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  1. Aye, tis be Voyager. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Morals are for men, not Gods.
  2. Exactly. That and I have a growing problem of word construction.
  3. Attack of the Clones, expanded looking at it, most of my favourite bits of the film's music comes on Tatooine. Starting with the segue into Duel of the Fates then the music for Anakin's change, how the Imperial theme thunders into sound and music for Shimi's funeral. Other aspects are good, always been a fan of the love theme -certainly watching it in the cinema all those years ago being swayed by the theme as it played over the now-somewhat cringeworthy lovefest between Padme and Anakin at the arena. Expanding on the above mention of Phantom, more and more is music for when Anakin walks away from Shimi to folloq Qui-Gonn. The way the Star Wars/Jedi theme flares and sounds. Or how the theme sounds, however shortly (I think 3 seconds ish) when Qui-Gonn puts his lightsaber into the door on the Trade ship at the beginning -no matter its shortness, how it sounds just...well it works. Lifts dire movies into something else, hence why I tend to look at that first viewing of Sith differently. Recent listens of Empire and Jedi demonstrate how different 'soundings' of the Imperial theme can move even, Vader's death scene or the final sequence in Sith (something about the latter that worked so well -a sound of finality, that for now the Empire have won, the Jedi are no more, Padme's dead...) Similarly, how the Star Wars/Jedi/Alliance theme sounds, with great urgency and drama during Battle in the Snow. The Rebels are losing, are retrating followed by a quick urgent Imperial theme. And then there was Han Solo & The Princess.
  4. The King of Comedy. Hey, laaddddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Now, complete R-turn into Kelly's Heroes. A film rich with some of the funniest quotes. And Don Rickles.
  5. Been thinking of checking it out from when, funnily, I saw Dylan Moran in the trailer and more-so since watching The Guard for the first time last week. Becoming a bit of a fan of Gleeson.
  6. [Like Jim Kirk I imagine you need a pretty yeoman to help navigate those corridors]
  7. checked out- The Enforcer must say it was inspired after seeing some guy on the Circle Line watching it on his IPAD/tablet thingy. Specifically the scene where Harry gave the robber a car. Missed as always Lalo Schifrin scoring it, Fielding does a job but just would've liked to see Schifrin is all.
  8. BBC4 have restarted Parks & Recreation from the beginning (I guess as they try to figure out how to get Season 4 up) and having seen Seasons 2 & 3 in recent months the change between 1 and the rest is remarkable. The main joy is to be found in Swanson. Fans of Rev look out, see that there is a "Rev: Diaries" book as 'written' by Rev. Smallbone out in Waterstones.
  9. Fall of the Roman Empire. epic film in scope and story but sort of meanders along. The best tends to centre around Alec Guinness, James Mason and Christopher Plummer. The lattermost by the end either enjoying it too much or maybe hamming it up. Bit of both. The striking feature, no not Sophia Loren, is Dimitri Tionkin's main title. Encapsulates the Romans perfectly.
  10. finally got round to listening to the Taxi Driver soundtrack. Bearing in mind I've not seen the film I found it all the same atmospheric. Such an incredible sound in parts. And this after listening to hefty chunks of Empire Strikes Back earlier.
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