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  1. You can adjust the price The amount you are trying to get can adjust as need be on GoFundMe. I believe that in the same fashion as Kickstarter that GoFundMe can return the money to the donators if the CD ends up not being bought. The whole GoFundMe account was pretty much a joke referring to an earlier post but I mean something along those lines would be a good way to get the money to do it be it Kickstarter or GoFundMe.
  2. I know lol but it couldn't hurt You really want these lossless tracks don't you? Haha It was more or less a joke to start this GoFundMe but it couldn't hurt if enough people donate. Probably won't happen but why not try lol
  3. https://www.gofundme.com/fyc-the-last-jedi-soundtrack-fund I have started a GoFundMe in order to purchase this album. Any donations would help!