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  1. I'm not a Zimmer fanboy, but I do think he has won Oscars for two deserving scores
  2. Dune has already won 4 Oscars for Sound, Score, Production Design and Film Editing
  3. Joker never needed to be grotesque to be scary
  4. From Wintory's Facebook page: Thank you again all who checked out the Traveler Symphony!!! A little update that vinyls ARE coming, published books of the conductor score ARE coming, and also despite a delay, it did come out on Apple Music finally. Another little surprise may be coming Friday too... 😎
  5. There wasn't anything is Silence that I would describe as Oscar-baity...
  6. Something about the theme heard right at the beggining of this track: Really reminds of me of this
  7. Does anyone happen to have a thematic breakdown for this?
  8. "We meet again at last...after meeting again at last a few years ago. When I left you, but before we met again at last in the meantime, I was but the learner, now I am the master"
  9. Goldentha's Final Fantasy indeed is some of very best and most tastefully done orchestral bombast in the last few decades
  10. There's no physical release planned for this, is there?
  11. This is great. Goes straight into the playlist for the birth of my son
  12. Well played, Sir What bothers me isn't the plot not fitting together across several movis, nor do the gaping holes in the continuity. What bothers me is when the spirit of the story (and not the plot), is sacrificed in order to generate more content. And the spirit of their encounter in the first Star Wars is clearly that of two former friends, now rivals, that had not seen each other after their one, major, clash. In fact, it was assumed by everyone, Vader included, that Obi-Wan had perished in the Jedi purge. And that's you really need to know: they were master and student, they fought years ago, Anakin became Vader, the Jedi were hunted down and killed and everyone assumed Obi-Wan was dead.. Again, this extra content just dillutes the story.
  13. I honestly find it ridiculous how they are trying to shove a Obi-Wan-Darh Vader rematch into this. And it's even more ridiculous how they are trying to desconstruct and analyze their dialoge in the first Star Wars, like lawyers looking for loopholes that might somehow justify their encounter after Mustafar.
  14. Batman Forever, for all its faults, it's an extremely well shot film, I find. Cleary done by someone with technical chops
  15. Without giving too much thought (I know there are a lot I'm missing) - Remains of the Day - Heat - Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me - Portrait of a Lady - The Village
  16. He was absolutely pitch perfect as Macon Leary in The Accidental Tourist. One of the most perfect matches between book character and actor cast ever
  17. I hope they just adapt Frank Herbert's books, and probably best not all of them. Anything else beyond that would be overkill and uncessary
  18. Austin Butler, who plays Elvis in the upcoming film, is in negotiations to play Feyd https://deadline.com/2022/03/dune-part-two-austin-butler-feyd-rautha-1234975465/#comments
  19. I had originally meant to write this fairly long tirade in The Book of Boba Fett thread, but it also applies here, I think. Stories and universes like Lord of the Rings and Dune, beyond their bare plot mechanics, take indeed their power and appeal from the details. The world building and its inner coherence are more important than the plot itself, and serve to inform and sustain the story in such an integral way, that the whole construct would collapse without that conceptual backbone. In many ways, the world-building IS the story, so there are no extraneous details that exist solely to fatten the universe without any real purpose beyond giving a simulacrum of complexity. Now, I don't see Star Wars in the same light as those two universes. Star Wars was never about world-building. It was never about a fully fleshed out universe, coherent in its rules and concepts, without which the whole illusion would collapse. No, I've always seen Star Wars as a much more impressionistic creation. The background details don't really matter on their own. They only matter when matched with the main story to form a unified and inseparable illusion. A mythical, archetypical story, yes, told many times before, but blended in with such a wide array of aesthetical influences to create a considerably original whole. Star Wars is much more about what is implied, but never stated, about the surrounding universe, than about outright explaining it and filling every possible narrative gap. The universe around Star Wars is the background for the main story, it gives it color and identity, but it never was the main story itself, it never was the crucial backbone for the narrative. That's one the reasons why JW's musical approach worked so well for those movies, it blended the story and the background, but never in a literal way, never in a constricting way, it never locked our imagination into a single option. By not being descriptive, by not being literal, the music made all those narrative gaps feel alive and fertile ground for our own imagination to do the bulk of the filling of the background details. I don't want to see the interior of a Sarlaac. I don't want to know the inner workings of Tusken culture. I don't want to know how Stormtroopers train. I didn't even want to know how the Clone Wars actually happened. Those sort of lore-filling details are fine on the back of the packaging of an action figure, or in a trading card or even in a Video Game. Once you make them happen in live-action, it's like suddenly they actually become real and much harder to ignore. And they subsequently change the way one is able to experience those original films. It taints them. It constricts the imagination. I equate Star Wars almost to a Bizantine or Roman mosaic. When seen as a whole, it looks marvelous: But if I isolate and zoom in on some of its tiles, the effect is totally lost Like I said, Star Wars always felt much more impressionist to me. The details don't matter. The overall effect is paramount. Focusing on the details is actually detrimental to the whole experience and effect. These TV shows are giving us tiles, not mosaics
  20. I get what your saying, but I still think the more serious beats in Batman Forever really work, as inconsistent and tone shattering as they are. And I still think Val Kilmer could be the best Batman/Bruce Wayne combo ever, if only he was given better material to work with. It's still a bad movie. But the cinematography is very good and what a score...
  21. I hate when they "trailerize" JW's music. It's so tasteless. The prequels did use his music quite well in the trailers without any need to "make it more epic and stuff"
  22. It was before the Internet, it's impossible to know who much talking was going on about the score. But that score is so iconic, the theme became the de facto Batman theme, to the point it was used in The Animated Series and trailers for Batman Forever and Batman & Robin. Plus, it was introduced in the movie in an awesome Main Title sequence (remember those), where it had all the spotlight and opportunity to shine, not to mention that it is a far, far, far superior piece of music to the Giacchino themes. It was nominated for a Grammy, the score was one AFI's list of 250 greatest film scores. In fact, Elfman become so popular after that he is able, on his own, to sell out the Royal Albert Hall. No way Giacchino is in his league in terms of popularity or legacy. In fact, I would say Elfman's Batman score is as beloved and acclaimed as movie scores get. And it's not even my favorite Batman score
  23. I don't have much interest in this, personally, but I have absolutely no doubt this will be a box office smash and a hit with audiences worldwide. The fact that the Avatar universe might not have thoroughly permeated pop culture in the last decade has very little to do, I think, on how well this movie will do
  24. It's probably the best example of a single score instantly catapulting its composer to the A-List
  25. That would be so self referential and on the nose to the point of becoming cringey. I'm sure Villeneuve is not going that route
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