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    Mattris reacted to crumbs in New The Rise of Skywalker score information from Don Williams   
    No! Each trilogy should be unique! The Original Trilogy has new recordings for each film, the Prequel Trilogy has one recording for all three films, and the Sequel Trilogy has two films sharing the same recording, the second film recording a new version that got dropped, then the third with a new recording to close things out.

    And yes, Don certainly dropping some ... overt hints there. Here's a transcript with important notes highlighted:
    Dare I ask... the reference to the Phantom... could he be referring to Duel of the Fates? Yes, the Phantom Menace is technically the Emperor/Palpatine but wouldn't Don refer to it as such if he meant the Emperor's Theme? Hints of DOTF throughout TROS make perfect sense musically, considering the apparent threat of Palpatine's return.
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    Mattris reacted to Arpy in Star Wars Disenchantment   
    @Stefancos How could the fans work on something J.J. Abrams, Lucas, Kasdan etc. couldn't yet see the full picture of?
    How many fans do you bring on board? 10, 20, 100?
    Are the fans screenwriters? Are they directors?
    The reason why Martin says that art isn't a democracy is the fact that one fan's ideas aren't synonymous or equal to anothers. You'd have fights, unending arguments over the smallest details and it would be a messy ordeal. Who's to say who's a fan and who's right?
    It's easy to say in hindsight had we known how the First Order played into the plot, establishing them and Snokes and maps and everything else that could be improved, could've been. I don't disagree on those points being improved either, I just don't think the fans have 'the answers' *rays from heaven, angelic choir*
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    Mattris got a reaction from Chen G. in Star Wars Disenchantment   
    Not "praising" just yet... just recognizing that Lucasfilm had an elaborate plan for the ST, which can be proven using the new canon material.
    However, I don't care for their devious ways: trolling/insulting Twitter comments, lying about not having a plan for the ST, allowing the media to run with false narratives ('The disenchanted Star Wars fans are sexist, racist, etc.!'), extending Kathleen Kennedy's contract, implying that SOLO bombed because of 'too much Star Wars')... all without a word of comfort to the upset/worried/confused fans. Also, I truly think the disgraceful Galaxy of Adventures was made primarily to harden the upset fans' disdain for Disney Star Wars.
    I'm very interested to see how Lucasfilm - particularly JJ - handles the fan reaction to TROS, in the context of the ST and overall Saga. If he does what I think he's going to do, there's going to be a shit-storm of a response.
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    Mattris reacted to Arpy in Star Wars Disenchantment   
    According to Adam Driver in the Vanity Fair article, they had a plan of where TRoS would end up, but specifically states that the details hadn't been worked out. This seems to fit my theory that there was a plan, but they left the pieces open ended for each film in the trilogy, working up to where they wanted the characters to be in TRoS. 
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    Mattris got a reaction from Ii2 in Star Wars Disenchantment   
    I'll say it again: In isolation, the Original Star Wars Trilogy is complete. However, the Saga is most certainly incomplete. Allow me to explain.
    The Emperor, the Sith Master, was shown to have been thrown down a shaft, followed by an explosion. Anakin Sykwalker was redeemed, having turned back to the Light Side of the Force. The Special Edition of ROTJ implied that the Empire was defeated, but 'the Republic being reestablished' was not shown.
    Not a single thread was left dangling? These threads remain:
    - In Revenge of the Sith, the Emperor spoke of creating life, cheating death, and being afraid to loose power. "It's ironic, he could save others from death - but not himself." The Emperor tempted Anakin to the Dark Side with promised assistance and attainable Force powers that would be the answer to Anakin's problems and the explanation for his existence - not a "minor plot-point".
    - Why did the Emperor expose himself to such precarious circumstances? Upon arriving to a battle station that he knew would be imminently attacked by the same fighting force that destroyed the first Death Star, he trusted his apprentice to summon Luke Skywalker to be turned to the Dark Side. Once face-to-face, the Emperor tempted Luke to kill him in anger. Father and son were then pitted against each other. If Luke defeated Vader, Sidious would take on a new, stronger apprentice. If Luke would "not turn", he would "be destroyed". Since Luke did not finish Vader and would "never turn to the Dark Side", The Emperor chose to kill the new Jedi Knight... and expected Vader to do nothing, only watch as his son was tortured while crying out to him for help. A bit risky, wouldn't you say? I wonder why The Emperor was willing put himself in extreme danger in so many ways? (Actually, I don't.)
    - As "the last of the Jedi", what does Luke choose to do with his new responsibility?
    - With the Sith destroyed, how can the Force be in Balance if only the Jedi remain?
    - Was the Prophecy of the Chosen One fulfilled... or was it "misread", as Yoda suggested?
    As you can see, many threads were already quite 'loose' or entirely unresolved. The Rise of Skywalker will make sense of the entire sequel trilogy and prove that the original hexalogy was, indeed, unresolved.
    Finally @Chen G., care to present evidence that 'having a plan is more commercially dangerous than not having one'?
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    Mattris reacted to Thekthithm in Star Wars Disenchantment   
    Last night, Darth Vader came down from planet Vulcan... and told me that if I didn't take Lorraine out, he'd melt my brain!
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    Mattris reacted to Docteur Qui in Star Wars Disenchantment   
    It didn’t even need to be as dark or disturbing as it was. It just needed more weight behind it. 
    More emphasis on the failings of the Jedi as a whole, more reasons for him to want to see them destroyed. Ironically Kylo Ren has more solid motivations than Anakin ever did.
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    Mattris reacted to Modest Expectations in Star Wars Disenchantment   
    Look what I've found in the archives. Nearly 12 years old. It's like poetry.
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    Mattris reacted to Larry O in Star Wars Disenchantment   
    Portman was going to get work and be what she is now whether she took Phantom Menace or not. Also, this is pretty interesting as a quote: 

    The bolded is my emphasis. That's someone very familiar with politics very subtly removing themselves from a situation in which they'd have to admit that as movies on their own they probably do not work for her. The perspective she's lacking is of that "avid group of people" who are using a frame of reference that is honestly, self-marginalized. 

    Not that it honestly matters what the people who make the movies think of the movies they made once they've finished their obligation to the production. But Natalie Portman isn't really speaking about whether she thinks the movies are good. What she's saying is that it sucked being looped into what was considered a disappointing series of films at the time, at such a young age, and that was how she learned that the cycle of over-hype/disappointment exists, on a giant scale to boot. 

    Also, I disagree with the idea that the Prequels seem/feel "cohesive" in a way the other movies don't. Lucas was making these up as he went just as much, if not moreso. Certainly from the writing perspective, he spent much less time working on the screenplays and stories than he did in the 70s and 80s. IIRC, the Episode II script had Jonathan Hales brought on because he basically started production without having finished his first draft. It also explains why the story as he'd been describing it in the intervening years was so different every time he added a new chapter to it: He wasn't really checking his "notes" or any larger outline.  He just kinda sat down and made it up.

    And that's a valid form of creation! Perfectly okay, and very often successful as a way to tell a story. But it's not necessarily "cohesive."

    If anything, I'd argue that the Sequel trilogy (and to an extent, the Clone Wars tv series) is doing a better job making those six movies feel coherent than anything, because the sequel trilogy's vantage point allows for them to occupy the same space in "the past" and that backwards-looking POV tends to smooth out the discrepancies as a larger narrative is wrestled with.
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    Mattris reacted to SteveMc in Star Wars Disenchantment   
    Shhh.. he's sleeping.
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    Mattris reacted to Arpy in Star Wars Disenchantment   
    With more serious topics and films, I'd agree, however after watching RotJ as a kid, I didn't come away from the film thinking that their heritage was sloppy writing. To be honest, I didn't care much for it at all. I don't feel as though it was tacked-on or poorly written because it doesn't in any way detract from the main character arcs of Luke and Vader.
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    Mattris reacted to Arpy in Star Wars Disenchantment   
    That's fine, though - isn't it? To tease something like that, because neither the characters or the audience are aware of their true heritage. It seemed (and still seems) natural for Luke to be attracted to a young princess, but as far as the 'teasing' of a love triangle went, I never for one second thought it would end up with a Luke/Leia couple. Han was this rough, sleazy charmer and Leia an uptight princess who didn't have time for Han's advances - then as the conflict climbs and accelerates through Empire, so too do their feelings for one another, leading to a more natural 'opposites attract' relationship. 
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    Mattris reacted to JoeinAR in Star Wars Disenchantment   
    Eat it arp.
    Chen Star Wars is a movie for everyone. Idiot comments like you just made diminish it value. It is one of the greatest films ever made.
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    Mattris got a reaction from Ii2 in New article: Williams "has so far written about 25 minutes of score in about a month" for The Rise of Skywalker   
    I do think Williams will write such a variation... but it will not sound the way most are expecting.
    Good... because I'm sure that TROS (the film and score) will be full of 'subverted expectation' moments. We are in for quite a ride!
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    Mattris reacted to Tom in New article: Williams "has so far written about 25 minutes of score in about a month" for The Rise of Skywalker   
    It is now down to 12 minutes.  Turns out the first big chuck was for West Side Story.  He had begun scoring and then told Spielberg that "you are going to need a better composer than me for this."  To which Spielberg said, "okay." 
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    Mattris got a reaction from Modest Expectations in New article: Williams "has so far written about 25 minutes of score in about a month" for The Rise of Skywalker   
    I do think Williams will write such a variation... but it will not sound the way most are expecting.
    Good... because I'm sure that TROS (the film and score) will be full of 'subverted expectation' moments. We are in for quite a ride!
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    Mattris reacted to JoeinAR in Star Wars Disenchantment   
    The novels don't count they are written by people with possibly less talent than GoT guy
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    Mattris reacted to Chen G. in Star Wars Disenchantment   
    The whole "Leia and Luke are siblings" is mind-numbingly idiotic, anyway.
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    Mattris reacted to Luke Skywalker in Star Wars Disenchantment   
    the new novels are film-level canon so if it is ackowledged there its real.
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    Mattris reacted to Arpy in Star Wars Disenchantment   
    Perhaps it's that some guys on an internet forum don't have the insight and knowledge of this corporation and think that they know better. It's foolish to be so presumptuous. 
    It could very well be the case that they're just bullshitting their way through everything, but I have no reason to doubt that Kennedy etc. have everything under wraps.
    @Chen G.
    Act I: Setup - Fellowship of the Ring - The Shire, The Hobbits, The Ring Quest and the forming of the Fellowship
    Act II: Confrontation - The Two Towers - Saruman's army, Frodo and Sam encounter Gollum and Faramir, Battle for Helm's Deep.
    Act III: Resolution - The Return of the King - Saruman is defeated, Aragorn's ascension, Sauron unleashes his forces, and finally the destruction of the Ring
    The Lord of the Rings and both SW trilogies have followed this structure. When analysed film-by-film each one diverges in some way - but as a whole they follow this very basic and successful structure.
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    Mattris reacted to Modest Expectations in Star Wars Disenchantment   
    Bringing back Palpatine is a great idea in terms of "how to react to the mess after TFA and TLJ". Second only to the Falcon team falling into a time anomaly and returning 300 years later to a galaxy full of Vong invaders who cleaned up the First Order for them---which would require 3 movies.
    Kylo Ren is too pathetic to be the sole heavy hitter character in the final Star Wars movie. They could either:
    1. introduce a new "greater threat", which, done in the 9th / 3rd act of the story and without a set-up---is a rather bad idea, especially in a space opera
    2. resurrect Snoke
    3. bring in Plagueis (kind-of overlaps with option 1, especially for casual fans)
    4. resurrect Palpatine
    Some of their goals:
    1. Make the casual popcorn-muncher excited for the Star Wars stakes / villain after Avengers: Endgame with Thanos the same year, which is something most of the influential pop-culture reviewers have been talking about for quite some time
    2. Bring back as much sub-sects of the Star Wars fandom as possible
    3. bridge the trilogies
    4. (optional) a general goal of quality in the movie

    The million-subscriber nest of prequel memes and all of it's children now promote the movie for them. 

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    Mattris reacted to Chen G. in Star Wars Disenchantment   
    I should hope not.
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