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  1. very entertaining and over 20 minutes long John Williams medley with Martin Grubinger. Almost eclectic, regarding musical styles.
  2. wow, this really tells something about the way trailer music is being produced these days. He doesn't even know which other composers contributed to it?
  3. I bought two tickets for Sunday, but might need only one. If my dad won't come with me I'll let you guys know Should be nice to meet many of you. FYI I will go by train from Berlin.
  4. Yes, if you define the setting of watching netflix on a computer or tablet in a living / bed room as a venue All I'm saying is that to me (and I think to many other people as well) the absence of any third stimulation (beyond the actually movie) inside a cinema theatre is unique and crucial for the art form cinema.
  5. ok, but in my understanding cinema as an art form also requires a cinema building, as concert music requires a concert hall.
  6. Haven't seen a single Marvel movie. But you know what's also 'not cinema'? Producing movies with Netflix and having only a limited cinema release, that is.
  7. does it have a German name here?
  8. haha, of course there are. But not literally that same game, that's what I meant to say.
  9. yeah. no German equivalent here.
  10. interesting. learned something new about American culture. Didn't know FMK. awful.
  11. For me, Schubert's Unfinished is soooo connected to The Smurfs and Gargamel
  12. maaaaaaaybe that is what this is about: http://jameshorner-filmmusic.com/important-james-horner-missing-pieces-and-a-book/
  13. thanks for sharing this! It's really devastating, Sony had already released press statements about the upcoming album. I wonder if the album or even the sessions have leaked...
  14. crossing the fading line between speculation and wishing I'm throwing The Witches in (1990, Stanley Myers).
  15. shortly after my 15th birthday: the first Potter!
  16. I'm quite excited, it's one of my holy grails. Great!!!
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