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  1. Probably should have posted this a couple of days ago, but here it is anyway
  2. My Likes are going, I can feel it
  3. Obviously. It's just that I hope the score is not all of the relevant leitmotivs playing all of the time.
  4. Every theme? I do hope there will be a lot of new thematic material, as well. TLJ leaned just a bit too much on the established themes.
  5. Since there have been 5 Bangles, I do this 5 times a year. Debbi Peterson's birthday is coming up.
  6. Perhaps that is it. But, generally, Brahms does not connect with me on an emotional level. Still, I heard a lot I liked in the 4th that I feel could use a more dynamic treatment.
  7. Heard Brahms's 4th this afternoon. A very rich work, an interesting juxtaposition of conservatism and complexity. But, Carlos Kleiber's 1981 recording of the 4th with the Vienna Philharmonic left me wanting. What recording(s) would you guys recommend?
  8. Yeah, these days Professors like to set up online dropboxes. I've had a couple, however, who want papers in person. A full backpack really limits your running speed.
  9. Early Simpsons and The Critic is the only ones worth watching.
  10. Procrastinate. Brainstorm. Procrastinate. Jot down something. Procrastinate. Write. Drink caffeine. Rush to finish by midnight.
  11. Accounts should not be deleted. It would create chaos. Whole threads will make no sense. People will delete their accounts on a whim and regret it an hour later. Under the current system, disappearing takes dedication.
  12. plague and pestilence: the mstrox sequel
  13. Excellent work. Now do it for Bangles tracks. Their next album is long overdue.
  14. New mix sounds very 2019. Expansive, modern. 2009 remaster sounds more natural.
  15. Marvel movies. Never seen one. Will probably look at them in 20 years to see how they aged.
  16. believe in next week and the pain will go away
  17. Happy Birthday @Dieter Stark!!
  18. I prefer the Springfield Jet Setters Club
  19. Sorry I missed your birthday @Not Mr. Big. Hope it was a good one!
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