine Band. The live performance was recorded and released on Mark Records (52618-MCD)
  10. I believe that cover was only used as a temporary graphic ahead of the actual release.
  11. The LA recording is live, just as the Boston Pops was. Most orchestras in the US only release live recordings nowadays.
  12. Miguel Andrade

    John Williams Discography

    Always found Pops Britannia the best of the Pops albums on Philips under Williams. Bernstein by Boston is also another of my favorites from the Philips recordings.
  13. I asked before I backed the project and he told me he would find a way to send it overseas.
  14. Miguel Andrade

    The Altman/Williams colaboration

    I guess everyone knows about their two feature film colaborations -- "Images" (1972), released as a promo LP (and then bootleged), and "The Long Goodbye" (1973), partially released by Varese Sarabande last year -- but does anyone know anything about "Nightmare in Chicago" (1964, an episode of the Kraft Suspense Theatre, a.k.a. "Once Upon a Savage Night") and "The Katherine Reed Story" (1965)? On the JW Web Pages, there used to be a short entry mentioning "Nightmare in Chicago", but "The Katherine Reed Story" wasn't listed at all. Any info on this will be much apreciated. Miguel
  15. The Book Thief suite was premiered at the Oscar concert if memory serves. Stephane Deneve has conducted it a few times before. I believe that DSO Replay doesn't includes full concerts but just some pieces from the concerts. They may actually include all the pieces from the concert but not as a single video (at least it was how it was done early on).
  16. Miguel Andrade


    Happy birthday, John Williams!
  17. Also got the nice thank you note on the mail, earlier this week. Looking forward to the CD.
  18. Miguel Andrade


    Congratulations JWFan!
  19. This interview (or perhaps just part of it) was included on the old Sugarland Express CD-R bootleg from some 20 years ago. It's great to have it now on its entirety and in great sound. Thank you @TownerFan
  20. Miguel Andrade

    You know your oeuvre has been immortalized when...

    A few years ago there was one of those around here, with the Cantina Band.
  21. Miguel Andrade

    BSO360 ep 3: Boston Pops retrospective

    The BSO posted their third episode of BSO360, this time a retrospective on the Boston Pops and their last three music directors as well as a profile on Leonard Bernstein. During the first half, dedicated to the Pops, you can see and excerpt of Williams conducting his own "Celebrate Discovery". https://www.bso.org/Medias http://bso.http.internapcdn.net/bso/podcasts/images/BSO360/BSO360Ep3.m4v