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  1. I remembered yet another great Captain America set up and payoff reference; - In Cap 1 when (pre-supersoldier) Steve is being beaten up in an alley in the 1940's, he says "I could do this all day." And then in Endgame when cap is fighting himself, past Cap says "I could do this all day," and present Cap replies "yeah, yeah, I know." There are so many I keep remembering. All these little references and setups and payoffs. It really shows how much the filmmakers know and care about the whole MCU, that they would include such detailed character writing.
  2. As I said, I'm happy with the film. But as with every film, I have some problems with it and things I would personally do differently. The biggest here being time travel. It's so open-ended and complex that time travel doesn't work if you want closure. The questions will always be there, like; why not just go back and save everyone who died like Iron Man etc. Time travel leaves too many plot holes that you cannot just explain away no matter what rules and excuses you establish for 'your' version of time travel. I wouldn't have had time travel and instead have just done a simple switcheroo of having all the people who dusted and died were trapped in the soul stone like Gamora kind of was and have all the Avengers use the quantum realm to travel into the soul realm or something like that, and they find out that they have to sacrifice themselves to bring the trapped souls back, like Red Skull says. So the core Avengers in Endgame give their lives to bring back the dead Avengers. Thus the originals can retire and the new ones can take over. But considering they had the infinity stones in this story, which have such ridiculous power that is impossible to logically explain and that can literally do anything you want or can imagine, I think the filmmakers did brilliantly with what they had with such difficult plot threads and story ideas they had to deal with.
  3. Yeah I see what you mean. I think after Infinity War, Thanos was fantastically written, but he suffered a little in Endgame in his motivations and overall story. And yes the battle should have been better staged. I also was a bit taken back by the extreme destruction of the Avengers facility, yet they all survived unharmed, even the non superpowered ones like Hawkeye. It was like a nuclear explosion haha and they were just a bit cut up. I think the main reason why I really liked Endgame was 90% Captain America's story and I'm a sucker for meaningful, well written set-ups and payoffs, and Caps entire story in Endgame was one massive payoff. For example; - He slightly moved Thor's Hammer in Age of Ultron, showing he might be worthy, and Thor noticed and got nervous. Then in Endgame, Cap can use the hammer, and Thor acknowledges it, saying he knew it would happen. - In Cap 1, he promised Peggy they would go dancing, and in Endgame he fulfilled that promise. - In Cap 1, as Bucky is leaving for war and leaving Steve behind, he says "don't do anything stupid while I'm away." And Steve replies "How can I? You're taking all the stupid with you." And in Endgame they say it again, but the dialogue is reversed as Cap leaves at the end. - At the beginning of Winter Soldier, Cap says "on your left," to Falcon as he runs past him, and in Endgame as Falcon arrives with all the ressurected Avengers, he says "on your left," to Cap. - And of course the set up of Falcon taking over from Cap throughout the films, and in Endgame he gives the shield to Falcon, making him Captain America. There may be more I've not remembered yet.
  4. I wasn't directly addresing you btw, but I appreciate your thoughts. I do have some problems with the film myself, for example the time travel plot was a mess. Also the film was overly long, and took too much time to get going. The final battle was just another giant CGI fest army battle. But because I'm not a fanboy or hugely invested in the whole MCU other than being a casual observer and fan of certain characters and their particular films, I could enjoy Endgame for its fun fan-service sequences (specifically the time travel journeys to the MCU's past films) and the character resolutions and call-backs to previous character moments between heroes. That was all very very well done and so I can look at Endgame as an overall good experience for me.
  5. I haven't been a marvel fanboy at all over the years. I enjoy the films. About 50% I would say are good films and the rest just meh. No truly awful ones at all. But I have always liked Captain America as a character and Evans portrayal. If I look at his arc over Cap 1, 2, 3, and Avengers 1, 2, 3 and 4, then it really is fantastic storytelling. He has the most consistent and interesting story for me. And his resolution in Endgame was wonderful. I really liked that the finale to his story was the final scene of the film.
  6. And I actually fanboyed out when Cap used Thor's Hammer.
  7. Just on my way home from it so very raw and immediate feelings. I was almost bored for the first hour. A little too much misery for my taste, but the building of all that sadness felt earned at the end, and overall I thought it was a great film. It felt about 6 hours long though. I could see a good 30 minutes I would've cut but I get why they had to give closure and a strong story to all their characters, hence the length. Cap is my favourite. I was expecting all the major ones to die. Nat's death was well done, as was Tony, but Caps was so perfect. The Silvestri Cap score and Peggy was all so well done. Highly emotional and a fantastic ending to his character being an old man who lived a good life. And Steve and Peggy finally had that dance. Damn you feelings! I really enjoyed all the dialogue callbacks to over 10 years and 22 films ago. My favourite being Cap saying "don't do anything stupid while I'm gone." and Bucky saying "how can I? You're taking all the stupid with you." Which is a reverse of dialogue of their exchange in the first captain america film. And a nice callback to the beginning of the MCU in 2008 when Thanos said "I am inevitable." And Tony says "I am... Iron Man." I actually got nerd goosebumps when all the avengers appeared through portals and I damn near cheered like an annoying asshole when cap said "Avengers...Assemble." I didn't think the film would get me that much in those moments. I even got goosebumps in that awful cringeworthy 'girl-power' moment where all the female avengers were weirdly and conveniently together at the same time. And THANK YOU RUSSO'S for the way they handled Captain Marvel. She was brilliantly used. I was afraid they would ruin 10 years of build up of their core characters by just having her save the day, which would have discounted all the core avengers decade of struggle and growth, but thankfully they had her be powerful but also beatable when Thanos actually beat her back. And I enjoyed the few scenes with her overall.
  8. Which two? I have so many gorgeous snowflakes to choose from.
  9. Aww, you're making me blush The ironic hypocrisy of what you just said is beautiful.
  10. It's difficult to address Frodo's character outside of the ring, because for 80% of the trilogy he has it. But the ring does bring the bad out of people, which is in everyone. So it inflates Frodo's flaws.
  11. Don't know enough about Potters character but Frodo is seriously corrupted by the ring. He rejects his own best friend. He actually gives in to the ring in Mount Doom, and doesn't choose to destroy it. He also gives up on the slopes of Mount doom. He needed Sam to give him a speech to get him motivated to carry on and he is too weak to anyway so Sam carries him. He is also shown throughout Fellowship as not wanting the responsibility at all, despite taking it on through choice. He says Gollum deserved to die, and Gandalf sets him right, saying basically that, are you going to kill him then? Don't deal out life and death. Etc. Those are faults. Doesn't mean he isn't arrogant or foolish to ignore two Jedi masters.
  12. Luke actually acts like a brat sometimes. Measuring dicks with Han when Leia is concerned in ANH, acting arrogant when Leia kissed him, being way too confident against Vader, walking into a trap. He ignores both Obi-Wan and Yoda. He is almost dark side at some points in ROTJ. They portray that by him dressed in black and force choking someone, just like Vader is shown doing. He even almost turns to the dark side as he brutally attacks Vader. Those are faults.
  13. I'm 100% positive they will change the story in Ep9 to make her that yes. And I will laugh. So her personality traits are she's too nice? She believes her parents care about her because she's so nice and forgiving. She believes Kylo can be good because she's so nice and forgiving, which is utterly pathetic because about a day before that, she witnessed him murder his own father, brutally wound her friend Finn, and she even fought him in a lightsaber duel... Even what people describe as her faults are actually positives. She's too nice...
  14. If someone has watched Luke and his struggles, failures and then ultimate success (but at a huge emotional and physical cost), and then watched Rey who succeeds at everything. Is a better force user than anyone, with no training. Is a better lightsaber fighter than anyone, with no training. Is a better pilot of the falcon than Han Solo. All without failures or losses at all, then one might be a little confused. Rey is a terrible character because she doesn't even have a character to speak of. She is as powerful as a scene requires her to be.
  15. Yep, unlike Rey who seems to be in the Matrix and just asked for them to download the 'force program' into her head.
  16. Can someone please tell me Rey's motivations? It's not her parents because she admits to knowing all along that they were losers who abandoned her. So...is there any reason for her to be doing anything she does? Could someone perhaps describe her personality? Does she have one? Can someone describe her character?
  17. And what did Luke do that even approaches Rey's level? After some teaching from Obi-Wan, he deflected some practice shots without looking from a floating ball... He focused his mind to make a brilliant shot in an X-Wing... wow. Apparently Poe can do that now. So it's not even special. It is even established that Luke is a brilliant shot when he says he shoots creatures back home with ease. He loses badly to Vader in his first lightsaber fight, and Vader was just playing with him with no problem. And that was AFTER his training with Yoda. Where Rey wins her first lightsaber fight with zero lightsaber training. And no a stick is not the same. He lifted his X-Wing slightly out of water and failed after training from Yoda. Rey lifts a mountain side... He can communicate with Leia with his mind. After years of learning the force alone and after the training with Yoda, he uses jedi mind tricks on a dumb servant of Jabba... he fails to do the same on Jabba. He defeats Vader using his hate, and then is almost murdered by Palapatine if not for Vader's help. Don't even try to explain Rey's extreme power. It is ridiculous. Watch TLJ. He cowered in fear of her because she is that powerful.
  18. Wah? The film shows she has no real training. Rey trains herself lol. Rey is perfect. She needs no training. She is already the most powerful and perfect jedi of all time. She beat Kylo and Luke in duels. She beat Kylo in a force power battle where he was knocked out and she was fine. She beat him in a mind control battle where she entered his mind against his will and saw his true fears. Where Luke struggled to lift 3 rocks after lots of training from Yoda, Rey lifts a whole mountain side with no effort and with zero care in the world. And she does all this after finding out that the force existed about 12 hours before...lol Now Rey can backflip over a fighter going 800mph, where Anakin couldn't backflip over Obi-Wan stood on a slight gradient on Mustafa. Rey is perfect. Don't ask why. Just accept it or you're a sexist pig.
  19. Another one was at a Casino Royale Concert at the Royal Albert Hall, where a middle-aged couple were sat to my left, and the man just loved telling his wife everything that was happening in the film along with it, to show her how much he knew, and as if she wasn't watching the bloody film with him. She looked suicidal as he would tell her "that's the old original model of the Aston." or "oooo Bond has his gun ready look." I expected his wife to be a blind and deaf mute with the way he was describing everything he saw to her, but at the end she just walked out fine speaking to him about it. Yet again I was baffled.
  20. Some examples that baffle me completely are once when I was at an 80th Birthday celebration concert for Williams in London a few years back, (he wasn't there of course), two women around 50 years old were talking for the entire first half about their shopping trip around London. They were rustling their bags and showing each other their purchases whilst shouting about mindless crap such as "ooo isn't that lovely." "I know, it was a bargain as well." Etc etc. People around, including my mother, were literally telling them directly to shut up, but they just spoke to each other about how rude it was that they were being told to be quiet... And even more random is that they disappeared at the interval and never showed up for the second half. It's like they needed somewhere to bloody sit down for an hour to rest their feet after such a fruitful shopping spree. Insanity.
  21. I seem to be unlucky at every single concert I go to now. That is a pattern, not a one off.
  22. I find it spread evenly across all generations. Old people are the best, but middle aged people are just as rude as millenials.
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