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  1. For me yes because you don't have to listen to these awful cat synth " voices" ;-)
  2. Star Wars Prequel Music Resource (part 2)

    I've searched a long time, but propably used the wrong search terms So my quesion's: Is there an editing guide to ROTS with the different sources?
  3. Sherlock (BBC)

    It's in the track "Lestrade - The Movie" from the second episode "The Sign Of Three" Also notable is a short brass line which could be directly take from his ID4 score
  4. Thank you for this The Burly Brawl (alternate) on the LLL set could be a combination between the Multiple Replication and the Burly Brawl (alternate) tracks?
  5. What's with Die Hard With A Vengeance for the "Part III"-release? yeah I know the previous two release were by Kamen... but there's still hope
  6. Video Game Music

    Here's my work on Tie Fighter! Thanks to JanBing A medley of the battle music in Tie Fighter. I've already done a version 7.3 but this is still in work. These are my first experiences with midi works. Used equipment: Cubase 6 EWQLSO Gold Hope you're enjoying it Ode To Tie - v7.3 .... sorry but I don't know how to embed this player here.
  7. @JanBing: I've "only" the silver edition, but I think I'll upgrade it in some time, because some articulations and instruments are missing:-)
  8. The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    Die Hard 3 with the real film score would be great!!!!
  9. Star Wars Prequel Music Resource

    Hi there! I saw the complete cue-list from the SW3-ROTS-Score in the frontpage of this topic. is this the latest list of cues? because I would like to start cut a complete score