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  1. If it's anything, I think Silence is probably his best film of the past decade. Not sure if it'll change your mind about dullness though.
  2. Williams will not win. No chance. This is either Newman's year or Hildur's. I'm rooting for the former. Not necessarily for the quality of the score, but that his Oscar is long overdue.
  3. Hmm. This prob isn't a very fair representation of the score. At first listen, the underscore has some interesting moments (some very fine clusters), but is mostly unremarkable until the last act. And even then, I'm not especially excited about it. At the very least, it does sound a little more striking than TLJ. The last track sounds like its nodding to the "Jedi Steps" material. I joined in the War Horse/Tintin days...the forum was insane with JW activity then. I've never seen any new JW score really muster that kind of hysteria since.
  4. Yea, but at least that was the proper album presentation that was leaked. These scraps probably don't do the original presentation much justice.
  5. Marriage Story is indeed quite lovely. Driver and Johansson both deliver career highs here.
  6. I like it. The gold maybe sparse, but even that is actually some of Newman's most inspired work in years. This film clearly asked him to be rather invested in some capacity. I even dig some of the more atmospheric work (though Dunkirk and Zimmer are clearly a template). Though I do wish it had some more of the exuberance of his Jarhead days:
  7. Yea...maybe I was just in a cranky mood, but so much of it came off as painfully anonymous to me, even in terms of texture.
  8. The Mandalorian Chapters 1-3 by Ludwig Göransson The somewhat catchy Conti-esque main tune aside, most of this is kinda...crap, isn't it?
  9. It felt both familiar and different. Proof that Scorsese still does it best.
  10. The Irishman Saw this in the cinema last night. Scorsese's sunset years portrait to the mobster genre is poignant stuff. It's a slow burn in its first act, but the 3.5 hours mostly flies by. Amidst three great performances , Pesci is the real gem here, who delivers an uncharacteristically un-Pesci performance. The final act was also a real highlight, with Scorsese exploring mortality and regret in ways his past mobster classics haven't afforded him. There's a reason this guy's still a pro.
  11. That's ridiculous. The award is for "Best Original Score", not "Best Original Composer".
  12. Yup. Shawshank should have gotten Coolman his Oscar. And The Thin Red Line should have been Zimmer's. I would have also accepted American Beauty, just for its novelty and what it ultimately did for film music going forward, but its certainly no match for Corigliano.
  13. Portuguese women are no joke. But the Brazilian women of the city are the real prize.
  14. The fact that Newman, after years of having beaten his sound to death (to the point where it must come off as anonymous wallpaper to most critics) is getting such attention from mainstream critics gives me hope that he's really dug into something for this. Cautiously optimistic!
  15. In Prague until Wednesday. Then in Lisbon until Saturday. And then in London for a full week! Anyone in town?
  16. Those are the Pride colours Richard, which I assume were painted on to celebrate the LGBT community.
  17. This is a very rich composition Marty. Beautiful photo! They should have filmed The Hobbit there!!
  18. Spent the last two days in Iceland. Some clicks:
  19. It's ridiculous how obtuse the media and people are being about Scorsese's comments. He's obviously pointing at a genuine industry problem, where one mass conglomeration has developed a manufacturing process that no longer allows for other creative voices in the cinema. It is pretty much a fact that the combined rise of Marvel and Netflix have effectively eliminated the "middle-class" film from theatres. So as a filmmaker, you either create big-budget CG superhero flicks that fit in Marvel's iron-cast success template, or you make a small-budget indie dramas that no one but Academy voters will be watching. Scorsese could prob give two shits about arguing the supposed "merit" of Marvel flicks. He just doesn't want to live in a world where that's all that's available. And frankly, neither do I. It's a very valid discussion to have. And it's telling about the state of the industry when it's Scorsese being ridiculed at the end of the day. Hollywood gets bored so easily...
  20. Cheers for the videos Sharky. I agree that his stuff is by and large too over-produced my liking. Kid clearly knows his stuff, but his aptitude for the function of design (harmonic or sonic) seems to get in the way of the actual spirit of his music, especially when at the end of the day, that remains the soul of jazz (which from what I can tell, seems to be a shoehorned genre monicker for him anyway). I do think his latest album has some good stuff, but even then his voice doesn't seem to have a bold stamp or personality of its own, preferring to get lost in the shimmering harmonies of his earlier a cappella stylings. With that said, I think there is something about the spirit of music-making of the last video that is definitely worth celebrating. As grandiose, and over-the-top as it is as a virtuosity showcase, when you're able to create a space that really transports your audience to that kind of frenzy, that's top class musicianship at work. I was later much less impressed with the studio recording of this on album. Much more schizophrenic and even mechanical. But hey, if this kid is ever back in town I'm definitely hitting that concert up.
  21. Ooph. This thread reeks of Neo-neo JWFan...
  22. I thought it was excellent. It's the first time I'm convinced by Lanthimos' attempt at Kubrick's language and formula.
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