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  1. Ashamed to say I laughed far too long at this.
  2. "Gotta subvert those expectations." I swear I just want the next thing I watch to have the most predictably straight forward story ever, because I'm sick of these 'genius' writers thinking that just subverting everything makes good story telling.
  3. Episode 3 was a poor mans Battle of Helms Deep, and this episode was a poor mans Seige of Minas Tirith. They could both be set side by side in a film class as examples of how to do it and how not to do it.
  4. Things I found hilarious: - Tyrion having a heartfelt goodbye with Varys after L.I.T.E.R.A.L.L.Y betraying him to Dany about 20 seconds before... - Jamie, The Hound and Arya magically appearing in Kings Landing 5 seconds after being quote "2 days away on foot..." - The entire Iron Fleet AND hundreds of positions on the walls of Kings Landing failing to hit the dragon with thousands of giant arrows, yet only one managed to hit another dragon in 1 shot in the last episode... - Jamie and Euron fighting for no reason... - Arya forcing a woman and child against their will to leave the safety of a building that they, and tens of people seem to be surviving fine in, and then 10 seconds later they die... - Dany being so vengeful against Cersei that she burns the entire civilian population of Kings Landing, yet she forgets about Cersei entirely... - Jon taking 3 hours to retreating after witnessing brutal murder of civilians... - A random 'good' soldier deciding to rape a woman in the middle of the battle, and then trying to kill his commander (Jon) because he tried to stop him... - Jamie and Cersei dying because of some bricks... - Arya choosing to give up the 'revenge life' after the Hound said don't do it cause it's not good... - The Hound jumping to his death... - Arya finding a perfectly calm and untouched horse to escape on...
  5. I'm purely watching GOT for the laughs at this point.
  6. It's always great to hear someone like Seth, who is high up in the world of media, talking about their love of film and tv scores. It makes me optimistic that someone with Seth's influence and talent is still a guardian of great orchestral music for media.
  7. What's her name? Constant Shoes? Constance Wu? Consistent News? Contrivance Views?
  8. I had to look up what Seth was referencing. Is it something to do with an actress that was angry her show was renewed because she thinks she's too good for tv?
  10. Even with Williams' involvement; I don't like the Solo score. I think Williams' theme is weak, and Powell's use of it is as well. I like Powell's Love theme but that's it. I can't stand the RCP drums. And at least 50% of the score is Williams related, with Powell just 'adapting' it. I haven't listened to any of it since the first couple of times when it was released. Rogue One is far superior for me. It has only about 5 minutes of direct Williams material, and the rest explores Giacchino's own themes indepth.
  11. I'm a fan of Desplat, but am very happy Giacchino got to do a Star Wars film and nailed it. Also happy he got Rogue One, which turned out to be the only good one of Disney's Star Wars
  12. I think I am starting to realise just how incredibly indepth Silvestri's scores for the MCU are. 1:06 - 1:28 0:12 - 0:36 as Cap stands alone.
  13. Is anyone else annoyed that they've shortened the title sequence for the last couple of episodes? I LOVE the long titles. I watch the full thing and hum along every single time. It would be a shame if they've permanently shortened it. Also, loving this little exchange in an Orville finale episode discussion -
  14. Finally got to watch the finale. Damn delayed UK broadcasting! I may have put shame on myself, my family and my house when I let out a very clear 'AH!' sound as Alara returned. She is my favourite character and I wept like an inbecile when she said goodbye to the crew and left the show. I hope this means she will return someday, but even so, it was lovely seeing her again. Everything about this episode was wonderful. The story was so absorbing that the episode flew by! The spectacle of it all was breathtaking, and along with the score...man what an experience this show is. Just renew the damn thing for another season already! Also, did anyone (sci-fi obsessives) notice that the scavenger ship they used for the episode looked an awful lot like the Daedalus-class ships from Stargate?
  15. Nice. I love his melodic themes for these films. Just sensational and so versatile. A shame we didn't hear them in the film as they should have been heard.
  16. I cannot fathom how you thought it was well directed. The pacing was shocking. There was only one sequence that was visually interesting (when the dragons were flying virtically through the clouds and we had a big beautiful wide shot of them above the clouds, but even that was a copy of Neo and Trinity's above the clouds moment in Matrix Revolutions.) All action scenes were handheld shaky cam, so you couldn't make out what was fighting what half the time. I thought every major hero died about 3 times each because I couldn't see anything. I had zero feeling of suspense because there were countless deus ex machina whenever a main character was about to die. That is bad directing and bad storytelling.
  17. They had the same basic premise of The Two Towers battle at Helms Deep; it's at night and has hoard of unstoppable killing machines swarming on a castle. They are outnumbered and all expect to die. They send the women and children underground, away from the battle. They have multiple heroes at different places in the battle. Part of the castle wall is blown up, allowing the enemy through etc. The differences between the two though, are that in TTT you can see everything that's going on, despite it being night, the battle is expertly staged and paced so you know who is where and doing what at all times, and all the characters use their brains as well as their swords.
  18. I have to say, what a disappointment. After so much talk of it being the battle to end all battles, it was quite frankly terrible. The entire episode was so dark that I couldn't see anything at all. I had to turn my tv brightness to full and still couldn't see anything. I had barely any idea of which character was still alive at any point, and where they were in the battle. The whole staging and execution was awful. The strategy writing of the battle was laughable also. Having your entire army OUTSIDE the castle walls so they can get slaughtered...okay, so what's the point of having a castle then?... Not using the dragons from the start...okay. Only using fire-loaded trebuchets for about 20 seconds...okay. Arya easily taking on about 50 of the dead single-handedly, but then gets scared and hides under a bed when there's a couple of them between some book shelves... BUT then five minutes later she isn't scared again and single-handedly kills the nightking with comical ease...okay. And of course there's sending all your women and children to the CRYPT where all the dead bodies are haha...okay. I guess every character completely lost their ability to think and instead acted like morons. Ah well, at least I have another excuse to watch The Lord of the Rings to see how it should be done.
  19. Some gorgeous stuff from Silvestri in the final act of Endgame. I immediately thought of Cast Away when this piece started in the cinema. I love his sombre yet heroic Avengers theme on brass playing behind the strings at 3:34, and also before when the main melody turns atmospheric and innocently child-like at 2:32 as if the musician is playing glasses of water with their fingers. And that guitar is so melancholic and cliche, but so damn beautiful.
  20. Early reports are suggesting a 150 million opening day domestically. And based on that, percentages would assume a 350 million opening weekend domestically. Which is 100 million higher than record holder Infinity War. Utterly ridiculous numbers.
  21. I want Marvel to give us the origin film for the real hero of Endgame. Without whom none of this would have been possible.
  22. It will go above 300 domestic debut. It will debut above a billion worldwide. It will beat Avatar if China has legs. 2.8 billion, but 2.5 if I'm being less optimistic.
  23. Endgame is looking at a potental $1Billion worldwide debut. 1 bloody billion in just its opening. At the moment it is already over 400 million in 2 days. It will definitely finish in 2nd place behind Avatar's 2.7 billion, and who knows, it may even surpass that.
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